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Tough Boys

Original Air Date: September 17, 1990
Episode #105

The Tough Boys, four black-clad, hooded vigilantes, continue on their mission to burn down "everything related to crack," but this time a drug dealer is killed by one of their firebombs. At the Challengers' Club, MacGyver greets his cop friend Manny Lopez, who speaks highly of the Club's new instructor, R.T. Hines. Inside, the kids are wearing karate clothes and standing in military formation as Hines, a former Marine, barks out instructions. A drunken youth named Angel interrupts the session and tries to start trouble, but when Hines goes too far in trying to correct him, Mac intervenes. Angel leaves, and Hines wants to see Mac outside. Hines defends his disciplined training by saying that he's teaching the kids how to survive in a war zone. Mac disagrees that what Hines did to Angel was excessive. Hines dismisses Mac as a tourist who doesn't want to get his hands dirty. Elsewhere, the other Tough Boys confront Angel. Devastated that they killed someone, he wants to quit the group. The others remind him of their pact to take back the neighborhood from drug dealers, and he reluctantly agrees to stay. After overhearing some of the guys at the Club, Mac begins to suspect that Hines is the one behind the Tough Boys. Mac questions some of the kids at the Club, and his suspicions seem validated after the Tough Boys use advanced military tactics to trap Mac in an attempt to scare him off. Mac goes to confront Hines, who is insulted that Mac thinks he would hide behind a group of kids. Hines scolds Mac for rushing in and getting caught, but Mac realizes that he was trapped because the Tough Boys knew what he would do. Their leader is obviously someone who knows Mac very well. Not much later, Mac and Hines are waiting for Manny when he arrives home. When Mac says that they know he's the leader of the Tough Boys, Manny pulls a gun on them. Mac tells him to use the law to fight the drug dealers, but Manny has lost faith in the law, which was unable to help his crack-addicted daughter and grandbaby. He locks Hines and Mac in the garage, but Mac quickly frees them. The Tough Boys go to burn down another drug operation, unaware that they're walking into an ambush. Two men open fire on them. They scramble to safety, but one of them is fatally wounded. Mac and Hines arrive and stop the shooters. Angel tells them where to find Manny. At the marina, news crews are watching Manny who is on board a drug kingpin's yacht about to blow them both up. Mac and Hines arrive and talk him into letting the police take over. Hines assures Manny that he and Mac will see him through.


"What's your name, tourist?" Hines, to Mac

Hines: Nobody interferes when I'm working with my kids. Nobody undercuts my respect when I'm in a session. Do you understand me?
MacGyver: What I understand is that you were sticking a kid's head in a bucket of water, and nobody does that in front of me. Do you understand that?

MacGyver: What I saw up there bordered on abuse.
Hines: It was appropriate.
MacGyver: It was excessive.

Angel: Man, you hit like a punk.
Coco: Only when I'm hittin' a punk.

Hines: For a man that doesn't like violence, you certainly know a lot about it.
MacGyver: Exactly why I don't like it.
Hines: Then I suggest you stay the hell out of my way. You play with fire, you get burned.
MacGyver: Yes, sir. Eventually you do.

MacGyver: The door was open.
Hines: I left it that way to see how bold you are.
MacGyver: Bold - and nosy. I'm famous for that.

"I've fought from one end of this world to the other, and I ain't never used no kid to fight my battles." Hines, offended that Mac thinks he's the one behind the Tough Boys

Hines: I just figured out what your problem is. The soft-belly idealist looks at hard discipline as a crime against mankind.
MacGyver: Discipline's only a crime when it's enforced by somebody with the sensitivity and judgment of a rock.

"I heard about your sensitivity and judgment on the news last night." Hines, to Mac

MacGyver: I didn't choose the obvious. I chose a locked door.
Hines: I'd say somebody knows you very well.

"This is for the family we lost and all the kids coming up." Manny, as the Tough Boys rally to go to their last burn-down

MacGyver: Don't do it this way, Manny. Use the law.
Manny: The law? Crack doesn't care about the law.

"Paint cans? Oh, I see. You're gonna take the sensitive approach." Hines, as Mac works on a plan to free them

Hines: Hey, man, that's an Uzi!
MacGyver: Now it's a wrench.


Original Air Date: September 24, 1990
Episode #106

In Bucharest, Romania, Captain Cuzo shows MacGyver and Pete Thornton to the archives of deceased Romanian leader Ceausescu, but members of the K Force still loyal to Ceausescu attack. They lock the delegates in with a firebomb, but Mac manages to contain the blast. One K Force soldier posted outside the archives fights off Captain Cuzo's men. Mac breaks out of the archives only to be shot in the shoulder by the soldier, who takes him hostage and escapes. At the road, Victor, the soldier, carjacks them some transportation, but soon a tire blows out. Victor turns to shoot Mac, who ducks for cover. Cornered, Mac decides to face his captor, but Victor is bitten by a viper. Mac flees into the woods, and while chasing him, Victor falls and is knocked unconscious. Regaining consciousness, Victor sees that Mac has tended to the snakebite, although the reason for such a humane act is foreign to him, and he suspects Mac of an ulterior motive. Victor says that he has been training with the K Force since he was five, and their life's purpose is to defend Ceausescu's will to the death. Realizing that Mac is no threat to him, Victor joins him and they start for the highway. However, Major Krik and his K Force soldiers appear. Mac encourages Victor to run from them, but Krik shouts an order for Victor to stop the American. Having been conditioned to obey orders without question, Victor knocks Mac out. Mac wakes in a cell, but Victor helps him escape. Mac makes it to the highway and signals Pete who is searching for him from a helicopter with Captain Cuzo. The helicopter lands, but they are ambushed by Victor, Major Krik and the other K Force. Victor made a deal with Krik: Mac would lead them to Pete who would take Mac's place as a hostage. However, Mac refuses to leave Pete. On the way back to the K Force outpost, Victor helps Mac, Pete and Captain Cuzo escape by holding off Major Krik. Unfortunately, when Victor runs out of bullets, Major Krik shoots him and he falls. Major Krik walks over to him, and Victor springs to life, grabbing the Major's hand. He says that Krik taught him well, and he activates a grenade, killing them both. Later, Mac, Pete and Captain Cuzo are on the scene with the authorities and the paramedics. The remaining K Force members have been captured, and the Captain will recommend that they be rehabilitated. As Victor's body is carried by, Pete muses that at least Victor found his humanity. Mac agrees, "That's a lot."


"I'm the, uh, babysitter for you and the other delegates." Captain Cuzo, greeting Mac and Pete

Pete: We had hoped to maybe freshen up a little bit and get a bite to eat before we got started.
Captain: You are not tourists, gentlemen.

"On behalf of the K Force, welcome to Romania." Major Krik to Mac, Pete, and the other delegates

Pete: Why doesn't he just give himself up?
Captain: K Force have no fear of dying.

"Let's face it. You might need me to get you out of this mess." Mac, reasoning with his captor to avoid getting shot

"You picked the road." Mac, to Victor after a tire blows out

"I can't believe I said that." Mac, to himself after declaring that Victor will have to shoot him face-to-face

MacGyver: Take a good look. Maybe you'll think twice about cold-blooded murder.

Pete: Captain, what are our chances of finding MacGyver?
Captain: Alive?

[Victor doesn't understand why Mac saved his life.]
Victor: Why did you do this?
[Mac thinks about it for a moment.]
MacGyver: Reflex?

MacGyver: If I didn't get you turned around, the venom would've gone straight to your heart . . . assuming you have one.

Victor: Tell me why you came back for me.
MacGyver: Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time. Like I said: reflex.

Victor: Even if you torture me, I will not reveal the location of our outpost.
MacGyver: I could care less about the location of your outpost.
Victor: Then you think there is a reward for my capture.
MacGyver: No.
Victor: Then it is just for glory.
MacGyver (incredulous): "Glory"? Can't you comprehend a simple act of humanity?

"Well, the training works. I'll give you that." Mac, after Victor tells about his disciplined upbringing

MacGyver: So you think I'm a threat to Ceausescu's will, huh.
Victor: Yes.
MacGyver: Well, you might be right. But the important thing here is, am I a threat to you?
[Victor considers the question, looking at how Mac tended to his snakebite.]
Victor: My name is Victor.

[Victor and Mac stop to rest.]
Victor: I could kill you in your sleep.
MacGyver: I'm an insomniac . . . You don't want to kill me.
Victor: How can you be sure?
MacGyver: Human nature. I do something nice for you, you do something nice for me - like not kill me. Next thing you know, we're friends.

[Victor reveals that as a child Major Krik forced him into a duel with his best friend.]
MacGyver: There was nothing you could do.
Victor: I could have lost.

[Mac sees a helicopter flying above the trees.]
MacGyver: Pete.
Victor: Your colleague?
MacGyver: My friend.

"Ceausescu is dead. You seem to be the only one who wants him back." Mac, to Major Krik

[Victor stands outside Mac's cell.]
Victor: I did as I was ordered.
MacGyver: Congratulations.

MacGyver: You set me up, didn't you.
Victor: It was necessary to save your life.
MacGyver: You just don't get it, do you? You think I'd just walk away and leave my friend with this lunatic?

Victor: Please, you can't stay.
MacGyver: No, Victor. I can't leave.

Victor: I made a deal with Major Krik to keep him from killing you.
MacGyver: What about when you slugged me?
Victor: Major Krik gave an order and, uh . . . reflex.

"You taught me well, Major." Victor, revealing the grenade in his hand

Pete: His life was programmed right from the start.
MacGyver: He never had a chance.

Pete: At least he discovered his own humanity, in the end. That's something, MacGyver.
MacGyver: That's a lot.

The Gun

Original Air Date: October 1, 1990
Episode #107

MacGyver and Pete Thornton participate in an event at the Challengers' Club to raise environmental awareness. Elsewhere, an addict named Todd trades a gun to a drug pusher named Rudy for some crack. A passing patrol car notices and pursues them. After shooting one of the officers, Rudy wrecks his car. Breeze, on his way to the environmental fair, sees the crash and hurries over to help. When the police appear, Rudy runs, and a panicked Breeze does too. The cops corner Breeze in a building, where he calls Mac for help. Breeze is arrested. Soon, a news report reveals that the gun that killed the policeman is the same one used to assassinate Senator David R. Harrison over twenty years earlier. Upon hearing this, Mr. Zamora, a Middle Eastern weapons trafficker calls his American source, Maddox, to get the Harrison gun for him. Trying to help clear Breeze, Mac and Pete research the gun and discover its repeated use in crimes. Across town, a woman named Laura confronts Todd - her brother - about stealing the gun from their deceased father's collection. Realizing that he got the wrong gun, Todd, who is high on crack, rushes out, declaring that the gun is worth a fortune. Mac visits the Maddox Weapons Company after learning that Maddox posted bail for Breeze, and Mac finds Breeze being questioned by Maddox. Breeze insists that he doesn't know where the Harrison gun is, and he and Mac leave. Outside, Breeze confesses to Mac that Rudy has the gun. Breeze and Rudy grew up together, but their lives took very different paths. Mac and Breeze visit one of Rudy's hangouts. Laura is there, too, looking for Todd. Mac notices Laura, who hurriedly leaves when she sees Mac approaching. Todd follows Rudy into a wrecking yard. After Rudy retrieves the gun from an old car, Todd attacks him. They struggle, and Rudy is shot. Breeze finds them, but Todd gets away. Mac and Breeze are at Rudy's side as he dies. Back at the Phoenix Foundation, Mac recalls seeing Laura in an old newspaper article, and a bit of searching reveals that her father bought the Harrison gun. Mac and Breeze pay a visit to Laura. She tries to cover for Todd, but he makes a noise while hiding. Mac and Breeze chase him as he flees, but he gets away. Returning to the house, they're caught by Maddox's henchmen, who traced the number after Todd called them, trying to sell the Harrison gun. At the Maddox Weapons Company, Todd calls again, and Maddox sets up a meeting at the docks. Mac, Breeze and Laura are loaded into a cargo trailer, to be dealt with at sea by Mr. Zamora. As Mac works on a plan to escape, Todd arrives with the gun, and he is promptly knocked unconscious by a henchman. Pete also arrives, having followed Todd, and he knocks out the henchman. Maddox presents the Harrison gun to Mr. Zamora. As the cargo trailer is being lifted onto Mr. Zamora's freighter, Mac blows the trailer doors, and the load of weapons falls onto Zamora and Maddox, killing them. Later, Mac, Breeze, Laura, and Pete attend a ceremony kicking off a new program to destroy guns that have been used in crimes - starting with the Harrison gun.


"Hang tough, Mother Nature. The Breeze is on the way." Breeze, leaving home for the Save The Planet fair

MacGyver (on the phone): Where are you? You're missing everything.
Breeze: Not everything . . .

"This gun changed the world with a single act of violence. It is a symbol, a holy relic. Placed in the right hands, it could be held up to desperate men and make their blood boil. This gun symbolizes anarchy, violent overthrow - a change in the world order. It could also be used as a rallying point to create new markets and profits for both of us." Zamora, explaining to Maddox why he wants the Harrison gun

[Mac and Pete learn of the gun's history in violent crimes.]
MacGyver: It's like that gun has a life of its own.
Pete: Yeah, a very active one.

Pete: Don't thank me. I was born a warm and wonderful human being.

"Don't you have enough guns?" Mac after hearing that Maddox wants the Harrison gun

Maddox: It's in the Constitution, Mr. MacGyver. People have the right to bear arms.
MacGyver: The second amendment, yeah, I know. You really should read that sometime. It has a lot to say about things like the security of a free state and a well-regulated militia . . . but I'd be willing to bet this batch isn't headed for the National Guard.

Maddox: I see. You're one of those.
MacGyver: Yeah, I'm one of those. I just can't help it, you know? I got this thing about innocent people being shot down in the streets or through the walls of their homes.

Maddox: Well, you know what they say: "Guns don't kill people. People do."
MacGyver: Is that anything like, "Hydrogen bombs don't kill people; it's the people who set them off"?

Breeze: I do not hand brothers over to The Man!
MacGyver: "Brothers"? People who shoot other people down in the street are not your brothers!

"He thought as long as he could see them, nothing would happen." Laura, on why her father acquired the crime guns

[Laura and Breeze watch Mac work.]
Laura: What's he doing?
Breeze: He's trying to get us out of here. Just relax. That's what he does.

Pete: Well, that is about a thousand guns that nobody is going to use on anybody else.
MacGyver: Yeah, a thousand down . . . only a hundred million to go.

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