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Frequently Asked Questions

What is MacGyver about? Who stars in the show? What happened in season (whatever)?
Details about the series and its title character can be found in the About MacGyver section.

Will there be any new episodes?
No. The last original MacGyver episode was broadcast on May 21, 1992.

Will there be a spin-off series, or a MacGyver movie?
I seriously doubt it, but if I find any news about one, I will announce it on the main index.

Is MacGyver available on DVD?

(Many thanks to hilary, chefdaddy, dafilthymofo and Shara Salt for sharing the news!)

Is MacGyver shown on television?
Check your local listings; is a good place to do that.

Can I watch MacGyver on-line?
As of this writing (April 2015), you can watch certain episodes of the show - for free - at Clips of the show are available at, at in the Videos section, and via this list of links at

Where can I find MacGyver episode transcripts?
There are a few transcripts available here. Also, our "extended episode summaries" are kind of like transcripts, with detailed descriptions of each scene and quotes. See the lower right corner of the Episode Guide.

What else is new with MacGyver? What is the cast up to?
I post any news articles that I find in our Fan Forum - in the MacGyver section, of course.

Where can I find a list of episodes? What episode was that where...?
Check the Episode Guide, which has detailed episode recaps and quotes. If you're looking for a certain scene, character, etc. that's a good place to start.

Are there any on-line "seasons" of fanfiction, like some other shows have?
Our FanFiction section has the link to the MacGyver Virtual Seasons website, along with other fiction resources.

What kind of Swiss Army Knife did Mac use?
I'm not sure; there's a debate about this at the forums. Check out that thread here.

Who is Harry? Who is Nikki?
See the Character Files page.

Where can I find a list of MacGyver-isms?
Ah, yes, those great moments where Mac makes something out of whatever is handy. You can check out a list of his creations here in The MacGyver F.A.Q.

What can you tell me about Richard Dean Anderson?
Not much, besides the fact that I'm deeply in love with him. (Here, I pause to sigh dreamily.) Check out for tons of information about him.

What are some other good MacGyver sites?
See our Links page.

My question isn't answered here. What should I do?
The MacGyver F.A.Q. has even more answers to even more Frequently Asked Questions about the show.

Why is the MacGyver F.A.Q dated 1995? Do you need some help with the site? How can I contact you?
Answers to these questions and more can be found on the About This Site page.


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