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Second Chance

Original Air Date: October 16, 1989
Episode #088

Jesse Colton meets MacGyver in Bangkok, Thailand, where Mac reports that Wanda Tran, whom Jesse met in Vietnam, has passed away. Mac has some more news: Jesse is the father of Wanda's 15-year-old son, Willie. After Wanda's graveside funeral service, Jesse meets Willie who wants nothing to do with him. To get money for a headstone, Willie approaches Frank Skinner, an American who sells stolen goods. Skinner offers Willie a deal. At a clinic, a dialysis machine provided by the Phoenix Foundation arrives just in time to continue life-saving treatments for a young girl named Suzie. Jesse and Mac visit the U.S. Embassy, where Mac demands visas for the sick children at the clinic - and Willie - to be flown to America. While Mac and Jesse are out, Willie visits the clinic. He sneaks into a storage room and unlocks the back door, where Skinner's crew enters and loads the supplies into their truck. Skinner pays Willie, but when someone starts to take the dialysis machine, Willie tries to stop them, knowing that Suzie needs the treatments to live. Skinner knocks Willie out. Mac and Jesse return. A child tells Mac about strange people behind the building, so Mac goes to investigate. Inside, looking for Willie, Jesse hears voices in the storage room; he bursts in and finds himself facing one of Skinner's men. He chases the guy, who boards the truck as it speeds away. Later, Mac says that someone let the thieves in, and Willie runs. After a tip from Jesse's Army buddy, Mac and Jesse find Skinner watching a boxing match. Unfortunately, the man that Jesse saw at the clinic recognizes him; Skinner and his men flee, but Jesse manages to sneak into their truck. When the truck stops, another thug knocks Jesse out. The next day, Mac locates Willie at a stonecutter's shop. Willie agrees to take Mac to Skinner - to help Suzie, not Jesse. At Skinner's place, Mac gives himself up when a bad guy threatens Willie. They are locked in with Jesse and the stolen medical equipment. As Mac and Jesse work on a plan to free them, Jesse tries to clear the air with Willie. The escape plan works and Skinner and his men are caught. Later, a headstone is placed on Wanda's grave. Jesse awkwardly invites Willie to return to America with him. After some thought, Willie tells the grave goodbye and goes to join Mac and Jesse.


MacGyver: How was the flight?
Jesse: Flyin' coach and eatin' off of my lap for seventeen hours ain't no day at the beach.

Jesse: It's been fifteen years since they pulled my unit out of Nam. I had to leave her behind. I've been searching all these years . . . Why should I suddenly get lucky now?

"So she had a kid. That doesn't necessarily make me Daddy Warbucks." Jesse, to Mac

MacGyver: Did you ever consider giving up bounty huntin' and goin' on the stage?
Jesse: Once, when this dude I was trackin' threw me out a sixth floor window.

Jesse: What about the others? The kids in the street?
MacGyver: Good question.

"He didn't get very much. My mama taught me never to keep a picture of Andrew Jackson in your wallet." Jesse, after Willie picks his pocket

MacGyver: I didn't think you were interested in trackin' Willie down.
Jesse: It's not the kid: it's the credit cards. Know what a hassle it is tryin' to get new ones?

[Mac threatens to tell the press about the delay with the kids' visas.]
Jesse: You never know what a little publicity like that'll do.
Roger: It'd get me called up before a Congressional committee, that's what it would do.
MacGyver: Oh. Darn.

"He must be my kid alright. He's got a lot of dumb pride!" Jesse, about Willie

Jesse: Why won't you let me help you?
Willie: Because I hate you. You show me this money. You think it's going to make you my father?

Willie: Where were you all those years she worked day and night just to put food on the table?
Jesse: I loved your mother. Many years ago, when they pulled me out of Saigon, I told your mother that I was going to come back for her. When I did, she was gone. To Cambodia. Thailand. There were all kinds of rumors - but I never stopped looking for her.

"You're the man! You can do it!" Jesse, encouraging Mac to fix the old dialysis machine

Jesse: Got it fixed, Slick?
MacGyver: No, I don't have it fixed! There are some things in this world that can't be fixed, and this happens to be one of them!

"You think if you lie, I'll feel better?" Suzie, after Mac says that she's not going to die

MacGyver: What do you think?
Jesse: He's a business man.
MacGyver: Let's do some business.

Jesse: The nest of the eagle is empty, man.
Skinner: What?
Jesse: What you mean "what"?
[Jesse turns to Mac.]
Jesse: What does he mean, "what"?
[Jesse turns back to Skinner.]
Jesse: The nest of the eagle is empty.
Skinner: Look, Pal, I have a lot of bread on this fight. Now get away from me, or I'll punch your heart out.
MacGyver: He doesn't know the password.
Jesse: This ain't Frank Skinner, man.

Jesse: We were told we had to do this password bit in order to do business with you.
MacGyver: Do you feel as bad as you look?
Jesse: Oh, man, I've had better days.

"Talk is cheap, and you got lots of it." Willie, after Jesse asks him to listen

Willie: I've heard too many promises already in my life.
Jesse: You're not the only one who's an outcast in his own country.

"Hey, I don't blame you for being angry, but you've got to learn to overcome it." Jesse, giving Willie some sound advice

MacGyver: Come on, Jesse. You've gotta at least ask him.
Jesse: Man. Bounty huntin' is nothing compared to this..

Halloween Knights

Original Air Date: October 30, 1989
Episode #089

Returning home on Halloween, MacGyver discovers that all of his belongings have been removed from his houseboat. Suspecting his friend Jack Dalton, he visits Jack's business, Dalton Air. Mac finds his possessions at the hangar - next to a pool of blood. A hearse speeds past Mac and exits the building. Mac locates the car at a cemetery, parked next to a crypt. Jack's hat is at the crypt door, so Mac cautiously steps inside. He opens a coffin, but it contains only a jack-o-lantern. Suddenly, a trap door opens and Mac drops into a cage inside a furnished chamber. Murdoc enters the room. He says that he has retired from the assassin business, but HIT, his former employer, responded by placing a contract out on Murdoc. Nicholas Helman, chairman of the board at HIT, has kidnapped Murdoc's sister, Ashton, and she will die if Murdoc doesn't turn himself in to HIT by midnight. Murdoc asks for Mac's help in freeing Ashton. Mac declines, saying that he can't trust Murdoc. Unlocking the door, Murdoc says that Mac can go, but he'll have to live with the death of an innocent girl. Pausing for a moment, Mac decides that he will help, but only if Murdoc provides evidence that will shut down HIT and turn himself in. Murdoc agrees. They sneak into the costume party at Nicholas' exclusive club. Mac finds a secret door in the billiards room, but a scan of Nicholas' thumbprint is required to open the lock. To get the print, Mac sneaks into the board meeting posing as one of the members. After a slight delay thanks to almost being caught, Murdoc shuts off the lights; Mac grabs Nicholas' glass. Mac is able to lift the print with some wax, and the secret door opens. Looking for Ashton, they find themselves in a deadly obstacle course that Nicholas calls Death Row. They make it through the first two stages of the course and reach a small corridor that separates them from Ashton. When they step inside, a gate slides across, sealing the exit. Mac and Murdoc cling to the gate as the floor opens revealing a pit filled with snakes. Mac gets the kerosene tank from a torch near the gate. Dousing his pants legs, Mac steps into the pit, where the snakes are repelled by the kerosene. Murdoc, petrified of snakes, refuses to follow, so Mac carries him across on his shoulders. They reach Ashton and free her from her bonds seconds before the chair she was in is electrified. From the control room, Nicholas closes the snake pit and turns off the weapons; he then enters the course with a gun. From across the room, he fires and shoots Murdoc in the shoulder. Pulling out a grenade, Murdoc orders Mac to get Ashton out. As Nicholas enters the corridor, his associate Sonia opens the snake pit; Nicholas falls in. Murdoc tosses the grenade into the pit, and the blast causes the building to collapse. Later, Mac watches as Ashton boards a Phoenix Foundation plane to be returned home. Back at his truck, Mac finds a disk containing information about HIT. There is also a recorded message from Murdoc, saying that Mac will see him again.


Milt: Do you know anything about electric winches?
MacGyver: Enough to know that beatin' it won't do much good.
Milt: Yeah, well, I tried threatenin' it.

Milt: I could sure use a neighbor who knows how to fix things. Too bad you're movin'.
MacGyver: Who says I'm moving?
Milt: Well, the guy with the moving van.

Milt: You didn't know about this?
MacGyver: No!
Milt: At least he was neat.
[Milt laughs. Mac turns to give him a look. Milt stops smiling.]
Milt: Oh, but neat don't count, huh.

"This mover, he didn't happen to have a big bushy mustache, dressed up like a pilot, maybe?" Mac, suspecting Jack Dalton

"Trick or treat." Murdoc, to Mac

MacGyver: Where's Dalton?
Murdoc: He's off chasing the proverbial wild goose.

Murdoc: In those days, they had the most terrible fear of being buried alive. I guess this chap just wanted to make himself as comfortable as possible in case he inconveniently came back to life.

MacGyver: If this is another one of your games, let's get on with it.
Murdoc: It's not a game, MacGyver. It's a matter of life and death.

Murdoc: Of all my past adversaries, MacGyver, you've always been the most creative. That's why you're here. You're the only one that I can turn to. I need your help.
MacGyver: You're not serious?

MacGyver: I'm not real big on doin' favors for professional killers.

Murdoc: I could've killed you there, MacGyver, but I didn't. Do you know why? Because I've retired. My last few run-ins with you have convinced me that it was time.

Murdoc: I have a new face to match my new life. Unfortunately, HIT doesn't look too kindly on their ex-employees quitting without their approval.
MacGyver: HIT?

Murdoc: Homicide International Trust. My ex-employers. They hire a bunch of professional killers from around the world; they're sort of like a multinational Murder Incorporated. I refused their last contract. So, they put a hit out on me.
MacGyver: Well, sounds like poetic justice to me.
Murdoc: They've kidnapped someone very close to me.
MacGyver: Someone is close to you?
Murdoc: My sister. Ashton.

MacGyver: I've seen your file. It says, "No living relatives."
Murdoc: I've gone to great pains to conceal the truth about my sister, even from her. After our parents died, I supported her in secret . . . She didn't even know that I existed, and she certainly didn't know what I did for a living. She was my innocence. I thought I could protect her forever.

"This man would do anything to see me dead. Even if it means destroying the only decent thing in my life just to get at me." Murdoc, about Nicholas

Murdoc: I cannot rescue Ashton alone. MacGyver, you're the only one in the world who can help.
MacGyver: No way, Murdoc. I could never trust you to do anything straight.

Murdoc: Help me, or feel free to go.
[Murdoc unlocks the door, and Mac starts toward it.]
Murdoc: But if you do go, MacGyver, you're going to have to live with the death of an innocent girl on your conscience.

MacGyver: We get her out my way. No guns, no killing.
Murdoc: Nicholas Helman is a ruthless killer, MacGyver; he taught me everything I know. We cannot go up against him without weapons.
MacGyver: Oh, we've got weapons . . . My way.

Greggs: Hey! That's real ammunition!
Nicholas: This is real life, Mr. Greggs.

MacGyver: I told you to stay put.
Murdoc: I was tired of playing dead.

MacGyver: The lock only opens with Nicholas' thumbprint.
Murdoc: Oh yeah?
[He produces a grenade.]
Murdoc: Maybe this'll open it.
MacGyver: Murdoc, we had a deal.
Murdoc: But y-you said no guns.
MacGyver: Don't split hairs with me.
Murdoc: You got a better idea?
MacGyver: I'll think of something.
Murdoc: Okay. I'm waiting.
MacGyver (after a pause): That thing would bring the whole place down on us, anyway.
Murdoc: Still waiting, MacGyver.

Murdoc: You know, MacGyver, that's why you're so hard to beat. Nobody knows what you're going to do next. Including you.

Ashton: Please! Can you help me?
Guard: Sorry, lady. I just work here.

MacGyver: We wait for him to put the glass down, and then we grab it.
[They watch as Nicholas takes his glass into the meeting.]
MacGyver: Or not.

"Almost as good as me." Murdoc, about Sonia

King: This is useless! It's obvious Murdoc isn't going to show.
Nicholas: He's probably already here.

"The joke's on you, my friend." Nicholas, after Mac is caught posing as a member of the board (in a joker costume)

Murdoc: It's almost midnight, MacGyver!
MacGyver: The meeting ran a little late.

"I'm here now, Nicholas. Let the girl go." Murdoc, wasting his breath

Murdoc: You will pay for this, Nicholas!
Nicholas: I seriously doubt it.

Murdoc: It's a shooting gallery, MacGyver, and we have no guns!
MacGyver: Hand me that apple. And the cabbage.
Murdoc (incredulous): Apple and a cabbage?

Murdoc: I hate snakes, MacGyver.
MacGyver: Well, I'm not too crazy about 'em myself.

Murdoc: So, you- you've tried this before, of course.
MacGyver: Well, this situation doesn't come up a lot.

MacGyver: Don't make any sudden moves.
Murdoc: Yeah, well, tell that to the snakes.

Ashton: It's all been like a bad dream. I still don't understand a lot of it.
MacGyver: Well, we're pretty sure it was a case of mistaken identity.
Ashton: Well, how'd you know they had me?
MacGyver: I think the less you know, the better.
Ashton: Top-secret government stuff?
MacGyver: Something like that.

Ashton: I'm so sorry about your friend. He must've been a very special person.
MacGyver: You could say that.

"Greetings from the grave, MacGyver. As promised, I've given you enough evidence to shut down HIT for good. Oh, and about turning myself in and going to prison . . . you know, I-I may be reformed, but I-I'm not crazy." Murdoc's message to Mac

Murdoc: You'll see me again. Just keep looking over your shoulder.

Children of Light

Original Air Date: November 6, 1989
Episode #090

At night a young Asian woman, unknowingly being watched by two men, arrives at MacGyver's houseboat and knocks at the door. She introduces herself as Sue Ling, whom Mac sponsored as part of a foster child program. He hasn't heard from her in eight years; she says that when she was reunited with her grandmother, she was not allowed to write. Now, having graduated from college in Shanghai, she is starting grad school. She says that her dorm room isn't ready, so Mac invites her to stay with him. Pete Thornton insists on contacting his friend at the college to clear up the dorm situation. Meanwhile at the Chinese Consulate, the men discuss the young woman's connection to the establishment of an underground fax machine network. They plan to follow her and destroy the network. The next day, Sue makes contact with a student named Wing Lee, and they arrange a meeting to discuss the network. Pete arrives at Mac's place and is knocked out by two intruders. Later, Pete explains to Mac that Sue Ling isn't what she seems. The college has no record of her, and her visa is from Hong Kong, not China. The young woman returns and finally confesses that she isn't Sue Ling. Sue was her roommate in college in Beijing, and Sue told her about Mac. After the soldiers' attack on the protest in Tiananmen Square, Mei Jan was declared a criminal by the Chinese government, and her friends sent her away for her safety. She retrieves a videotape that she had hidden, which has footage of unarmed students being murdered by soldiers. Meanwhile, the men from the consulate confront Wing Lee and threaten to harm his mother, who is in Beijing, unless he helps them. The next day, Wing Lee apologizes as men pull Mei Jan into a nearby van. Wing Lee finds MacGyver and explains that Mei Jan is now a prisoner at the consulate. Mac goes to free Mei Jan while Wing Lee and Pete contact the Chinese students via the fax network and ask them to get Lee's mother to safety. Mac is caught sneaking into the consulate. Locked in the basement with Mei Jan, Mac soon frees them. The bad guys chase them to the roof, where Mac rigs a device allowing them to slide down to safety. Later, at the Phoenix Foundation, with Wing Lee's mother in Hong Kong and the men from the consulate recalled to China, Pete says that Wing Lee and Mei Jan are safe.


MacGyver: It's nice to finally meet you in person. You've changed.
Mei Jan (almost sadly): I've grown up.

Mei Jan: Why are you looking at me so strangely?
Wing Lee: Oh, I'm sorry . . . I- I wasn't expecting . . . You are very pretty.
Mei Jan: I did not come to make a date.

MacGyver: Did you happen to get a look at whoever did this?
Pete: No, I'm afraid not. It was pretty much "hello," "goodbye," and lights out. All I can tell you is they were both Chinese and in a big hurry to leave.

MacGyver: Nothing's missing. I don't get it.
Pete: Yeah? Well, I think I can explain in just two words: Sue Ling.

Pete: They've never heard of her.
MacGyver: Well, yeah, but, Pete. Isn't that just kind of a . . . bureaucratic way of saying they lost some paper?

MacGyver: Why would she lie?
Pete: Ah. Good question.

Pete: Any particular reason why you lied to us about where you came from and how you got here?
Mei Jan: I did not lie . . . I . . . My English is not the best. Perhaps you misunderstood me.
MacGyver: Uh, no. You were lying then, and you're stalling now.

MacGyver: Why didn't Sue Ling tell me you were coming?
Mei Jan: Sue Ling is dead.
MacGyver: What?
Mei Jan: Killed by a government soldier during the protest.

Mei Jan: Perhaps you read about the twenty-one student leaders my government has branded as criminals?
Pete: Yeah, we sure have.
MacGyver: You?
Mei Jan: Yes.

[Mac observes that Wing Lee seems nervous.]
MacGyver: Is everything okay?
Wing Lee: If I seem nervous, it is because I don't like taking chances. And by bringing you here, we're taking an unnecessary one.

[The bad guys are waiting for Mac as he sneaks in through a consulate window.]
Peng: Greetings, Mr. MacGyver. Do you think you are playing with children?
MacGyver: Missed one of your cameras, did I?
Zhao: What I do not understand, Mr. MacGyver, is why you bother.
MacGyver (pointedly): I'm sure you don't.

"It's no use, MacGyver. I've looked everywhere. There's no way out." Mei Jan, to Mac who as she speaks is working on a way out

"This might sound ridiculous, but hang on!" Mac, to Mei Jan as they are about to slide off the roof to safety

Black Rhino

Original Air Date: November 13, 1989
Episode #091

At the Phoenix Foundation, Pete Thornton tells MacGyver that Billy Colton hasn't reported to work in a week. The evidence indicates that Billy - wanting to be like his bounty hunter brothers Frank and Jesse - has gone to Kambezi, Africa, in an effort to catch a dangerous poacher named Ladysmith. With Frank and Jesse unable to be reached, MacGyver agrees to go after Billy. In Kambezi, MacGyver arrives at the Nabo Ranch, an animal preserve, where the locals a burying a ranger who was killed by poachers. As Mac waits to speak to Kate Hubley, the woman in charge, he meets General Mabuto, of the Kambezi Defense Force, who says that his soldiers assist the rangers in a losing battle against the poachers. Elsewhere, Billy is helping load the stolen stockpile of rhino horns onto a boat. Seeing Ladysmith arrive, Billy sneaks over to listen to a meeting with the supplier - Mabuto! They discuss the product, which is disguised in sugar packets, and Ladysmith explains that he'll soon meet with Chan, the buyer. At Nabo, Kate tells Mac that none of the rangers have seen Billy. Kate receives a call about the capture of a poacher, and Mac rides with her. A ranger shows them a freshly-cut rhino horn. They find the wounded animal nearby. With no choice, Kate cries as she shoots the animal, putting it out of its misery. Returning to the main house, Mac is sickened at what he witnessed. Kate explains that rhino horns are worth a fortune. Mac realizes that Billy must have discovered another connection to Ladysmith; since the caught poacher mentioned a "sugar house," Kate suggests that they visit a local sugar refinery. Meanwhile, Billy is caught snooping. He tries to talk his way out of it by saying that Ladysmith sent him, but Mabuto tells his men to hang Billy to send a message to Ladysmith. On the way to the refinery, Kate tells Mac that she was going to burn the horns in the hopes of bringing attention to the plight of the rhino. As a precaution, Kate and Mac sneak into the refinery. They are unable to retrieve the stolen horns, which are on a boat headed upriver, but they manage to save Billy. When Billy reveals that Ladysmith is meeting his buyer at a nearby resort, Mac forms a plan. Billy knocks out Chan, and Mac and Kate pose as Chan's associates. Reluctantly, Ladysmith agrees to show Kate the horns, but he'll kill her if Mac doesn't bring the money, as promised. Billy and Mac arrive at the meet site, a bridge, first. Ladysmith arrives with Kate, and Mac and Billy move in. Billy and Kate stop Mabuto and his man, while Mac attacks Ladysmith. During their fight, they fall off the bridge. Mac grabs onto a beam, but Ladysmith loses his grip. He dies on the horns, which are on the boat parked under the bridge. Later, the horns are burned as Kate appeals to the countries' leaders to enforce the worldwide ban on the import of rhinoceros horns.


Pete: He personally is responsible for pushing several African species right to the brink of extinction.
MacGyver: So, the guy's a slimeball. What's that got to do with Billy?

MacGyver: You think Billy made some connection between this Ladysmith and the stolen horns?

Pete: I think he skipped out on a good, steady job - again - for a crack at a fifty thousand dollar reward and the chance to make the big score that his brothers couldn't.

Mabuto (about Kate): It is not every white heiress that would come to a black country and create a sanctuary like Nabo Ranch for endangered animals.

Mabuto: Are you here to help Kate with the problem, Mr. MacGyver?
MacGyver: Oh, well, I'd like to, but I'm here on a more private matter.

Mabuto: Be careful, Sir. Africa is like a sleeping lion: very beautiful . . . when left alone.

Kate: We've got more poachers loose. You'd better stay here.
MacGyver: I'll come along.
Kate: I can handle it!
MacGyver: Didn't say you couldn't. Just offering help.

MacGyver: That is the sickest, cruelest, most inhumane thing I've ever seen in my life. And for what? A few hundred dollars?
Kate: That's a year's wage for most Africans . . . I want to hate the poachers, but I can't. It's the traders, the ones who control the market, who must be stopped. They get over fifteen thousand dollars a kilo for those horns. That- That's more than the price of gold.

[Kate starts to go with Mac to the refinery.]
MacGyver: Uh, I can find it.
Kate: I didn't say you couldn't. Just . . . offering my help.

Kate: There were over two thousand horns in that stockpile, that came from all over Africa. Some confiscated, others removed from rhinos as part of a de-horning program to save them from poachers.

MacGyver: The article said you were planning on burning them?
Kate: Yes, as a symbol, in front of the world press.

MacGyver: Won't burning those horns increase the demand?
Kate: There are less than three thousand five hundred black rhinos left on the planet . . . After the supply is gone, the demand is irrelevant.

Billy: MacGyver! Am I glad to see you! What are you doin' here?
MacGyver: No, Billy! I'll ask the questions. What are YOU doing here?!

MacGyver: Frank and Jesse are experienced, professional bounty hunters. Do you know what that means? That means you take things one step at a time, you think 'em through, and you ask for help when it's obvious you need it!
Billy: Okay! Alright! I'm a loser!
MacGyver: That's not what I said!
Billy: Yeah, but you think it! Just like Jesse and Frank.

MacGyver: That is a very smart piece of detective work.
Billy: Yeah, I thought so, too. I guess that's why I figured I could bag Ladysmith all by my lonely.

Kate: That means they're dealing to two different markets. The granulated horn is sold in Asia. The whole horn ends up in North Yemen.
Billy: Yeah, I heard the Chinese use it in medicines. But what would they do with the whole horns in Yemen?
MacGyver: They make dagger handles out of it as a symbol of virility. Nice, huh.

Kate: You're thinking of following the buyer?
MacGyver: No. I was thinking of taking his place.
Billy (with a laugh): MacGyver, you're startin' to sound like I've been acting.

"The buyer's name is Chan. As in, Chinese?" Billy, pointing out a large flaw in Mac's plan

Kate: You take the old highway to the dam. You can find it on the map. You'll get there ahead of us.
MacGyver: Yeah. Then what?
Kate: Then . . . think of something! You're awfully good at that, I've noticed.
[She leaves as Billy arrives.]
Billy: Mission accomplished. What's next?
MacGyver (not sounding confident): I'll think of something...

[Mac and Billy watch Kate burn the horns.]
Billy: You think it'll work, MacGyver?
MacGyver: I hope so, Billy. I sure hope so.

"In 1989, there are less than four thousand black rhinos alive in the wild. Unless something is done, the current rate of killing will make them extinct by the year 2000." Richard Dean Anderson, stepping out of character (For more info about rhinos, click here.)

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