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Twenty Questions

Original Air Date: October 8, 1990
Episode #108

Brett, Jonathan, Adam, and Holly celebrate their latest break-in with a toast, but the festivities are cut short by the unexpected arrival of the maid. Brett sends the others away and goes to collect the loot. When the maid sees him, he shoves her down the stairs. Later, MacGyver is called to the police station, and he is surprised to find Lisa Woodman, who was picked up at the house where the maid was hurt. Detective Kiley explains that Lisa had passed out drunk, but she dismisses it by saying that she simply had too many candy cordials. She denies knowing about the break-in. Mac drives Lisa home, and she fights with her parents before sneaking into the kitchen for a drink. Holly approaches Lisa at school the next day, saying that she had tried to wake Lisa. Lisa tells how she was picked up by the police. She asks about the burglary and Holly lies that it must've been someone else. After learning from Detective Kiley that Lisa was drunk off more than candy, Mac picks Lisa up at school and confronts her. She confesses that she had a few beers at the party, but she denies having a drinking problem. Given the lying and her problems at home and at school, Mac wants her to take the "Twenty Questions" test at the Challengers' Club, which is intended to help kids be honest with themselves. However, Lisa lies when giving her answers. Mac takes Lisa home, and he tries to talk to her parents about her drinking, but they grow angry and tell him to leave. The next day, Brett and Holly pick Lisa up, and they skip school to go to the beach. Wanting to know what Lisa has told about them, they get her drunk. After learning that the maid has died, Brett decides to get rid of Lisa before she can rat on them. He sends Holly away, and he, Adam, and Jonathan take Lisa to "Brett's uncle's house," which is really another break-in. When she passes out drunk, they start the SUV in the garage and put Lisa behind the wheel, planning to both kill her and frame her for the burglaries. Jonathan and Adam leave, and Brett goes to collect the loot. Meanwhile, looking for Lisa, Mac visits Holly, who is packing to leave. Mac spies a picture of Holly with Brett at the travel club that is the common link between the burglaries. Holly finally confesses that Brett is going to do something awful to Lisa. Mac calls the travel agency, and an agent retrieves the last address that Brett viewed. Mac goes to the site of the break-in and sneaks in. He finds Brett, who has a gun, but Mac creates a diversion and knocks Brett out. Lisa comes to in the garage and fumbles about, panicking. She hits the horn before managing to drive the SUV out of the garage. She crosses the yard and the vehicle stops precariously balanced on the edge of a cliff wall. It's a struggle, but Mac extracts Lisa before the SUV plunges into the water. Later, waiting in an ambulance for her parents to arrive, Lisa admits to Mac - and to herself - that she does have a drinking problem.


Lisa: I might've left the door unlocked, but I was so tired. All I could think about was going to sleep.
Det. Kiley: Yeah, booze does that to you.

Adam: I don't think my folks would ever cut me off without a dime like your father did.
Jonathan: You didn't flunk out of Stanford.
Brett: Now, now, wait a minute here. I didn't flunk out. I mean, you've got to go to classes to flunk out.

Jonathan: I knew we shouldn't have let her tag along.
Holly: I didn't hear anybody complaining when Lisa paid for all the beer.

Eric: Lisa, don't start!
Lisa: Start what? I'm flattered you even noticed I was gone.

Lisa: I'm the only ninth grader Holly even talks to.
MacGyver: Is that good?

Lisa: Didn't you experiment when you were a kid?
MacGyver: Yeah, once. When I was eleven.

MacGyver: All of a sudden, I didn't know what I was doing. I couldn't walk straight, I couldn't talk straight. For me, there was nothing to like about it.

MacGyver: Freddy liked it just fine. So much so that it cost us our friendship.
Lisa: Because he wasn't as perfect as you.
MacGyver: No. Because five years later, he got drunk and wrapped his dad's car around a tree. His girlfriend is now a paraplegic, and Freddy is dead.

Lisa: If anybody should take this test, it's my mother.
MacGyver: Lisa, this isn't about anybody else. It's about you.

"Look at the bright side. If you get 'em mad enough, they'll never speak to you again." Brett, to Lisa when she tries to decline going to the beach to stay out of trouble with her parents

"Eric, I know it sounds like a cliché, but sometimes parents are the last to know." Mac, after Lisa's father says he would've known if she was drinking

[As they break into another house, Adam confronts Brett.]
Adam: I hope you know what you're doing.
Brett: Me? I'm not really here. Are you?

"Poor Lisa. She should know better than to drink and drive." Brett as he leaves Lisa in the garage with a vehicle running

The Wall

Original Air Date: October 22, 1990
Episode #109

After the fall of the Berlin Wall, MacGyver enters East Germany searching for Maria, the granddaughter of his friend Otto Romburg. Otto and his family attempted to flee from East Germany fifteen years earlier: Otto escaped, but his son was killed and Maria was captured by the border guards. Mr. Mosel, whose organization helps reunite family members, locates Maria, now a teacher in Leipzig. Mac visits Maria, but she thinks that her grandfather ran to save himself, and she wants nothing to do with him. Mac gives her a letter from Otto. As he leaves, he notices a man following him. He confronts the man who fights back and flees. The next day, after reading her grandfather's letter, Maria heads for America with Mac. Weise, the man who was spying on Mac, joins Mr. Mosel aka Mr. Huber. Huber declares that they will soon have the gold. Mac and Maria arrive at Otto's toy store, and grandfather and granddaughter are reunited. Mac leaves them to get reacquainted. Weise and Huber also travel to the United States and join Kurt, another former Stasi agent who has been spying on Otto from across the street. It becomes clear that Maria is working with them, and she tries in vain to get Otto to reveal information about the gold. Mac returns to take Maria to the immigration office, but Otto opts to stay behind. While Huber and Kurt go to dinner, Weise decides to pay Otto a visit. Otto reveals nothing. Mac and Maria return and find Weise questioning Otto. Otto sends Maria to call the police. Mac fights Weise, who gets the upper hand and flees. When Weise runs by, the waiting Maria karate chops him in the throat and shoves him down the stairs. She tells Mac and Otto that he fell. Mac recognizes Weise as the one who was spying on him, and Pete Thornton has learned the man's name and Stasi affiliation from fingerprints on the listening device he dropped in Leipzig. Mac wants to know why Weise was there, and Otto confesses that after his escape from East Germany, the Stasi threatened Maria, so Otto allowed them to use his store as a courier drop. Maria seems truly touched. Later, after learning of Weise's throat injury, Mac grows more suspicious that Maria isn't what she seems. He confronts her, and she admits that after she left the orphanage, she was selected to be trained as a Stasi agent. She says that she was sent to find a stash of gold that Otto stole from the Stasi. Huber and Kurt arrive. They tie up Mac and threaten Maria to make Otto talk. Believing her to be a fake, Otto is unresponsive, but, hearing her cries, he finally reveals the location of the gold, which is hidden in the toy store. Kurt and Mosel go to verify that the gold is there, and Mac, having escaped from his bonds, knocks Kurt out and catches Huber. Pete arrives with the authorities. Maria proves that she really is Otto's granddaughter, and they are reconciled. She later tells Mac that with her language skills and training, she may get a job at the Phoenix Foundation.


"My German's a little weak." Mac, after Mossel hands him a file

Maria: Why did my grandfather send you? Why does he not come himself?
MacGyver: His doctors recommended against it.

"The wall is down. You both have choices now." Mac, to Maria

Maria: Have I thanked you yet for what you've done, MacGyver? For keeping me from making a terrible mistake?
MacGyver: About a thousand times, yes.

Maria: You mean you cannot tell I have never before set even one foot out of East Germany?
MacGyver: Not from the way you speak English. It's almost perfect.

"I still say give me ten minutes with the old man alone, and I promise you, he will beg us to take the gold." Weise, growing more desperate

Weise: Just ten years in this country, and you're more American than German.
Kurt: Don't knock it 'til you try it.

"This is America. Everybody brings food in to eat." Maria, further showing her knowledge of foreign customs

"We have much to talk about, old man." Weise, greeting Otto

Otto: You have killed my son. My granddaughter, she is safe now. The Iron Curtain is gone. You have nothing to threaten me with now.
Weise: Except your life.

Otto: I had no choice. They would have killed you.
Maria (quietly): You should have let them.

"I knew then that I was more a prisoner of the past than I was a free man." Otto, about the night at the border when he saw Maria get caught

Maria: How could you think such a thing?
MacGyver: How could I think anything else?

MacGyver: What about you, Maria? Karate. Enough hate to kill. You don't learn that kind of stuff in an orphanage.
Maria: No, you are right. That took special training.

Otto: But you are a teacher.
Maria: Now. That was my cover before the wall came down and put us out of business.

MacGyver: Mosel?
Huber: Not today, MacGyver. Today, it's Huber.

MacGyver: Stasi, right?
Kurt: Haven't you heard? The wall is down. There are no Stasi.

"You can't outsmart computer imaging." Pete, to Maria who denies being a fake

"You're the only American I know, MacGyver . . . and I think maybe the only one I want to know." Maria, getting friendly

Lesson in Evil

Original Air Date: October 29, 1990
Episode #110

MacGyver arrives at the courthouse to attend a sanity hearing for Dr. Zito. Mac testifies how two years earlier, though locked in a mental hospital, Zito orchestrated a plot to kill Detective Murphy, who had arrested Zito for a series of gruesome murders. The judge denies the request for Zito's release and rules that he be returned to custody. However, he escapes from his shackles, kills the orderlies watching him, and flees from the building. A note found on one of the bodies tells of a "lesson in evil" for MacGyver, and soon Mac, Pete Thornton, and Detective Murphy study a collection of clues as they try to solve Zito's elaborate riddle and track him down. While following a lead, Murphy narrowly avoids being killed, and she's hospitalized with a broken leg. Zito decides to force Mac's hand by taking psychiatrist Dr. Skinner hostage. With a one-hour deadline ticking down, Mac locates Zito's hideout: an old asylum. Mac goes to confront Zito, who has set a trap. Mac manages to beat Zito at his own game and save Dr. Skinner.


Costumed Kid: We're just kidding. We're not really monsters.
MacGyver (teasing): Yeah, sure you're not.

"You're here to provide medical testimony, Dr. Skinner, not act as counsel." the judge, when Dr. Skinner objects during the trial

Prosecutor: How would you describe Zito?
MacGyver: Evil.

Zito: Once again, the fates have brought us together.
Murphy: As long as they keep you locked up. Forever.

Zito: Your description of me was fascinating. Do you actually think you're qualified to judge what is evil?
MacGyver: I just call it as I see it.
Zito: I'm an expert on the subject. One day I'll educate you. A lesson in evil, you might say.

Murphy: Why would he deliberately lead us back to his cell?
MacGyver: He likes to play games, remember?

Murphy: He could've left it there unintentionally.
MacGyver: No. No, Zito doesn't do anything unintentionally. I bet this thing started the day I stopped Cross.
Murphy: Two years ago?

MacGyver: What do you say we get started?
Murphy: Where? Fifteenth book, fifteenth page, fifteenth paragraph?
MacGyver: Yes. All of the above.

MacGyver: Got a question for you, Professor. Why me?
Zito: Call it a rematch. You think you beat me last time, but the game never ends.

"No one can stop me. It's in the hands of the fates." Zito, thinking way too highly of himself

Murphy: What does it mean?
MacGyver: I don't know. I think maybe in his own sick mind, he's trying to control the future.

MacGyver: You are about to kill the only person in this world who wants to help you!
Zito: The nature of evil, MacGyver.

"You'll have to kill me to pass the exam." Zito, being wrong again

"It's good to be back on my feet again. Well, one of 'em, anyway." Murphy, returning to work on crutches

Harry's Will

Original Air Date: November 5, 1990
Episode #111

MacGyver inherits an old car - a 1957 Nomad - that belonged to his grandfather. Cody, an old family friend who has just been released from prison, arrives at the garage looking for the Nomad. The scheming Cody secretly checks a hidden compartment in the car only to find a note from Harry, telling him where to look. Unfortunately, the Nomad is soon stolen by a biker couple who has been following Cody. A phone call tells Mac where to find the car, and he and Cody go after it. Thanks to Cody, the bikers soon discover them. The guy biker, Dent, was in the cell next to Cody's in prison, and he heard that Cody stashed a diamond pendant. Under duress, Cody gives the bikers the note that Harry left, and they go to follow the clue. Mac springs himself and Cody from the bikers' trap. Following his own note from Harry, Mac takes Cody to meet another old family friend, Sister Robin. Sister Robin runs a soup kitchen, and per Harry's instructions, Cody cooks a meal for the patrons in exchange for the package. Again, the bikers arrive, take the pendant at gunpoint, and leave, but Mac knows that the pendant was a fake. Following yet another clue left by Harry, Cody and Mac visit an ice skating rink, where a young Mac learned to play by the rules. He says that Harry was trying to teach Cody a lesson: life isn't about what you get, it's about what you give. Mac finds the real pendant hidden in the ice. Yet again, the bikers arrive, this time with Sister Robin as a hostage. Mac knocks the pendant over to them like a hockey puck, but they miss, and soon everyone is scrambling to get the pendant. The bikers are finally knocked out, but a new figure emerges: it's Mr. Arnold, who hired Cody all those years ago to rob his jewelry store, so that he could collect the insurance. Mr. Arnold has been playing Cody and the bikers against each other to get the pendant back, but Mac, Cody, and Sister Robin look at him in pity as they realize that he is completely insane. Fortunately, he cooperates, handing the pendant over and waiting while the others call the authorities. Later, Cody keeps his word, giving the pendant to Sister Robin to keep the soup kitchen open and agreeing to stay on as their cook.


Wilton: I do not seem to have a record of your first name in the file.
MacGyver: Yeah, it's just MacGyver.
Wilton: Isn't that wonderful? You must save so much ink signing checks!

"If you're reading this note, I guess I'm pushin' up daisies. Well, at least I'm not payin' taxes." The beginning of Harry's note to Mac

"Keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel." Harry's first clue

"Our larcenous friend slipped out of the noose. Take him to Robin. The chicken's a wild goose." Harry's second clue

MacGyver: It's been what?
Cody: Seventeen years, three months...
MacGyver: Long time.
Cody: . . . two weeks, four days.

MacGyver: You're up to something. You've got that look.
Cody: MacGyver, I've known you since you were a kid. How could you think such a thing?
MacGyver: Because I've known you since I was a kid.

[Mac picks a lock.]
Cody: Can you teach me how to do that?
MacGyver: I don't think that's such a good idea.
Cody: Probably right.

"Tell me something: how could a million bucks be immoral?" Cody, to Mac

[Cody almost causes Mac to get crushed by a car during their escape.]
Cody: Sorry. I'm not very mechanical.
MacGyver: I'll try to remember that.

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