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There but For the Grace

Original Air Date: February 18, 1991
Episode #120

On the way to a neighborhood forum, Father Jim is badly hurt during a mugging. His assistant Rachel and his childhood friend MacGyver rush to his side at the hospital. Moments before Father Jim passes away, he says the name Danny and says, "Doc knows. Find Doc." Three days later at the funeral, MacGyver thinks Father Jim was in trouble, but if the homeless people know what happened, they're too scared to tell the police. So, Mac dresses as a street person and blends in among them. As Father Jim instructed, he finds Doc, who explains that Danny can barely take care of himself, having been evicted too soon from a mental hospital due to the lack in funding. Doc introduces Mac to Danny, who is withdrawn and nervous. Getting no response, Mac leaves, but he soon returns with food. Danny appears receptive - until a picture in the newspaper from Father Jim's funeral makes him jump back in terror. Mac realizes that Danny saw what happened, and that Father Jim's attacker is in the picture. Danny points out the criminal and conveys that there was another man and a getaway car. Looking for the street person in the picture, Mac finds him just as he's stabbed by his accomplice. Mac chases the murderer, but when they're both stopped by a guard, Mac, still dressed as one of the homeless, is arrested while the other man is set free. Mac is released from jail by Lt. Rhome. The getaway car proves that the murder was premeditated, so Lt. Rhome agrees to let Mac go back undercover to find out why Father Jim was targeted. Mac visits the mission, where Doc has been going through Father Jim's papers, looking for answers. Doc reports that Father Jim had evidence of a scam: people like Danny were turned out of hospitals, but the records were falsified so that the hospitals continued to receive state checks for those patients. However, the mastermind behind the scheme has hidden by changing his identity. Researching at the library, Mac finds a picture of the schemer: it's Aaron Sandler, a businessman who has donated to Father Jim's church. Outside the library, Mac is abducted at gunpoint by Sandler's henchman, but he manages to get the drop on the guy. Meanwhile, Sandler has learned that Danny is an eyewitness to the crime, and he devised a way to draw Danny out. Mac arrives at the mission to find Sandler leaving with Danny. Mac follows them and confronts Sandler. Sandler pulls a gun, but Mac rigs up a way to stop him. Later, Danny returns to the hospital, and Doc agrees to stay on at the mission and help Rachel.


"He always used to say, 'There are no great things to be accomplished in this life, just small things done with great love.'" Rachel, remembering Father Jim

MacGyver: Lieutenant Rhome said the homeless are afraid to come forward and talk to the police.
Rachel: Who do they talk to?
[Mac watches the people at the funeral.]
MacGyver: Each other.

Doc: Who are you?
MacGyver: My name's Grazer.

"I just . . . lost everything. My job, my family, insurance, everything. As you probably know, it can happen fast. One day, you're a member of society, and the next thing you know, you're invisible." Doc, to "Grazer"

"One time we were on a camping trip. This bear ate all our food! I got all wimpy scared, but my grandpa, he said to me, he says, 'Bud--' my grandpa called me Bud, I could never figure that out. But he said, 'Bud. . . we'll just go grazing.'" "Grazer" explaining how he got his name

"Thank you, Lieutenant. I was starting to feel invisible." Mac, being released from jail

MacGyver: I thought the best way to look into the homeless was to become one.
Lt. Rhome: Mm hmm. Naturally you thought the police weren't doing anything.
MacGyver: Naturally.
Lt. Rhome: Well, you can come in from the cold now.

Doc: Trust you? Why should I trust you? We're different. You're on the other side.
MacGyver: No, see, I don't believe that. The only difference between you and me is a little bit of luck.

Sandler's Henchman: Are you crazy?!
MacGyver: Nope. Just a little nuts.

MacGyver: I still can't help but wonder about those people out there that fall through that so-called safety net.
Rachel: It's just a sad fact of life today. What can we do?
MacGyver: Refuse to accept it.

Blind Faith

Original Air Date: March 4, 1991
Episode #121

Pete Thornton calls MacGyver in to help after the attempt to retrieve a videotape from a man named Nelson Richardson fails. The videotape proves that the Death Squad in a certain Latin American country has been killing civilians. Pete's long-ago love, Samantha Lorra, is the daughter of the country's assassinated president. She plans to run for president, so her life is in danger due to the country's current regime. However, Nelson, the missing contact, trusts only Samantha, and she arrives in the US, unaware that two members of the Death Squad are following Mac and Pete in order to retrieve and destroy the videotape. Mac and Pete take Samantha to a safehouse, where she contacts Nelson Richardson. Noticing Pete's continuing trouble with his vision, Mac asks about his eyes. Pete reluctantly admits that he's been diagnosed with glaucoma, and there are complications because he let it go for too long. However, Pete seems optimistic about his treatment. Mac meets Nelson Richardson at the train station, but the railcar where Nelson hid the videotape has been moved. As Nelson and Mac search for it, Nelson spots the Death Squad guys. As the pursuers close in on Mac and the tape, Nelson sacrifices himself so that Mac can escape. Mac delivers the tape to a local TV network, and they play it on the air. The Death Squad duo decides to go after Samantha, reasoning that she can't win the presidency if she is dead. At the safehouse, Pete finally explains the problem with his eyes to Samantha. He also confesses his fear that if he has surgery, he may lose his sight altogether. Samantha encourages him to take the chance, but he replies that he isn't ready. Suddenly the power goes off. Samantha is grabbed by a black-clad assailant. Pete, unable to see well enough to fight off the intruder, is knocked unconscious. Mac soon arrives at the safehouse, but the Death Squad is waiting for him. Mac and Pete are taken to an airplane hangar, where Samantha is being held by a disgruntled DXS employee who fears that Samantha's presidency would jeopardize her country's relationship with the US. He and the Death Squad leave Samantha, Mac, and Pete near a burning gas can, planning to make the deaths look like an accident. When Mac tries to contain the explosion, his hands are badly burned. He directs Samantha and Pete in rigging up a trap for the bad guys, who try to pound their way back in once the expected explosion does not occur. The trap works, and Samantha is able to hold the villains at gunpoint. Later, MacGyver is told that his hands will heal, and Pete tells Samantha that he's going to have the surgery.


"You sure seem to have of lot of information for not being involved." Mac, to Mr. Stams

Stams: About me bringing up that personal thing. I meant no offense.
Pete (coolly dismissing him): I've got your number. I'll be in touch.

"It's a little bit like . . . Looking down a tunnel with very little light at the end. And I have a lot of trouble with either too much or too little light anywhere." Pete, explaining his glaucoma to Mac

"You always had a wonderful way of making me feel better . . . particularly when you didn't want to talk about yourself." Samantha, showing that she's wise to Pete's ways

MacGyver: How's your throwing arm?
Richardson: Not much better than my bad leg.

Richardson: How did you think of that?
MacGyver: It . . . just kinda makes sense.

Pete: I think I can handle the loss of sight . . . But I don't know if I'm ready to not be able to do my job, to be who I am.

Samantha: When they first approached me about running for the presidency, I was paralyzed with fear. I wanted to do it, but I didn't want to die from an assassin's bullet, like my father. But then I realized that I had no control over that. So, I committed to what I could do, and I felt free. Suddenly, I was able to go on with my life.
Pete: That's wonderful, Samantha. That is really wonderful . . . And I'm not there yet.

Pete: The DXS is gonna find you out.
Stams: You've been around, Peter. Patriotism requires hard decisions.

Stams: I'm sorry. There are higher causes and interests than our laws acknowledge.

MacGyver (to Pete): I'll be your eyes. You be my hands.

Stams: What's the matter with you people?
Cardosa: If you ever refer to me as "you people" again, I will shoot you on the spot!

MacGyver: Pete, you gotta listen to me.
Pete: I did listen to you; you gave me the wrong order!

Pete: I am going to have the surgery.
Samantha: I'll make you a deal. I will survive my presidency. You will triumph in your operation - and come to see me.
Pete: It's a deal.

"So. Wanna go bowling?" Pete, joking with Mac

Faith, Hope & Charity

Original Air Date: March 18, 1991
Episode #122

While tracking a gray wolf as part of an endangered species program, Mac's foot is caught in a bear trap. Faith and Hope Lacey, looking for blueberries nearby, hear Mac and come to his aid. They take him back to their bed and breakfast, where they pry the trap from Mac's foot. Hope, a former nurse, dresses the wound, and the sisters make Mac comfortable in one of the rooms. As Mac rests, he watches from the window as Leo Burns, one of the inn's regular visitors, takes a small suitcase to the tool shed. Soon, as Faith and Hope are leaving to run errands, Leo gives them a letter to be opened only if something happens to him. When the sisters have gone, three men in suits arrive and accuse Leo of skimming money. They rough him up and his bad heart gives out. With Leo dead, the bad guys go to check his room for the money. Mac hears someone moving around, and he notices Leo lying face down on the ground outside. He gets out of bed and makes his way down the hall, but the antique crutch that the sisters gave him breaks and he tumbles down the stairs. Faith and Hope return home as Mac is regaining consciousness. He asks about Leo, and the sisters say that he checked out before changing the subject. After a rest, Mac again looks out the window and notices marks that indicate Leo's body was dragged away. He improvises a new crutch from a hat rack and hobbles outside. The trail leads to the barn, where Hope and Faith are digging a grave for Leo in a cellar. The ladies explain that Leo gave them his will, which specified that he not leave Lacey House. Mac reviews the will and notices that a page is missing. Mac insists that they call the police, but the three men in suits - Abe, Bobby, and Gorman - arrive, demanding to know about the money. Mac reveals that he saw Leo in the tool shed. The bad guys tie up Faith, Hope and Mac before going after the money. Mac frees them. Recalling that the sisters' ancestors helped runaway slaves, Mac looks for and finds a secret tunnel. The bad guys find Leo's case in the tool shed, but it's empty. They head back to the barn, where they quickly discover the tunnel. However, Mac and the sisters reach the house and block the trap door. The bad guys make several attempts to break into the house, but Mac and the sisters manage to keep them out. Finally, a furious Gorman decides to ram the inn with his car. Seeing him coming, Mac prepares a defense, and the bad guys are stopped as soon as they exit the car. The crash also reveals that Hope and Faith took and hid Leo's money. Later, they tell Mac that they wanted to use the money to help the gray wolf. Mac assures them that he'll do what he can to spread the word about the inhumanity of the bear traps.


"You know, these traps are only part of the problem. Disease, hunting, loss of habitat. It's no wonder the gray wolf is endangered." Hope, while helping remove the trap from Mac's foot

"We'll put him in the yellow daisy room!" Hope, as they help Mac inside

Faith: Now, give me your motel key, Mr. MacGyver . . . Quickly. We have pies in the oven.
Hope: Blueberry. Our specialty.

"He was a doctor, and an abolitionist." Faith, about great grandpa Jonathan(?)

Faith: Hope, stop deviling Mr. MacGyver! We'll have a whole week to get to know each other.
[She walks off, and a stricken Mac catches Hope.]
MacGyver: A week?
Hope: That's what Doctor Pfeiffer said.

"Perfect." Bobby, after Mac falls down the stairs

"The man's a walking accident!" Faith, as the sisters return home to find that Mac has fallen down the stairs

[Mac finds Hope and Faith digging a grave in the barn.]
Faith: What are you doing here?
MacGyver: What am I doing here? What's Leo doing here!

MacGyver: You can't just bury somebody. There are laws. You gotta have a death certificate, a burial permit - all kinds of stuff.
Faith: Oh, poop! Lighten up, MacGyver.

MacGyver: What money?
Gorman: Leo's money.
Hope: Of all the nerve. The poor man isn't even cold, and you come storming in here looking for his wallet.

Hope: Mr. MacGyver is an innocent bystander.
Gorman: Oh? Meaning you two ain't so innocent?

MacGyver: Sure wish I knew what was going on here.
Faith: We're being terrorized by a bunch of hoods, that's what.

Hope: Great-grandpa Jonathan used to talk about a tunnel from the house to the barn--
Faith: --where he was going to put us if we didn't eat our oatmeal.

[Mac starts to open the trap door into the house.]
Hope: What if there's something heavy on top of it?
Faith: Bite your tongue!

MacGyver: Where are the keys to your car?
Faith: In my coat . . . Back in the barn. Over Leo.

Faith: You mean we're trapped?
MacGyver: Well, in the military they call it "taking a defensive position."
Hope: Oh, I like that much better.

"Oh, I wish I were thirty years younger. . ." Faith, flirting with Mac

"Isn't this exciting?" Faith, to Mac after Hope talks tough to the bad guy who's trying to break in

Gorman: "Couldn't get in"? It's just two old ladies and a gimp!

Faith (grabbing the bad guy's gun): Go on, punk. Make my decade.

MacGyver: But I would like to know why you didn't tell me about the money.
Faith: Well, we thought you were such a goody two shoes that maybe you'd make us give Leo's money back.

Strictly Business

Original Air Date: April 8, 1991
Episode #123

Murdoc asks to return to work for the criminal organization HIT, but first they want him to un-blemish his record by removing the one target he's failed to kill: MacGyver. Not much later, Mac returns to his houseboat to find Murdoc waiting for him. Murdoc says that his "dear sister" Ashton was killed in a skiing accident - and now he's going to get back to business. He traps Mac, placing him in imminent danger. However, without a second to spare, he lets Mac go. Murdoc explains that he set up this meeting to not kill Mac as a favor for Mac previously saving his life. Warning that Mac is now a target, Murdoc disappears outside into the darkness. The next day, Mac calls Pete, who sends him to a safehouse on Overlook Mountain. Having tapped Pete's phone, Murdoc ambushes Mac on the road to the mountain. Murdoc fires a rocket launcher. Mac's car explodes, but Murdoc finds no body when he inspects the wreckage. Wounded, Mac stumbles through the forest with Murdoc not far behind, tracking him. Mac happens upon a camp, where a woman with a shotgun demands his name. He realizes that he doesn't know, and he passes out from exhaustion. As Murdoc hides and watches, the woman, Suzanne, and her daughter Amy take Mac to one of the cabins and tend to his wounds. He comes to, but his memory remains spotty. Suzanne goes to call the doctor, but Amy sneaks back in to visit Mac. Meanwhile, Murdoc approaches Suzanne, posing as Mac. He says that the man with her daughter is Murdoc, a hired killer. Suzanne persuades Amy back to the main lodge, but when Murdoc tries to send them to get the police, a wary Amy refuses to go. She runs after him and finds him pointing a gun at Mac. She creates a diversion, but as Amy and Mac prepare to flee, Suzanne is taken hostage by Murdoc. Following orders, Mac goes to meet Murdoc at a nearby mine. Murdoc's obstacle course succeeds in restoring Mac's memory, but their ensuing confrontation ends when Murdoc is pulled down a deep shaft. Later, Mac is not surprised when one of the search party says that they can't find Murdoc's body.

Read the extended summary of this episode for more details!


Murdoc: Name one contract that I've failed to execute.
HIT Man: MacGyver.

Murdoc: He saved her life and mine. I owe him a debt . . . of honor.
HIT Lady: There's no room for honor in our business.

Murdoc: MacGyver is terribly clever, but then so am I. You see, I do have one very definite advantage over him: he fights fair.

"This place always lacked a, sort of a formal touch." Murdoc, greeting Mac as he arrives at the houseboat

Murdoc: You don't look happy to see me.
MacGyver: Yeah, go figure.

Murdoc: You didn't really think that I would retire, did you, MacGyver? I mean, do you see me playing golf? Can you see me fishing?

MacGyver: They tried to kill you!
Murdoc: Well, business is business.

"Better death through chemistry, that's what I always say." Murdoc, pleased with his special poison

"Did I have a bad connection? Did I hear you just say that you are going to run from Murdoc?" Pete, on the phone with Mac

MacGyver: Please, I need help.
Suzanne: Who are you?
MacGyver (after a pause): I don't know. I . . . I can't remember.

Suzanne: I should also call Doc Colby, get him to come out from town. I'm afraid amnesia's a bit beyond my first aid skills.

MacGyver: Does your mother know you're here?
Amy: Nuh-uh. She doesn't like me talking to strangers.
MacGyver: That's usually pretty good advice.

"Well, if she's in that cabin with Murdoc, your daughter is in terrible danger." Murdoc, lying with the truth

Suzanne: He says he has amnesia, he doesn't know who he is.
Murdoc: Murdoc's full of tricks.

MacGyver: For all I know, your dad coulda sent me.
Amy: Oh, no way. The guys he sends are flashy. You know, suits, haircuts. Not like you.
MacGyver: Thanks. I think.

"Definitely Murdoc's handiwork. I could fix it if I only had some duct tape." Murdoc, being Mac

"I'm one of the good guys, see?" Murdoc, pulling back his jacket to show Amy his gun

Amy: The man with the gun. I don't trust him. He smiles too much.

MacGyver (groggily): Are you the doctor?
Murdoc: That's right. I'm here to take care of you.

MacGyver: I know you . . . Don't I?
Murdoc: Well, I should think so, after all this time. But then, your memory's not what it used to be.

Murdoc: Murdoc has your daughter. We have to try and get her away from him.
Suzanne: He wasn't doing the shooting.

Suzanne: It was all lies, wasn't it. Everything you said.
Murdoc: No. No, the facts were true, I just switched identities.

"Oh, please go ahead. Shoot me. Come on, do it! . . . You can't do it, can you. It's not in your blood." Murdoc, when Mac aims the shotgun at him

MacGyver: Why are you doing this?
Murdoc: Call it my own amalgamation of Beat The Clock and Jeopardy. I mean, after all this time, what, am I going to kill some empty-headed amnesiac? It's not really very satisfying, is it.

Searcher: We'll keep looking. He's got to be down there. No way a fella coulda survived a fall like that.
MacGyver (pauses, not convinced): You don't know Murdoc.

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