Take a webmistress with a wide variety of interests and some adoring fangirl tendencies. Add in a diverse collection of photos, articles, and a few traces of self-expression, and the result is the twenty-something websites listed below, grouped into categories for your surfing convenience.


multiple topics/life and such

Quotations 101
Overview: "Q101" is my fan dedication to various TV shows, music, and movies including Frasier, Caroline in the City, My So-Called Life, Pirates of the Caribbean, Moulin Rouge, The Princess Bride and more.
Features: quotes, favorite scenes, and what we can learn from various TV shows, movies, celebrities, songs, etc.
FYI: Open since July, 2001.

Quotations 102
Overview: The storage vault for miscellaneous content for Quotations 101.
Features: avatars, cartoons, fanfiction, fanart and pictures
FYI: Open since September, 2009.

Overview: My on-line friends send me inspiring and thought-provoking stories, and I share them here so that I don't crowd people's email inboxes with a lot of forwards. ;)
Features: a collection of encouraging quotes, stories, etc.
FYI: Open since June, 2001. I post most of the new content at this blog, Shine #2.

the forums @ neloo.com
Overview: The message board community shared by my fan websites.
Features: sections devoted to music, movies, miscellaneous, TV in general and certain TV shows
FYI: Open since August 2, 2004. I still visit the forums every few days, as Real Life allows. This is where I post my current reviews and comments.

The Gift of Christmas
Overview: A celebration of my favorite holiday.
Features: Christmas quotes, gift ideas, humor, stories, traditions and more
FYI: Open since November, 2001.

TV Toaster
Overview: A blog for TV, music, and movie-related comments
Features: Reviews, favorite scenes, etc.
FYI: Open since July, 2010.

Chez Comedy
Overview: When I find something chuckle-worthy, I post it here, so that I can laugh again later.
Features: a collection of jokes, anecdotes, top ten lists, etc.
FYI: Open since December, 2002.


"these words are my diary screamin' out loud"

Overview: My on-line photo gallery, a.k.a. a "photolog."
Features: hundreds of pictures that I've taken
FYI: Open since July 12, 2003.

Overview: My so-called "personal site" contains (as you might imagine) information about me.
Features: facts and stats, "interview with the webmistress," the blog archives, examples of my write-ups and commentary, plus some of the Things I Really Like™ and definitions for my Anne-speak
FYI: Open since April 18, 2001.

Overview: (aka SERVICE!) A huge helping of personal customer-service experiences with a side of "workplace follies."
Features: stories, quotes, and cartoons about jobs and working
FYI: Open since May, 2001.

video juliet
Overview: My blog.
Features: entries that are sortable by date or category
FYI: Open since November 30, 2006.


Alias and MacGyver

Overview: A large fan website for the ABC TV series Alias
Features: detailed show information, an episode guide with reviews, quotes, fanfiction, fan art, pictures, trivia, spy games, memorable moments, and what we can learn from Alias
FYI: Open since February, 2002.

Deep Cover
Overview: A fan website for the character Jack Bristow from Alias.
Features: info about Jack, quotes, and links to more
FYI: Open since November, 2002.

Live and Learn
Overview: A large fan website for MacGyver
Features: detailed episode descriptions, quotes, lessons learned, a photo gallery, character information, trivia, top tens, fanfiction, and great MacGyver moments
FYI: Open since October, 2002. Is also the approved fanlisting for the series.


dotcoms, links, and links to dotcoms

Overview: My first domain, currently a collective for my fan sites and "fannesites".
FYI: Open since September 7, 2001. I pronounce it "fansite."

Overview: My second domain.
FYI: Open since October, 2001. I pronounce it "knee-loo."

Overview: You are here, at my third domain. (Welcome!)
FYI: Open since September, 2002.

Overview: My fourth domain.

the links database @ neloo.com
Overview: I started this site to share my favorite links - and, of course, to publicize my sites as well.
FYI: Open since January, 2002. Formerly known as linkgurl's links database.

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As an alternative to listing the sites by the topics they cover, here we link directly to samples of recurring content that may be of interest.

» Blogs - encouraging words, much ado about... stuff, reviews and more

» Blurbs - 140 characters or less is what I'm allowed at twitter.com/box47

» Dialogue - plus monologues, one-liners, and other quotes

» Episode Guides - for Alias and MacGyver, with original episode descriptions and episode reviews

» Fanfiction - Alias, MacGyver, and more

» Favorite scenes - also known as "moments"

» Helpful hints - love tips, website design pointers, and some basic lessons learned

» Links - on-line resources

» Lists - top tens, one top five, and 100+ Things

» Pictures - a gallery is worth 1000 words?

» Questions - and answers

» Webmistress, The - my Internet "résumé" includes other places to find me on-line

And last, but certainly not least:

» Contact information - because we really, really, really want your feedback. (Really!)


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