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Marital Tranquility
Rules for Men - Explained
A Woman's Dictionary
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Wrong Answer
Why Math is Taught

Workin' for a Livin'

Rejecting Rejection
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A Bill to Regulate Attorney Hunting
10 Things to Say If Caught Sleeping
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More about Management
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Top Tens
Things That Make Ya Go ...
Try This At Home
Lessons Learned from Horror Movies
College vs High School
Points to Ponder
The Wright Stuff
How the Media would report The Apocalypse
Rules for Superhero Names
Signs You Drink Too Much Coffee
Signs of a No-Frills Airline

TV & Computers

Once Upon An Email
Lessons Learned from TV
Fave TV Sitcom Scenes
Error Haiku
Think Y2K was bad?
Signs of an Internet Addict


A Cute Kid Story
Kids Say the Darnedest Things
Top 25 Signs That You've Grown Up
Something to Make You Feel Mature

Regional Humor

Redneck Lunch Drama
You Might Be a Yankee if ...
Southern Medical Terms
Texas Wisdom
Technology for Country Folk
Southern Horoscopes
You might be from a small town


Afghan TV Guide
Cows and Politics
A Voting Poem

Animal Fun

Gorilla Chase
Smart Dog on Safari
Cat Puns
Dog Breeding


The Bus Incident
Why It's Good To Be A Guy
So Pun-ny
Signs of Trouble
A Wise Captain
How to Handle a Gossip
Why English is So Hard
An English Lesson
The New English
Oh Brother!
The complaining monk
Mental Patient
Life's Ironies
Everyone is a comedian! (quotes)
More Definitions
The Language of Science
Software Engineering Terminology
Useful Conversions
MIT Admissions Letter
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