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The MacGyver F.A.Q.

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The MacGyver F.A.Q.

Version 1.1

(last updated 08 February 1995)


1. Introduction

1.1 What's it all about?
1.2 Where can I watch MacGyver?

2. Characters

2.1 MacGyver (Richard Dean Anderson)
2.2 Pete Thornton (Dana Elcar)
2.3 Jack Dalton (Bruce McGill)
2.4 Murdoc (Michael Des Barres)
2.5 Penny Parker (Teri Hatcher)
2.6 Harry Jackson (John Anderson)
2.7 Sean A. Malloy (Dalton James)
2.8 Other memorable characters

3. Organizations Within the MacGyver Universe

3.1 The Phoenix Foundation
3.2 DXS (Department of External Services)
3.3 HIT (Homicide International Trust)
3.4 The Challengers Club

4. Miscellaneous

4.1 Honors & Recognitions
4.2 About the actors
4.2.1 Richard Dean Anderson
4.2.2 Dana Elcar
4.2.3 Bruce McGill
4.2.4 Michael Des Barres
4.2.5 Teri Hatcher
4.2.6 John Anderson
4.2.7 Dalton James
4.2.8 Others Elyssa Davalos Martin Milner Famous Faces
4.3 Other frequently asked questions

5. Other Sources of Information

(***Outdated. Removed to avoid confusion.***)

6. Acknowledgments & Addresses

6.1 Contributors
6.2 Comments? Suggestions? Corrections?


The MacGyver FAQ previously appeared at which has closed: many thanks to Melissa for giving me permission to re-post it here. Many, many thanks also to the people who wrote the information in this FAQ and put it together.

  The MacGyver F.A.Q.       Part 1       Part 2       Part 3       Part 4    

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