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Jerico Games

Original Air Date: January 7, 1991
Episode #116

At an international hockey tournament, MacGyver visits the hospitality booth to ask how his name was put on the list of hosts for athletes. At the booth, he finds his high school sweetheart Ellen Stewart, and she admits that she signed him up hoping to see him. They spend some time together, reminiscing and growing closer - until a private detective shows pictures of them to Ellen's husband, Ralph Jerico, head of the company that is sponsoring the games. Jerico finds Mac and Ellen at the stadium and orders Mac to stay away from his wife. Later, Ellen visits Mac to apologize for misleading him into thinking that she was divorced. She says that she just wanted to remember being happy, and she shows Mac bruises inflicted by her husband. Mac goes to confront Jerico about the abuse, but with her husband around, Ellen denies that anything is wrong. Returning home, Mac turns on the television to record the game for his athlete houseguest, Nikolai Rostov. Watching the broadcast, Mac is stunned to see himself(!) walk past the interviewer. He hurries back to the stadium, unaware that inside, the imposter MacGyver has very publicly shot and killed Ralph Jerico. The imposter runs outside and removes his mask to reveal that he's the private detective Jerico had hired. Nikolai sees the imposter unmasked, but the killer shoots at him. Mac arrives and sees Nikolai running away, but Mac is detained by the police who won't listen to Mac's theory that Nikolai must have seen the real killer. Mac picks the lock on the handcuffs and escapes. Elsewhere, the private detective meets up with his partner in crime: Ellen. While in hiding, Mac sees Ellen on the news, urging Nikolai to call her. Mac sneaks into Ellen's office at the Jerico studios and finds the tools used to make the imposter look like Mac. Ellen arrives. Mac asks why she set him up, and she shouts that she loved him but he threw her away. She says that him leaving her started a series of bad events in her life: her father walked out on her and then she wound up in three bad marriages, the last to the wife-beater Ralph Jerico. The private detective arrives with a gun. Nikolai calls, and Ellen tells him to come to the studio. When Nikolai arrives, the private detective leaves him and Mac to die, locked in an incinerator, but Mac is able to free them. He sends Nikolai to call the police, and he knocks out the private detective. Ellen isn't far behind, and she points a gun at Mac. Mac talks to her, and she finally breaks into tears, lowering the gun. Later, Nikolai asks if Ellen will go to jail, and Mac says that it will be determined by a psychiatric evaluation. Nikolai departs with his medal, and Mac goes to think about simpler, happier times by looking through his old high school yearbook.


"MacGyver, you and me, we were the first to invent glasnost." Sergei, to Mac

Ellen: What? Look at your face! Have I changed that much?
MacGyver: Um . . . just for the better.
Ellen: Good answer.

"Turning my life upside down has always been your specialty, as I recall." Mac, to Ellen (and unaware of the foreshadowing)

Ellen: No more poor little clinging vine who cried for months after we broke up.

MacGyver: It was high school. I was an eighteen-year-old kid.
Ellen: MacGyver, stop. I've had twenty years to get over you.
[They stop walking and face each other.]
Ellen: Okay, not exactly "over" you. You're still one of my favorite memories.
MacGyver (smiling): Thanks. The feeling is very mutual.

"We can rent American videos? This is how I learned to speak English." Nikolai, indirectly explaining his use of words like radical and dude

Nikolai: What they told us about Americans before glasnost? About how all of you are selfish monsters? Is totally bogus!
MacGyver: Well, I guess dudes are dudes all over the world.

Ellen: So tell me what you do at the Phoenix Foundation.
MacGyver: Oh, I'm . . . kind of a troubleshooter, I guess. They ask me to go someplace, I . . . do what I can to help.
Ellen: MacGyver, I have never known anyone who could make such a mystery of everything.
MacGyver: No, no, no. I'm not trying to be mysterious about it. It's just that what I do . . . Well, it's tough to explain.

"You are pulling back, just like always! Why can't you just go for it? Make the commitment?" Ellen, giving Mac some advice

"Part of it's because, when I was a kid, everybody that I loved died. My dad, grandma, my best friend, they all died." Mac, explaining his fear of commitment

Detective: I'm really sorry, Mr. Jerico.
Jerico: I don't want your sympathy. I want his name.

[Nikolai enjoys a hot dog.]
MacGyver: Do you have any idea what's in those?
Nikolai: No.
MacGyver: Neither does anyone else.

Nikolai: You did not know she was Mrs. Jerico, did you.
MacGyver: No, I didn't.
Nikolai: You want me to stay? You need to talk "man to man"?
MacGyver: No. Thanks.

MacGyver: You lied to me.
Ellen: I didn't . . . exactly lie.
MacGyver: You let me think that you were divorced. What do you call that?

"He is not a nice man." Ellen, showing Mac the bruises on her neck

"A man that rich can always find you, and he always will." Ellen, on why she stays with her husband

MacGyver: Ellen, you don't have to lie.
Jerico (with a taunting laugh): That's right, Ellen. Why don't you try something new? Don't lie.

"Everyone who came here is a winner." Ralph Jerico's last words

Ellen: He's got my phone number. He'll call.
Detective: How do you know?
Ellen: Men really are stupid, aren't they.

MacGyver: Why me? I mean, we were friends!
Ellen (mocking what Mac said earlier): Hey, "it was high school," remember? "We were just kids"! And we weren't friends - I loved you! And you threw me away!

MacGyver: Why didn't you just divorce him?
Ellen: Pre. Nuptual. Agreement. I would've been left with nothing, like always.

MacGyver: I can't believe you planned this.
Ellen: I didn't count on it turning out this way.
Detective: Yeah, her idea was you'd only do ten to life for murder.

MacGyver: Ellen, don't do this.
Ellen: It's your fault. It all started with you, MacGyver.

[Mac and Nikolai are locked in the incinerator.]
MacGyver: You okay?
Nikolai: Is that American sense of humor?

"I can't seem to get you out of my life, can I." Ellen, pointing a gun at Mac

MacGyver: Ellen, you need help. I know some people.
Ellen: You don't care about me. You care about yourself. You care about right and justice, you care about gun control and the environment, but not me, no! Never me!

"Why couldn't you just love me?" Ellen, breaking down

"Everybody says we're the perfect couple. Forever and ever, Ellen." The way Ellen signed Mac's high school yearbook.

The Wasteland

Original Air Date: January 21, 1991
Episode #117

MacGyver visits Willis, a scientist, at a Phoenix Foundation test site called The Wasteland. The site is a barren place with high levels of toxins, and Willis' findings indicate that it's what will become of a nearby development called Bartlett City. Elsewhere, the project's developer, Andrew Bartlett, receives word from Scott and Laura, his children and employees, that MacGyver could cause trouble by holding up the project. Laura says that she and Scott can handle MacGyver. Leaving the meeting, Scott is furious with their father's continual criticism, and he talks to Laura about their plans for a hostile takeover of the company. When Mac arrives for his appointment, Laura agrees to look at his reports over lunch. Mac wants to talk to the person who ran their tests. Laura secretly signals a waiter, who says that Mac has a phone call. Going to the back room to take the call, Mac finds four construction workers. They tell him to leave their jobs alone and knock him around, leaving him unconscious. Laura arrives as he's coming to, and Mac, undaunted, asks again about their test results. Soon Mac meets with Andrew Bartlett and reports that the person who ran their tests did not follow standard procedures. Bartlett points out that no laws were broken, but Mac explains that the tester suspiciously acquired a new car after his test results cleared. To appease Mac, Bartlett agrees to visit The Wasteland. That afternoon, as Mac leaves the office with Bartlett, Scott arrives, and Laura expresses concern that Mac will reveal their bribery of the test official. Scott declares that he's taken care of both Mac and their father by attaching a bomb to Mac's van. As Mac and Bartlett travel along the main road of The Wasteland site, the bomb goes off. The van flips, but both passengers survive. However, Bartlett's leg is injured. They walk along the road toward the lab until Mac notices that Bartlett's bleeding is worse. Mac makes a fire for Bartlett and walks on to the lab. Back at the office, Scott insists that he and Laura go see whether the bomb worked. At the lab, Mac finds that he's unable to radio for help, so he sets to work on a plan. Scott and Laura finally find the makeshift camp. Bartlett is glad to see them until Scott points a gun at him. Guilty, Laura says that they couldn't take it anymore. Bartlett says that he pushed them to make them strong, but Scott, still furious, doesn't want to hear it. He shoots his father, wounding him mildly. When Scott aims to shoot again, Laura tries to stop him and is shot and killed. Scott turns on Bartlett, but Mac arrives and escapes with Bartlett. Later, Bartlett tells reporters that Laura's death was an accident, and that he will stand by his son. Bartlett City is on hold based on new ecological data. Bartlett's next project will be to fund a local family counseling center in memory of his daughter.


"God said, 'Let there be life,' and there was life. Man said, 'Let me develop, use and consume everything I can without thinking about the consequences,' and this is the result." Willis, on the tape he made to welcome MacGyver to the Wasteland

"Even breathing is hazardous to your health here." Willis, on the tape telling Mac to roll up the windows on his vehicle

"Talk about being consumed by your work." Willis, trapped in a soggy sinkhole

Willis (to Mac): We better wash off before we melt.

Bartlett: What are you doing in here without a coat and tie?
Scott: I didn't know it was formal, Dad.
Bartlett: Business in an office is always formal.

Bartlett: You wouldn't wear farm clothes to the White House, would you?
Scott (joking): No, not unless--
Bartlett: Unless what? Put your head up, Scott!
Scott (serious): Unless I was a farmer.

Scott: He killed Mom.
Laura: Alcohol killed Mom, Scott.
Scott: Alcohol made it painless. He kills everything he touches.

Laura: Every time we turn around there's another new environmental theory making life difficult for business.
MacGyver: It can't be too good for business if you build a city where there isn't enough water.

Bartlett: Why are you trying to destroy me?
MacGyver: "Destroy you"? I'm trying to save you from what could be a disaster.

MacGyver: I'm just trying to get you to take a look at what you might be creating here.
Bartlett: I know what I'm creating here: I'm creating a beautiful city with jobs and industry. What are you creating?

Bartlett: I've got to hand it to you, MacGyver. You're a real salesman.

Scott: Sometimes you have to do unpleasant things, Laura. Dad taught us that.

Bartlett: Your Wasteland. Yeah, this is a helluva place to die. You think somebody out there's trying to tell me something?
MacGyver: Well, life has a way of making its points.

Bartlett: This dead, desolate place. You think this is what I do.
MacGyver: I think you're like a lot of people. You can't see the trees because you're too busy cuttin' down the forest.

Bartlett: That bomb coulda been a gift from one of my kids. How's that for a guilt trip?
MacGyver: Maybe there's something to that.
Bartlett: No, no way. I made my kids strong. They're winners.

"Are you forgetting our heritage? When the going gets tough, the tough get going . . . at all costs." Scott, to Laura

Bartlett: What's gotten into you?
Scott: All your lessons about life are finally taking hold.

Bartlett: I pushed you kids hard because life doesn't cut any breaks. I pushed you kids hard because I wanted you to be somebody.
Scott: I am somebody, Dad. Always have been. It wasn't anybody you liked.

Willis (about Bartlett):What do you think?
MacGyver: He's trying. That's all we can expect of anyone.

Eye of Osiris

Original Air Date: February 4, 1991
Episode #118

In Turkey, MacGyver arrives at a tavern where he helps archaeologist Beth Webb claim the artifact she just won in a dice game. Mac and Beth travel to the site of an archaeological dig, and Mac meets Beth's mentor, Professor Ashburn. Mac has brought an artifact from the Phoenix Foundation, and it fits with the professor's relics to form a medallion. The professor believes that the hieroglyphics on the pieces tell where to find the tomb of Alexander the Great. The next day, a worker named Hakim creates a diversion and steals the medallion, but Mac is able to create a plaster reproduction. Another bad guy named Nicholas Von Leer, who carries a grudge against Mac, teams up with Hakim to search for the tomb. At the dig site, Mac learns that Professor Ashburn is Beth's father, but they've only recently reconnected after her mother died. Using the artifacts and the legend, Mac locates a likely site for the tomb, and he, Professor Ashburn, and Beth go to investigate. After finding a symbol of an eye, they use the artifacts to gain entry to a long-hidden chamber, and they step inside. Von Leer and Hakim join them. The gun-toting Von Leer reveals that he blames Mac for his brother Erich's death. Looking for treasure, Von Leer has the group open the sarcophagus, an action that seals the door. Von Leer threatens to shoot people to conserve oxygen, but Mac finds a way into another chamber. Inside, they marvel at the ornately decorated tomb of Alexander the Great. At Von Leer's insistence, Mac opens the sarcophagus, which features a mummified Alexander holding a huge sapphire, the "Eye of Osiris". Greed overtakes Von Leer, and he seizes the jewel. Again, a trap is set off, and this time the walls start to close in. Recalling another line from the hieroglyphics, Mac deduces how to use the sapphire to reveal the way out. Mac, the professor, and Beth narrowly escape, but Von Leer is killed when he goes back for the gem. Later, Professor Ashburn takes the loss of his lifelong pursuit quite well as he looks forward to a new future with his daughter.


"If he gets in the way, kill him." Hakim to his associate, after Mac arrives

"Let's keep it friendly. Whaddaya say?" Mac, to Kurush who responds by punching him in the face

MacGyver: I always thought Alexander was buried in Egypt. In Alexandria?
Beth: So do most of the so-called conventional thinkers. Professor Ashburn is definitely not one of those.

MacGyver: But there's no proof that it ever really existed.
Beth: Professor Ashburn says, "No one's proved that it doesn't exist."

Prof. Ashburn: I understand you're something of an archaeologist. Where did you study?
MacGyver: Well . . . actually I'm kinda self-taught.
Prof. Ashburn: Self-educated men usually have fools for teachers.

Hakim: Who are you?
Von Leer: It is a universal truth: he who has the gun asks the questions.

[Prof. Ashburn walks away.]
MacGyver (sarcastically): You're welcome.
Beth: Dealing with people isn't his strong suit.
MacGyver: Oh, give me a break. He's pompous, arrogant, and rude. Why do you put up with him?
Beth: I have to. He's my father.

MacGyver: Don't you think you're a little tough on her sometimes?
Prof. Ashburn: I treat her no differently than any other colleague.
MacGyver: Why don't you try treating her like a daughter?

Prof. Ashburn: If Beth wants to succeed in archaeology, she'll have to do it mentally, not biologically.

Beth: I agreed to sell him photographs of the tomb.
MacGyver: Well, if he's anything like his brother, he's after more than just pictures.

MacGyver: Why should we help you?
Von Leer: I know your kind, MacGyver. You're an optimist who believes wherever there is life, there is hope.

[The walls of the tomb start to close in.]
Von Leer: We'll be crushed!
MacGyver: I think that's the idea!

Beth: Everything you worked for is gone, thanks to me.
Prof. Ashburn: I think it's time we put the past behind us. Besides, there are some things that are better left buried.

MacGyver: I read an essay once by an archaeologist who said he wasn't interested in finding artifacts or treasure . . . He wanted to find the truth.
Prof. Ashburn: I wrote that.
MacGyver (smiling): Yeah. I know.

High Control

Original Air Date: February 11, 1991
Episode #119

MacGyver swipes a biohazardous sample from the two guys who are smuggling it, but they spot him. As he's cornered in an alley behind a bar, Earl Dent appears and helps Mac escape before hurrying off. The next day, Dent is waiting for Mac outside the Phoenix Foundation. Just out of prison, Dent says he's turning over a new leaf, and a reluctant Mac agrees to speak to Dent's new parole officer on his behalf. At the Department of Corrections, Dent meets Montana, his decidedly unsympathetic parole officer. She doesn't believe that Dent wants to change, but when Mac offers to let Dent stay with him, she suggests that he apply for work at the Chicken Habit restaurant. A man nearby overhears and calls a bar to tell a biker named Kluge. Later, leaving work, Dent is confronted by Kluge, who wants him to ride with their old gang. Dent refuses. Kluge pulls a gun, but Dent takes it from him, throws it aside, and leaves. Retrieving the gun, Kluge and his men frame Dent for robbing the restaurant. They find Dent and threaten to turn the gun - which has his fingerprints on it - over to the police if he doesn't help them. Mac finds Dent packing to leave. Dent explains that Kluge wants revenge on Hinkley, who sent them to prison, and only Dent knows how to find Hinkley's hideout. Mac wants to tell Montana, but Dent knows she won't believe him. Montana arrives at the houseboat looking for Dent, and when she reacts as expected, Dent sneaks out and flees. Mac tries to convince Montana that Dent wants to change, and she gives him twenty-four hours to find Dent. Pete Thornton provides some background information on Kluge, and Mac mounts his old motorcycle and heads to Kluge's favorite bar. Montana, having staked out Mac's place, follows him. When he goes inside the bar, she attaches a tracker to his bike. Passing himself off as a mechanic, Mac agrees to ride with Kluge's gang. They meet up with Dent. Speaking privately with Dent, Mac says that they can find Hinkley - and the large stash of drugs he has that Kluge wants - and turn them in to Montana to convince her of Dent's innocence. Dent leads the group to Hinkley's place. After Mac's cover is blown, Montana makes herself known. She attempts to arrest Kluge, but he gets the upper hand. He ties up Dent, Mac, and Montana, but Mac frees them, and the three stop Kluge and his men from escaping with the drugs. Later, Mac and Montana visit Dent to report that, thanks to a grant from the Phoenix Foundation, he can work for the Department of Corrections - as Montana's partner.


MacGyver: Never thought I'd be glad to see you again!
Dent: Hey, people change!

MacGyver: How's it goin'?
Dent: I'm clean.
MacGyver: That's good.
Dent: Of course, I've only been outta the joint for two days. . .

MacGyver: I don't know you very well, and what I do know is--
Dent: Sure would mean a lot to me.
MacGyver: --not so hot.

MacGyver: You haven't listened to one word he's said.
Montana: Well, maybe I've heard it before.
MacGyver: Well, maybe you haven't.

"Now remember. Don't offer the ketchup. They gotta ask for it." Derek, teaching Dent the universal truths of fast food

"Funny how things work out." Dent, to the Chicken Habit chicken statue

Kluge: You and me did seven years hard time because of him. What's the matter with you?
Dent: I don't want to do any more time. What's the matter with you?

Montana: Look, he is a high control parolee, a ten. Now he's gone PAL. End of story.
MacGyver: A ten, huh.
Montana: Yeah.
MacGyver: He's just a number to you. Is that it?
Montana: Sometimes that's all it boils down to.

MacGyver: He wants to go straight. Do you know that?
Montana: Maybe just wanting it isn't enough.
MacGyver: It's a start!

Montana: You know something? Talk is cheap.

Waitress: Tap or bottle?
MacGyver: Tomato juice.
[The waitress looks at him blankly.]
MacGyver: I had a rough night, okay?

Biker: You into fixing bikes?
MacGyver: Think so. Name's Mechanic.

MacGyver: I ride solo these days, thanks.
Kluge: You into money?
MacGyver: Money's nice.

Dent: What are you doing?
MacGyver (working on a plan): Mixin' stuff.

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