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Deadly Silents

Original Air Date: November 18, 1991
Episode #134

MacGyver watches an old silent movie at the home of Pinky Burnette, who was one of the film's stars. Having long been out of work, Pinky expresses his hope that the film, which he found along with two others in his attic, can be restored and shown in theatres. Suddenly, two armed, masked men enter the house and demand the films. Pinky recognizes one robber's voice as that of Karl Banky, a special effects wizard and Pinky's former movie-making partner; however, Karl died years ago. The masked men take the films, using special effects to create a distraction as they flee. Seeing that the robbers used a device from his old movie company, Pinky concludes that Karl is back to again destroy the films, and Mac barely has time to jump in the car as Pinky speeds off toward the studio. The car engine dies on the way; Mac suspects a set-up but Pinky stubbornly walks on. At the studio, the thieves watch on surveillance cameras. Knowing that Pinky has a heart condition, one of the criminals has orchestrated several traps designed to scare Pinky to death. During one such trap, the motivation is revealed: Karl Banky was his father, and Karl, Jr. believes that Pinky swindled his father out of the profits and subsequently ruined him. Pinky insists they parted ways with a fair deal, but Karl, Jr. remains set on revenge. Fortunately, Mac is able to save himself and Pinky. The other thief, Neil, is only involved for the money, and he grows increasingly impatient with Karl, Jr.'s elaborate yet fruitless schemes. Discovering their captives' latest escape, Neil demands that they just use a gun, and the two exit their hideout to find Mac and Pinky. Still on the studio lot, Pinky's heart condition prevents Mac and Pinky from running any more, so they devise a trap of their own. Mirroring a scene from Pinky's movie, Karl, Jr. and Neil are knocked out when their would-be prey drops the false front of a building on them. Some time later, it's opening night for the release of Pinky's films; a nervous Pinky hears the favorable reaction from the audience and excitedly declares that he is back in show business.


Pinky (watching the movie): That's Violet Meredith. Just the sweetest little thing I ever saw. Hmm. When talkies came in, she... just disappeared. Never saw her again.

MacGyver: I'm impressed, Pinky. You and Karl Banky really pioneered special effects.

Pinky: That Karl, he could rig anything. He was from a legit theatre.

Pinky: He was some kind of genius. But he was also a screwball.

Pinky: If that Phoenix Foundation, that you say is so good, can work all their special magic in restoring these... I won't have to sell this house.

Pinky: You sure they'll be safe? Karl burned the negatives two months before he died.

"Some things you just know." Pinky, when Mac says Karl was never proven guilty of destroying the films

Pinky: I thought all those years that my movies was gonna last forever. I was there with Keaton. Chaplin. Lloyd. Now, all these people will see my three best movies, never seen before. I'll make 'em laugh. I'll make 'em cry.

Pinky: It's like I've got my whole life back again.

"Look at that. Now we've got burglars from central casting." Pinky, seeing that the intruders are wearing rubber masks

Pinky: I know that voice: it's Karl Banky. It can't be, but it is!

Karl, Jr.: If you try to follow us, you're both history. In your case, Pinky, *ancient* history.

Pinky: I'm going to the studio.
MacGyver: Studio, why?
Pinky: It's a movie ranch now. Location rentals.

MacGyver: Don't you think we should contact the police first?
Pinky: Banky's probably burning my films right now. I just found 'em. If they get lost again, well, I might as well just lay down and die.

Neil (watching Mac and Pinky): These guys gotta be, like, really dim bulbs to fall for this, man.
Karl, Jr.: You gotta understand Pinky's mind. The man's a complete egomaniac.

MacGyver: I want to go into this with a plan, you know?

Pinky: You know, I like you, kid. You're OK. But I got no time for a plan.

Neil: Who is *this* stud? You said four flat tires was gonna lose him. NOW what are we gonna do with him?
Karl, Jr.: Whatever we have to.

Neil (very nervous): He's not falling, Karl. And if he doesn't fall, he doesn't die.
Karl, Jr.: Don't rush the moment, Mr. Filmmaker.

"I'm ... ready to talk about a plan, MacGyver." Pinky, as they're hanging on after the catwalk gives way

MacGyver: Now, give me your wallet.
Pinky: What are you gonna do? Rob me, or save me?
MacGyver: Just give me your wallet!

Neil: This dude is, like, so fully awesome!
Karl, Jr.: Don't start a fan club just yet, Neil!

"Where is Rex the wonder dog when you need him?" Pinky, as he and Mac wake up tied to train tracks

MacGyver: Now is not a time to panic, Pinky.
Pinky: Are you kiddin'? Now's the perfect time to panic!

[Mac and Pinky discover that the train was a fake.]
MacGyver: How you feeling?
Pinky: Just a ... little run down.
[They laugh.]

"Even if he had a coronary, it still leaves the brainy dude." Neil, revealing a flaw in Karl, Jr.'s plan

Karl, Jr.: You swindled both of them out of all their profits.
Pinky: No! Those-- those movies were mine! I never wanted the studio, only my work.

Karl, Jr.: You ran up debts. When you left, my father was stuck with all the bills.
Pinky: HE ran up those bills. He ran 'em up because he only made special effects pictures.

MacGyver: Your dad agreed to a deal, Meredith. Musta thought he could turn the studio around.

Karl, Jr.: The settlement you forced on him broke him. You killed him, Burnette.

Pinky: Like father, like son, Karl. Your father played a killer - but you ARE one!

"One of these days, I'm going to tell you how old I am, and it'll scare you to death." Pinky, needing to rest

"The brainy dude! He's some sort of Houdini or something!" Neil, as he and Karl, Jr. find that the captives have escaped again

"You're the second most original thinker that I ever met." Pinky, to Mac

"The old man's gone... goofy," Neil, seeing Pinky standing on his head

"I love this business!" Pinky, after he and Mac render Neil and Karl, Jr. unconscious using a studio prop

Split Decision

Original Air Date: December 2, 1991
Episode #135

MacGyver returns home from a week-long trip to find an uninvited houseguest: Earl Dent (from the season six episodes Harry's Will and High Control). Not only does Earl ask for help training to participate in a boxing match, but he also needs a character witness as he seeks to gain custody of his fourteen-year-old daughter. At the Department of Children's Welfare, Earl introduces Mac to Ronnie. A case worker reports to Mac and Earl that Ronnie has a record of behavioral problems. Upon learning that Earl intends to earn money boxing, the concerned case worker insists that, unless Earl can show he can provide a suitable home environment for Ronnie, the recommendation will be for the current foster parents to get permanent custody. In the garage of his apartment building, Mac sets up a training area, while Earl and Ronnie go to the grocery store. Earl's attempt at fatherly advice results in Ronnie blasting him for not being part of her life earlier; Earl apologizes and asks for a second chance. Back at the loft, Mac shows them the gym equipment that he has invented, and he assigns Ronnie to work with her father and track his progress. Earl receives a visit from his former manager, Bart Riggins, who reminds him of their deal, which is that Earl will lose the fight. Not much later, during an argument, Ronnie accuses Earl of lying about the boxing match; he takes Mac and Ronnie to see a poster that proves he is part of the event, although they are asked to leave the gym when verbal sparring between Earl and his opponent, "Crazy Eddie" Jackson, nearly leads to blows. With details learned at the gym, Mac realizes that Earl is going to throw the fight, and Earl finally confesses, explaining that such a deal is the only way he can obtain the money he needs to gain custody of his daughter. Mac points out that Ronnie will see through the deception. Having considered Mac's advice, Earl tells Riggins that the deal is off. Riggins stands to lose a lot of money from bets he's taken on the fight, and so he and his associate, Bailey, kidnap Ronnie to force Earl to comply. Mac finds Ronnie and rescues her, and they hurry to the fight, where Earl has been losing. Seeing Ronnie, Earl fights back and finishes strong, but his opponent is declared the winner by the judges. Despite the loss, Earl's work in the ring nets him a job offer, and with employment secured, the future looks bright for him to win custody of his daughter as well.


MacGyver: You've definitely come to the wrong place. I hate boxing. I think it's barbaric.
Earl: Some people say the same things about hockey.
MacGyver: Yeah, well, I happen to have hope for hockey.

"I'm a heavyweight. Heavyweights eat." Earl, when Mac discovers that all of his food is gone

MacGyver: Hi, Veronica.
Ronnie: The name's Ronnie. I changed it.
Earl: How could you change it? My mother's name was Veronica.
Ronnie: So? I never met her. Besides "Ronnie" gets more respect. It's not so fancy.

Earl: I've got three weeks to prove myself, and the fight's in two weeks.
MacGyver: So why don't you train at a gym like a normal human being?
Earl: Well... Uh...
MacGyver: What? What did you do?
Earl: I sorta burned some bridges.
MacGyver: I'm shocked.

Ronnie: You sure got a lot of junk.
MacGyver: Thanks. I'm a packrat. Got to keep some good memories alive, you know?
Ronnie: That's why I throw everything away.

Ronnie: How come all of a sudden you want custody of me anyway?
Earl: You're my kid. I want to be with you.
Ronnie: I've been "your kid" for fourteen years, not that you ever noticed.

"Nice gym. For what, I don't know." Riggins, looking at Mac's improvised equipment

Ronnie: He's always on my case.
MacGyver: Well, he's supposed to. That's what dads do.

MacGyver: "Rocket man"?
Earl: Yeah. That's what they used to call me. Short fuse, lots of power. Get it?
MacGyver (flatly): Got it.

"She doesn't need a buddy or a pal. She needs a father to teach her right from wrong, even if it hurts." Mac, on Earl's plan to throw the fight

Earl: The last few days have been the best of my life. No matter how things work out, I want you to know that.
Ronnie: Same here, Earl.
Riggins: That's enough. I'm gonna cry.

"She's doin' better than her old man." Bailey after Riggins tells him to check on their hostage

Ronnie: It's not so bad. He hardly touched you.
Earl: Yeah, for a freight train, he was a real pushover.

Earl: Sorry. I quit boxing.
Herman the German: Boxing? Who said boxing? I'm talking about wrestling.

Gunz 'N Boyz

Original Air Date: December 16, 1991
Episode #136

At the Challengers' Club, Player G and other members of the Oliver Street Gang (OSG) attempt to entice a reluctant recruit. People inside the Club inform MacGyver of the situation and call the police. Mac goes to meet the OSG and rescues the would-be recruit, as Regina Jeffries and her son Brian join Mac for support. However, Brian is a former member of a rival gang, the Ice Boys; threats are exchanged and the situation quickly escalates when Player G pulls a gun. Fortunately, a police car appears and the OSG makes a hasty exit. Sergeant Mullins is quick to blame the trouble on Brian, despite Mac's attempts to set the record straight. About to leave, the sergeant paints a grim view of the both the neighborhood and the future. At the Jeffries' house, Brian remains furious about the OSG and wants to "fight fire with fire." Mac points out that if Brian chooses the gang life, his younger brother, Kelvin, will do the same. Gun-wielding OSG members arrive and fire into the house. Regina is wounded in the shoulder; Brian arms himself and goes after the shooters. In an alley behind Stumpy's bar, Player G cockily attempts to cheat a gun dealer named Minton and is shot dead, but Minton blames Brian, who had been hiding and watching. Mac and Kelvin arrive on the scene as Brian is being arrested, and Sergeant Mullins repeats his earlier prediction that gang members don't quit until they're dead or in jail. At the police station, Brian explains to Mac that although he didn't see the shooting, Minton was the only other person in the alley. Mac returns to the crime scene; Stumpy, the bartender is tight-lipped, but a clue leads Mac to the office of Minton's Wholesale Liquor. Snooping, he finds a stash of ammunition right before he is knocked unconscious. Escaping his confinement, he returns to the bar, where Stumpy reluctantly provides Minton's cell phone number. Mac again tracks down Minton and is again captured. Despite his mother's protests, Kelvin leaves with the Ice Boys, having learned of a meeting between Minton and the OSG. Regina convenes the neighborhood parents; Stumpy arrives to warn of the fight between the two gangs, and Regina invites the others to go with her to try to stop it. Meanwhile at the fight site, the Ice Boys and the OSG line up across from each other, unaware that they are being set up: Minton has parked a truck full of explosives, with plans to detonate it when the gangs are in range. As Mac escapes from the truck and faces off with Minton, Regina and the others exit their vehicles, and each parent goes to confront their son. Mac finally defeats Minton and ushers him out to the group. Revealing Minton's set-up, Mac asks the gangs to put their guns downs. When there is no response, Stumpy agrees with Mac and rails at the young men for being so quick to kill each other. This seems to strike a chord, and each gang member puts his gun on the ground. Later, at a community gardening project at the Challengers' Club, Regina expresses her hope that the neighborhood can break its "bad habits."


Sgt Mullins: Where's the Marine that runs this place? Hines?
MacGyver: I'm taking over for him for a couple of days.

Sgt Mullins: I know your intentions are good, but believe me, you don't know what you're up against here.
MacGyver: Unfortunately, I do.
Sgt Mullins: Well, then you know guys like Brian Jeffries gang bang 'til they're dead. Or in jail... A word of advice? Believe nothing. Expect the worst. And watch your back.

Regina: Look how well you've been doing in school since you joined the Challengers' Club.
Brian: School ain't life. The Challengers' Center ain't life. It's a hideout from the real deal.

MacGyver: When's it gonna stop? What's it gonna take? You've already lost your big brother Eddie to a gang bullet; you're on the verge of puttin' Kelvin through the same crap!

Stumpy: Gangbangers call him the Gunman.

Stumpy: He's been around this area now for about three years. Last year he worked at a vending machine company. Year before it was beverages.

Minton: You again, huh? Some people just don't know when to stop, do they.
MacGyver (pointedly): I agree.

Minton: I spent 12 years as a cop in areas like south central L.A. I was shot at, spit on, cussed at. Of course, then they canned me because I roughed up some little lowlife that woulda shot his mother for a fix.
MacGyver: So... what? You turned your beat into a... business opportunity? Selling guns, drugs?

Lady: You're overreacting. Them boys might've just been going off to play basketball.
Regina: "Them boys" didn't *have* a basketball. They didn't have a "going to play basketball" attitude.

Lady: I'm going to call the police, like I got good sense.
Regina: No! This is *our* responsibility. We always dependin' on the police. And all they've got to depend on is self-defense when it comes to these gun-wielding gangbangers: our children.

Lady: You're crazy!
Regina: No! I am *desperate!*

Regina: Y'all that's gonna come, come! You gonna stay, stay. Today, we're going to look our kids in the eye and say, "No!"

Stumpy: Look at you! So easy to get you little fools to kill one other! Give you some drugs, give you some guns, just turn you loose in your own neighborhoods!

Stumpy: Put the damn guns down and think! THINK! You ain't hurtin' nobody but your own!

Kelvin: I'll be takin' my show to the Forum, with Michael Jordan anyway.
[He knocks over a plant.]
Brian: With hands like that, you better be thinkin' "lawyer."

Off the Wall

Original Air Date: December 30, 1991
Episode #137

Mac battles a callous slumlord when a young graffiti artist asks for help as his grandmother faces eviction from the apartment where she's spent her life.

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