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As noted on the main page, this is a fan website - as well as the fanlisting - for the 1980's television series MacGyver. Read on to find more specific information about our content.

Is this the official MacGyver website?
No. This is a fan site, and it is in no way affiliated with the producers, cast, crew, etc. of the series. (To my knowledge there is no official site. If the MacGyver people would like to add their endorsement and *make* this the official site, they should let me know. ;)

What sort of features does this site have?
We've got information about the show, an episode guide, quotes, trivia, and much more in the links in the menu on the left. Check out the Site Map section for details of what you'll find on each page.

Do you still update this site?
I still do, although a busy real life often gets in the way. Note: I generally add new members to the fanlisting as soon as possible, and I'll note the date I updated the list on the main index.

What is a "fanlisting"?
Basically, it's a list of people that are fans of a certain thing.

Do you need some help with the site?
That would be great! If you send quotes, fanfiction, etc. there's a good chance I can find a place for it on the site. Or, if you have access to the episodes and would like to help write recaps and quotes for the episode guide, feel free to do so. My contact info is below.

Did you know that (whatever information) is wrong or incomplete?
No, I didn't! Please let me know what is correct, or what info is missing.

Will you be adding recaps and quotes for season seven in the Episode Guide?
I will, but it will take some time. I add the episode information as I watch the DVDs. Since I write an original recap of the episode and transcribe the notable quotes, it takes a while, especially since I do have other things going on in my life. If you would like to help by recapping and quoting an episode, that would be *great!* Just pick an episode that isn't done, and let me know that you're working on it. My contact information is below.

Why is The MacGyver F.A.Q. dated 1995?
Because it was last updated in 1995. It was previously posted at a site that closed, and I was given permission to post it here. However, the FAQ's author requested that the document not be altered. Note that the information is largely accurate, since the show ended in 1992. The More MacGyver F.A.Q. has updated info about DVD releases, etc.

Why do I see a blinking yellow graphic in place of some pictures on the site?
My domain's hotlink protection was somehow activated by your system, perhaps by your firewall settings. If you have a firewall - such as Norton Internet Security - if "private headers" are on, you will need to turn them off for this site. If that doesn't work, please let me know and I'll see if there's anything I can do.

May I use your info/graphics on my site/message board/whatever?
If you wish to use copyrighted material from this site for purposes of your own that go beyond "fair use," you must obtain permission from the copyright owner. With that in mind, you may re-post a portion of our original text content for non-commercial purposes as long as you 1) give credit by providing a link to this site, and 2) don't take a large chunk of our material. If you have questions on what qualifies as a "large chunk," feel free to write to me. Thank you for respecting the time and effort that has been put into this site, as we've tried to respect the efforts of our sources. (Note: I respectfully request that you not use the layout graphics that I designed specifically for use on this site. If you need help with your own graphics, a quick Internet search will reveal multiple sources of graphics how-to's, free graphics that you can use, and much more.)

What is your "original text content"?
Basically whatever's not acknowledged or credited as being by someone else. If you have further questions, please let me know.

Are you interested in a link exchange or reciprocal linking?
I am interested in adding well-designed MacGyver-related sites to our links page. If you know of one, please share the link with me, using the contact link below. If the site is not about MacGyver, please do not ask about a link exchange, or reciprocal links, or any of those phrases that mean the same thing, because my answer will be "not interested."

Will you place my banner on your site to advertise (whatever)?
Probably not. (No, not even for petty change or the chance to win some trinket.) I don't pay for my own website space to clutter it up with ads. If you have a MacGyver-related announcement, I *might* add a text link to it on the main page.

Are you MacGyver? Do you know MacGyver?
No. No. My name is Anne, and I am just a huge fan. If you'd like to learn more about me - or if you're just really bored - check out the full list of my websites at

What is MacGyver about? Do you watch the MacGyver reboot?
If you have a question about the show, its characters, the plots, etc. review the Show F.A.Q. page to see if the question is answered there.

How can I contact you?
If you have a question, please check the lengthy list of questions and answers here and here before you write. (It will save us both some time if the question has already been answered.)

Still got something to say? I *love* feedback, so send some my way. Please!


Live and Learn is a production. This completely unofficial, fan-run website is a display of admiration, and we gratefully acknowledge the sources that have helped make this site and this layout possible. No infringement of any kind is intended. The Site F.A.Q. (above) contains additional information, including the terms of use for our original content. Thank you for visiting; enjoy the site!