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Honest Abe

Original Air Date: September 16, 1991
Episode #126

A security guard steals a top-secret stealth helicopter from Harding Aeronautics; however, three Harding executives - Snead, Elliot, and Lamana - see the guard leave, and they go to track him through a device on the stolen equipment. Elsewhere, MacGyver arrives in Fillmore and greets his friend Phillip and Phillip's son, Mac's godson, Jeffrey. Mac agrees to pick up Jeffrey's grandfather, Abe, who is arriving in town for Jeffrey's bar mitzvah. At the bus station, Mac finds Abe, who - unknown to Mac - is the guard who stole the helicopter. Abe seems rather unfocused, but he accepts Mac's offer of a ride. Stopping at the post office, Mac goes in to pick up a package for Abe. As Mac exits the building, Lamana, from Harding Aeronautics, aims his gun and demands the "flight bag." Understandably, Mac is confused. Watching from the car, Abe gets in the driver's seat and speeds over. He and Mac escape, but Abe dodges Mac's questions about the incident. Finally, Abe confesses that he's CIA and he stole the helicopter as part of a plan to bring a dictator named Peugeot to justice. Abe agrees to fly the chopper to a Phoenix Foundation safehouse, but once inside, he uses knockout gas to render Mac unconscious. When Mac wakes, he and Abe are arriving in the chopper in Peugeot's country, San Rochelle. Abe gives Peugeot a sales pitch, since the plan is to abduct Peugeot during a test drive of the helicopter. However, Snead, Lamana, and Elliot arrive and announce that Mac and Abe are merely small-time thieves with a stolen chopper. Furious at being deceived, Peugeot declares that Abe and Mac will hang. Guards lock Abe and Mac in a room. Meanwhile, Elliot - who is an undercover FBI agent - receives word of who Mac and Abe really are. Lamana reveals that he, too, is an undercover agent, and he and Elliot enact a plan. Lamana works to create a diversion while Elliot pulls a gun on Snead and Peugeot. Unfortunately, the unexpected noise of Mac and Abe's escape from confinement startles both Lamana and Elliot into being caught, and then Mac and Abe are trapped while trying to leave in the helicopter. Soon Elliot, Lamana, Abe, and Mac stand on the gallows, waiting to be executed. Peugeot grants Mac's last request of a shave, and Mac uses a hand-held mirror to activate the chopper's weapons system via flashes of light. He clues Abe in and they hold their breath as a large cloud of knockout gas is released. They load the unconscious Elliot, Lamana, Snead, and Peugeot into the chopper and make it back to Fillmore in time for Jeffrey's bar mitzvah.

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"Hey Jeffrey! Your Gentile godfather is here!" Phillip, about Mac

MacGyver: Speaking of the bar mitzvah, what am I supposed to do there?
Phillip: You sit. You listen. Maybe say "Mazel Tov!" when it's over. Not to worry.
Jeffrey: Yeah, I'm the one who had to learn all the Hebrew.

Phillip: Tell him what it was like when I was growing up.
MacGyver: Phillip, we didn't meet until we were eighteen.
Phillip: And I was already in therapy because my father was never there for me when I was a kid. Tell him.

"You don't remember his excuses for missing all of the important events in my college career? How he was charged by a rhinoceros in Bangkok, how he was caught in a monsoon in the Sahara? Some life for a tuba salesman..." Phillip, about Abe

MacGyver: He made the graduation.
Phillip: He was probably suffering from jetlag and got confused.

"Phillip had a friend in college named MacGyver; ever heard of him? Nice looking fellow. Tall, good-looking - never took a haircut - but what a sweetheart he was..." Abe, meeting (and yet, not meeting) Mac

Abe: You really know your history.
MacGyver: Yeah, well. I used to be in the business.
Abe: No... Wait a minute. You're MacGyver. Western Tech, the DXS, the Phoenix Foundation. How *are* ya?
MacGyver: I feel like this is the third time we've met in the last twenty minutes.

"It's kinda complicated. I guess I'm a history nut myself." Abe, dodging Mac's question about why his package is listed under a different name

MacGyver: You mind telling me what's going on?
Abe: Those guys were shooting at us.
MacGyver: I know that!

MacGyver: Who were those guys, Abe?
Abe: Well, they're- they're- they're, uh, competitors! Fellow tuba salesmen.

Abe: It's kinda complicated.
MacGyver: Not good enough, Abe.

Abe: I'm not a tuba salesman.
MacGyver (oozing with sarcasm): No.

Abe: I guess they want their chopper back.
MacGyver: What chopper?
Abe: The one I stole from Harding Aeronautics.
MacGyver: Get in the car, Abe!

Abe: You know how it is when you work in the field. You go in with a game plan, but then things go wrong and it gets kinda...
MacGyver: Complicated?

Abe: It got kinda complicated.
MacGyver: Simplify it!

MacGyver: Great. Iran-Contra, Noriega, now this. Tell me something: is there anybody you guys *didn't* finance?
Abe: The Democrats...

"Answer me this: how is gassing and kidnapping me in a stolen helicopter going to make things right?" Mac, posing a valid question

MacGyver: Well, get a helicopter from someplace else.
Abe: This is the only one of its kind, or at least it's the only one of two... of... its... kind-- I told you it was complicated!

"This is no time to be hitting the sauce." Abe, not understanding Mac's plan

"All you fly-by-night dictators are the same..." Mac, goading the bad guy into making a mistake

MacGyver: If I'm going to meet my Maker, I want to be presentable.

Major Snead: I don't like this, Mr. President. MacGyver's an environmentalist. You can't trust those people.

"Hurry up. You are worse than a woman." Peugeot, to Mac

Phillip: Thanks for being here, Pop.
Abe: Did you have any doubts? Don't answer that.

The 'Hood

Original Air Date: September 23, 1991
Episode #127

MacGyver's new landlord, Melvin Krasney, explains the neighborhood's quirks as he helps Mac unpack. Kelly Dobbs, another of Mel's tenants, breezes by, chattering nonstop before she leaves to cover an appointment for her roommate, Molly. At the appointment, a manicure for the wealthy Mr. Knox, Kelly introduces herself as Molly and meets Bobby Lee, a handsome and flirty Texan. As Kelly exits Mr. Knox's mansion, she agrees that Bobby Lee can give her a call. Realizing that she left her sunglasses, Kelly goes back inside, where she overhears Bobby Lee negotiating with Mr. Knox to arrange a murder. Kelly's presence is discovered, and the men pursue her, but she escapes. Mr. Knox gives Bobby Lee an additional assignment: kill Kelly. Since Bobby Lee is busy establishing his cover for the original contract, he tasks his cousin Willy to take care of Kelly, but Willy mistakenly kills Molly instead. In hiding, Kelly hears a TV news report about Molly's "accident;" Mr. Knox sees the same report and angrily orders Bobby Lee to correct the mistake. Meanwhile, MacGyver and Mel learn about Molly, and they go to comfort Kelly. Kelly isn't home, but another neighbor, Mama Lorraine, arrives. Mama Lorraine believes that Kelly is in trouble, and so Mama, Mac, and Mel split up to look for her, unaware that Bobby Lee is watching them. Mac finds Kelly hiding at the local theatre, but Bobby Lee arrives also. In light of their mutual attraction, Bobby Lee takes Kelly with him as he goes, but unknown to Kelly, Mac is left about to be crushed by a large light fixture. Mac escapes just in time. Across town at a motel, as Bobby Lee heads out to complete his contract, he orders Willy to kill Kelly if she tries to get away. Using a clue left by Bobby Lee at the theatre, Mac and Mama find Willy and save Kelly. After a bit of persuasion, Willy reveals Bobby Lee's target: an accountant named Victor Nesbitt who is going to testify against Mr. Knox and his brother. Mac hurries to Nesbitt's hotel to stop Bobby Lee; trying to help, Kelly follows and almost gets shot by Bobby Lee in the process. Fortunately, Mac is able to knock Bobby Lee out of his hiding place, and the gunman is quickly apprehended by hotel security. Later, as Kelly, Mac and Mel arrive at Mac's loft, they discuss how Willy will testify against Bobby Lee and the Knox brothers in exchange for a reduced sentence. Inside, the topic quickly changes, as the local graffiti artist has covered Mac's wall with a large mural as a sign of welcome, and Mama Lorraine arrives with a procession of neighbors bearing food.

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Man Screaming on Porch: I am alive! I'm free! I am in touch with the universe! I am!
Mel: So am I!

Mel: Wow, you salvaged that much from the houseboat?
MacGyver: I had a good smoke detector.

Kelly: You wouldn't want Molly to lose her job, would you?
Mel: I don't think I could afford it.

"Nice kid. If she could just... loosen up a little... " Mac, after meeting the super-chatty Kelly

"I believe you're supposed to leave the finger," Mr. Knox, after Kelly nicks him during the manicure

"If you just ain't the cutest thing this side of Lubbock, I don't know what is." Bobby Lee, complimenting(?) Kelly

[Kelly rebuffs Bobby Lee's flirting.]
Bobby Lee: Maybe in the next life.
Kelly: Well, I suppose it could be a little sooner than *that.*

Mr. Knox: Seems like that old boy really wants to be a hero.

"Then the 80's came along and I found myself defending drug lords and gun runners." Mel on why he quit law

Sgt Lee: You think I tell the downtown brass how to conduct business?
Mel: Well, somebody should!

"We don't want to break with policy just because someone's life is in danger!" Mel, oozing with sarcasm while yelling at Sgt Lee

"How come you guys are always around when nobody needs you?!" Mel, still yelling at Sgt Lee

Mama Lorraine (answering the phone): Hello, tell me what you know.

Kelly: MacGyver, I'm sorry; I didn't recognize your voice. Well, how could I? You hardly spoke a word when we met.

Kelly: This morning you wanted to kill me.
Bobby Lee: Not me. It was them other fellows.

Mel: Can you describe the guy who hit you?
Mama Lorraine: Yes, he had a grin like a fool and a right hook with devils in it.

Kelly: You promised you weren't gonna hurt him!
Bobby Lee: Hurt him? Darlin', folks pay doctors good money for this kind of treatment.

"Don't you talk smart to me. I'll go get the manager: he'll tell you where to get off!" Mama, posing as a motel maid

Mel (to Mac): You've seen his work on numerous public facilities.
Robo: Until you got me busted.
Mel: The word is "rehabilitated."


Original Air Date: September 30, 1991
Episode #128

MacGyver suffers from nightmares in which the assassin Murdoc tries to kill him; the nightmares are likely spurred from phone calls Mac is receiving in which Murdoc's voice taunts him. At the Phoenix Foundation, Mac meets Cindy Finnegan, the new manager of field operations. Ms. Finnegan expresses her concerns to Pete over Mac's preoccupation with ghosts, and she insists on inspecting the security plan that Mac has in place for the trial of deposed dictator Pablo Delasora. At the courthouse, Mac shows Ms. Finnegan that security is working as planned -- except for a crowd of reporters gathered at the courthouse entrance. Mac finds Bob Stryke, from the federal prosecutor's office, and Mr. Stryke introduces Mac and Ms. Finnegan to Marietta Robles, who is helping coordinate evidence for the trial. As Delasora arrives under guard and addresses the reporters about the injustice of his arrest, Mac sees Murdoc in the crowd. Unfortunately, Mac attacks the wrong man, and later no evidence of Murdoc can be found. With everyone else insisting Murdoc is dead, Mac traces the next prank phone call and locates a warehouse with clues that send him to protect Marietta Robles. Too late he realizes that it was a diversion, and a bomb explodes in Delasora's hotel room. Delasora was in another room and survived. Soon, Bob Stryke announces that the Phoenix Foundation has been relieved of security duty, and Ms. Finnegan blames Mac. Pete "fires" Mac, but Mac understands that it's just a show to get Ms. Finnegan off of his back. Secretly surveying the military base where Delasora is being held, Mac sees that both Delasora and Murdoc move about the base freely, but Marietta Robles is being held at gunpoint. Mac sneaks onto the base but is caught by Bob Stryke. Ordered by Delasora to execute Mac and Ms. Robles, Murdoc has Mac tied under a large rocket that will fly to attack the current government of Delasora's country. Mac escapes and sabotages the rocket. He then saves Ms. Robles from a firing squad, but Murdoc finds the pair attempting to use the base's radio. However, Delasora betrays Murdoc, who is taken away by a guard. Mac knocks out Delasora and goes after Murdoc, who has killed the guard watching him. Attempting to run over Mac, Murdoc drives off of a steep clip. Later, Pete relays that Murdoc's body was not found in the wreckage -- and Mac receives another prank call.

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"Going all to pieces, MacGyver?" Murdoc, raising an ax above the sleeping Mac

Pete: Ms. Finnegan, the chairman only appointed you to this position a few weeks ago, so you don't know MacGyver very well. And you didn't know Murdoc, because if you did, you would understand MacGyver's concern.

Ms. Finnegan: Murdoc is dead. His body was found in the river at the bottom of a mine shaft.
MacGyver: There certainly wasn't much left to identify, was there.
Ms. Finnegan: Well, the FBI and Interpol were convinced. Now, why can't you accept it?

MacGyver: Every time I think Murdoc is dead, he comes back!

"Look at him. He's gained weight on your prison food while the country he and his generals looted is starving." Ms. Robles' observation of Delasora

Pete (on the phone): What is going on out there? Where's MacGyver?
Ms. Finnegan: He's looking for ghosts.

[Cindy hands Mac the phone.]
Cindy (about Pete): I gave him a full briefing.
MacGyver: Yeah, I'll bet.

MacGyver: This has nothing to do with you.
Pete: Yes, it does! I still have to prove myself. And she's already turned in a report on *your* obsession. Neither one of us has any credibility, right now.

"I'm gonna make you wish you'd never killed me." Murdoc, on the phone with Mac

Ms. Robles: It's a chess piece.
MacGyver: A pawn. It's a message from Murdoc.

MacGyver: He's telling me I've been used.
Ms. Robles: But why was it taped to my car?
MacGyver: To throw me off track.

"If I *ever* hear the name Murdoc again, I swear..." Cindy, whose grumbling is interrupted by a nearby explosion

MacGyver: It's not like Murdoc to miss twice.

Ms. Finnegan: Can't you give your paranoia a rest?
MacGyver: Yeah? And who do *you* think planted the bomb?

Bob Stryke: They'll house Delasora there during the trial, so he'll be safe -- even from *dead* men.

Ms. Finnegan: I hope you're satisfied.
MacGyver: You know, if you could drop the attitude for just a split second, you might realize that I *could* be right!

"Good management decision, Pete." Mac, after Pete tells him he's fired.

"What a cab driver I just had. And I like cab drivers!" Pete, complaining that the cabbie tried to cheat him

"At ease, MacGyver." Bob Stryke, discovering Mac who is in disguise in Army fatigues

Delasora: I make a point to remember *all* of my enemies.
Ms. Robles: You must have a very good memory.

Ms. Robles: The people will stop you.
Delasora: "The people"? The people are *sheep*. They will do nothing.

Murdoc: Well, MacGyver, it appears that the military look is in. Of course, I have more accessories.
MacGyver: Little early for Halloween, isn't it, Murdoc?

Delasora: You must show more respect to General Murdoc.
MacGyver:"General"? Don't you need a country for that?

"You've always worked alone. What made you a team man all of a sudden?" Mac, to Murdoc

Murdoc: Homicide International Trust decided that I was over the hill. So, faced with few employment prospects, well... I decided to "be all that I can be."

"You're the joke. Think about it. All the times you've tried to kill me; you've done nothing but fail. Now you need a firing squad to do it for you? How weak is that?" Mac, inspiring Murdoc to find a "more inventive" way to kill him

MacGyver: I gotta know, Murdoc. The body they found? Who was it?
Murdoc: Ah. Well, the river under the mine shaft surfaced about a mile away. I swam out. I came across a fisherman. He didn't have much luck; I did.

"And you, MacGyver. Well, you'll be toast." Murdoc, loving his role as the bad guy

Murdoc: One target at a time is sort of a... dead-end job. No, I've found something better than just killing for money. Killing for money -- and power.

Murdoc: You're so predictable, MacGyver. Always trying to save everybody but yourself.

"Do you think I've stayed in power so long trusting the likes of you?" Delasora, to Murdoc

Ms. Robles: Where are you going?
MacGyver: After Murdoc.
Ms. Robles: He's dead!
MacGyver: I don't think so.

Pete: Cindy sends her apologies. You know, I think she has... learned a little bit about respecting experience.
MacGyver: Well, wonders never cease.

Pete: What's the matter, you got trouble on the line or something?
MacGyver: Yeah. Or something.

The Prometheus Syndrome

Original Air Date: October 7, 1991
Episode #129

Working with the arson squad, MacGyver attempts to reconstruct the fire bomb used by an arsonist who calls himself Prometheus. At the fire station, members of the arson squad discuss the case; Earl, the man in charge, focuses on the facts, but his associate, Rachel, argues that they need a psychological profile to find the connection it all has for the bomber. Mac -- Earl's friend -- arrives and demonstrates the device he made. Rachel is unimpressed. Suddenly, the station receives a phone call, and the mechanically-distorted voice of Prometheus provides the location of his next bomb. Earl invites Mac to join the team at the site. As emergency personnel gather outside, Mac and Earl enter the building to inspect the device, which is similar to Mac's model. Mac's attempt to deactivate the bomb seems successful as the timer stops with only 3 seconds left. However, the timer suddenly starts again. Mac and Earl rush to the door, but Earl is killed in the blast. Outside, after the fire is put out, another member of the arson squad observes to Mac that now Rachel has what she wanted: Earl's job. Rachel arrives with evidence: a recording device found in a phone booth, which shows Prometheus could have been anywhere when the call to the fire station was made. Using her newfound authority, Rachel insists that they proceed with psychological studies of the bomber. She also makes it clear that Mac is off the case. Determined to find out who killed his friend, Mac can't just walk away. Reviewing the details, Mac suspects that the bomb was set off by remote, and the target was Earl. Mac's investigation of a nearby apartment building supports the theory, since its balcony provides a clear line of sight into the room where Earl was killed. From Earl's wife, Betty, Mac learns that a café fire from two years ago had been on Earl's mind. Betty also reveals some conflict between Rachel and Earl. Mac returns to the fire station, where Rachel harshly points out he is no longer part of the investigation. Mac finally proposes that they share information, and Rachel reluctantly agrees. Additional clues lead Mac to investigate a former employee of the now-defunct Globe Chronicle newspaper. Searching the abandoned Chronicle building, Mac is trapped in a basement with a bomb by Prometheus; as before, Mac attempts to disarm the device, but the timer stops only a moment before reactivating. Mac is able to use the bomb blast to make a door and escape. At the desk of Chronicle employee, Ralph Boardman, Mac finds a connection to the café fire: a picture of Earl -- and Rachel. Mac hurries to the fire station to tell Rachel what he's learned, but he finds her tied to her office chair with a bomb in her lap. Suddenly, Prometheus arrives and reveals himself as the manager of the apartment complex -- and Ralph Boardman. Ralph blames Earl, Rachel, and the others who couldn't save his girlfriend in the café fire, but Mac counters that Ralph and his girlfriend set the fire to collect the insurance. Refusing to accept responsibility, Ralph activates the timer on the bomb and leaves. Yet again, Mac works to disarm the bomb, and this time, he succeeds. Mac then hurries to find Ralph, who is waiting outside to watch the fireworks. The two men fight only briefly, before Mac knocks Ralph out. Later, Ralph is taken away in handcuffs.

Read the extended summary of this episode for more details!


"I need to fatten you up." Mama Lorraine, to Mac

"Who de arson squad want to blow up?" Mama, after hearing who Mac is making a bomb for

Mama: What kind of name is Prometheus anyway?
MacGyver: Well, he was a character from Greek mythology who stole fire from the gods.
Mama: Don't he know? You're gonna get your face stomped, if you go stealin' from the gods.
MacGyver: The theory is, he thinks he's purifying the world.

Rachel: You're a dinosaur, Earl.
Rosewell (arrives): Am I interrupting?
Earl: Yeah, you are - but don't think I'm not grateful.

"Did the Rube Goldberg contraption tell you what kind of combustibles he's using?" Rachel, about Mac's sample bomb

Earl: What if this thing gets down to about ten seconds and you're still messin' with it?
MacGyver: Run.

"That's not a nice thing to do to a man with a stomach like mine." Earl, on Mac stopping the bomb with only 3 seconds left on the timer.

"She's next in line for Earl's job. She's our new boss." Rosewell, about Rachel

MacGyver: It could be an antenna. Prometheus seems to be into remotes now.

"I do not want to be responsible for your life. Or your mistakes." Rachel, dismissing Mac

Rachel: You should have waited for the bomb squad! And you would have, if I'd been in charge.

Betty: Earl never brought his work home. All I got were bits and pieces.
MacGyver: I'll take "bits and pieces."

Rachel: He said you wormed your way into one of his apartments on the pretext of being on fire department business.
MacGyver: He *assumed* that.

Rachel: What were you doing at the Stringer house?
MacGyver: What were you?

"Earl tried an unorthodox rescue attempt, and I paid for it." Rachel, showing Mac her burned hands

Rachel: Now, are you going?
MacGyver: Not far.

"I am Prometheus. I am the fire that purifies evil and corruption." Prometheus, prattling on as Mac follows him

"Don't move." Mac, to Rachel, who is tied quite securely to a chair

"MacGyver. You continue to be a thorn in my side." Prometheus

Rachel: He said you were dead.
MacGyver: Close.

Boardman: The clues I gave Ms. Bradley were supposed to lead her to the newspaper building.

Boardman: I'm not Boardman. He died, with Victoria. I am Prometheus. I am the destroyer of evil. I am the purifier.

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