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Thanks to Richard Dean Anderson and everyone who worked to make MacGyver a thoroughly enjoyable show.

Many, many thanks to the visitors at this site who have contributed information to add to the site's features. I've attempted to thank you by name on the appropriate page; please let me know if you feel that you're not credited properly.

Special thanks to Carol K for the fanfic, The Art of the Kill.

The site's current layout is from a style sheet by Dave Shea with modifications by Matthew Mullenweg and One Fine Jay. I found the style sheet as part of a free blog layout and modified it *heavily* for use here with the CSS/XHTML help of: HTMLDog, HTMLGoodies, the W3 tutorials, and the W3 Validator. The "display of admiration" part of our disclaimer is a modified version of one found at the (now closed)

The list of brief episode descriptions was compiled from information collected from,, and from the episode guide at
This site - archived here - has closed, but Live and Learn has been given permission to post some of their content: The MacGyver F.A.Q. and the drinking game.

Katsku's Page
This site - archived here - is where I found some of the Lessons Learned from MacGyver.

MacGyver World
This site - archived here and here - has closed, but it was where I found some of the screen caps used in the banner. (archived)
I found several of the Top Ten sets here - and they have plenty left!

The Late Show
Many of our top tens are modified versions of David Letterman's lists.
The host for our photo gallery, and home to an eclectic collection of sites
A fan website collective
The complete list of sites that I run, including several fan websites, a personal site, a photo collection, etc.

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If you feel that your work has not been properly credited, please let me know and the material in question will be promptly amended or removed.

MacGyver Resources
Features a large forum and much information about the show.

The MacGyver Project
Episode reviews, rankings, and analysis.

MacGyverLand (archived)
Even more MacGyver stuff. (archived)
A list of "MacGyver-isms" - those great moments where MacGyver makes something out of nothing.

MacGyver @
Airdates and actor information.

MacGyver @
A summary with info about the show.

MacGyver @
A detailed biography of Mr. MacGyver.

MacGyver @
Another summary with info about the show.
A great source for info about Richard Dean Anderson.

Even more MacGyver resources are listed in the More MacGyver F.A.Q..

Cast & Characters

the MacGyver (character) fanlisting ** affiliate **
A lovely fanlisting.

the Teri Hatcher fanlisting ** affiliate **
A lovely fansite and fanlisting.

the Murdoc fanlisting ** affiliate **
A lovely fanlisting.

RDA ScreenCaps (archived)
Like the name says, this site has tons of screencaps, featuring Richard Dean Anderson as MacGyver, and in his other roles.

More MacGyver Sites
Features downloads and fanfiction.
MacGyver stuff.

Planet MacGyver
Small site with an episode guide, top tens, quotes, and trivia.

The MacGyver Page (archived)
Has pictures (including screencaps), media clips, how to live like MacGyver and more.

Olle's MacGyver page
Pictures, sounds, show information and such.

MacGyver @
A brief summary of the show


Quotations 101 ** affiliate **
Quotes, great moments, and what we can learn from various TV shows, movies, celebs, etc.

the Jack Bristow fanlisting ** affiliate **
A lovely fanlisting.

the links database @
Links to fan websites and on-line resources
The complete list of the twenty-something sites that I run, including a large Alias fansite, a large Angel fansite, a personal site, etc.

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