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Hearts of Steel (a.k.a. Kidnapped)

Original Air Date: April 9, 1990
Episode #102

Eric Woodman, a wealthy corporate raider, receives his daughter Lisa's jacket with a note saying that she's been kidnapped. Having been warned not to call the police, Eric calls MacGyver. Lisa helped clear Mac of assassination charges in Switzerland during a previous adventure. Mac arrives and insists that Eric call the police. As Lt. Rhome and Mac prep for the kidnappers' call, Lisa arrives. Her friend Ingrid, who had been wearing Lisa's jacket, was the one who was taken; Lisa was left locked in a maintenance room. Realizing that the kidnappers may not know they have the wrong girl, Lt. Rhome advises Eric to play along when they call. The caller tells where to leave the money, then hangs up before the call can be traced. Lisa asks her dad if he'll pay to get Ingrid back, but Eric says that it's now out of his hands. Elsewhere, Mike Travers, the man who called Eric, joins his two associates, but he recognizes that Ingrid is not Lisa. Travers forms a new plan. As the police and Mac watch, Eric arrives at the drop site. A note directs them to Ingrid. She relays a message from the kidnappers, and Mac realizes that they have gone after Lisa. Mac and the others race back to the Woodman house to find Lisa gone. The kidnappers soon call and demand five million dollars. Scared for Lisa's safety, Eric sends the police away and works to gather the money. Mac continues to investigate, and clues lead him to the Breland Steel Mill, which Eric shut down. Mac finds the kidnappers with Lisa, but before he can free her, Eric arrives. Mac stops the two henchmen, but Travers pulls a gun. He wants revenge because Eric shut down the company that he started; he says that the money will help those from the mill who lost their jobs. Eric offers to reopen the mill. Although skeptical about accepting Eric's word, Travers agrees and hands MacGyver the gun. Later, with a little prodding from Lisa, Eric honors his promise.


"Aren't you a little old to be playing ice hockey?" Wilt Bozer, to Mac

"Charlie, what do I care how many blue collars I put out of work? This is business." Eric Woodman, on the phone

Eric: After the way you handled yourself in Switzerland with Lisa, I knew I could trust you to help. I'll pay you, of course. Whatever it takes. Name your price.
MacGyver: Eric, this isn't about money. It's about Lisa's life.

Eric: What are the girl's chances?
Lt. Rhome: Well, right now that's up to the kidnappers.

"He's not such a bad guy. We all get our priorities messed up once in a while." Mac, to Lisa about her father

Lisa: He doesn't care what happens to Ingrid.
MacGyver: No? Then why is he risking his neck, going to that park at midnight to get her back?

Lisa: I just have a bad feeling this isn't going to work out.
MacGyver: Do you remember when we escaped from that boat house in Switzerland? That wasn't supposed to work out either. But it did.

Ingrid (to Eric): They said to tell you that . . . they have the leverage?
Lt. Rhome: The what?
Eric: It's a market term. It means they're in control.

"You never did play by the rules." Travers, on the phone with Eric

Lisa: What happened?
Travers: Your father is what happened.

Lisa: I'll ask my dad to give all those jobs back, I promise.
Travers: A Woodman promise isn't worth the powder it'd take to blow 'em to hell.

Eric: I'm always making deals.
MacGyver: Do those deals sometimes produce . . . enemies?
Eric: MacGyver, I'm in a cutthroat business. That comes with the territory.
MacGyver: Well, does that territory include steel mills?

MacGyver: It's not worth it. It's not going to change anything.
Travers: I say it is!
MacGyver: Then you're going to have to kill all of us - and I don't think you're that kind of man.

Travers: Is that another one of those great Woodman promises?
MacGyver: You're going to have to trust him, just like we have to trust you.

"You lied to him! Just like you lied to him before! Daddy, can't you see what that does? You can't just say anything you want to make things go your way." Lisa, with some good advice

Rush to Judgement

Original Air Date: April 16, 1990
Episode #103

MacGyver serves as a juror at a controversial trial in which a black ex-con, Curtis Danby, is accused of killing the wife of wealthy white Wyatt Robbins during a botched robbery. Due to the extensive television coverage of the trial, Mac and the other jurors are sequestered in a hotel. Wanting more information, Mac sneaks out to look at the scene of the crime; however, his investigation uncovers a witness. Mac asks Pete to clue the police in, and soon the defense calls the witness to the stand. The new evidence proves Danby's innocence, but Mac must confess that he broke sequester. He is taken into custody for contempt of court. Meanwhile, new information about the case surfaces: a clerk recognizes Wyatt from his hotel visits - with Sandra Masters, his wife's so-called best friend. Ms. Masters owns a department store, and the gun used in the shooting was taken from there. Pressured to take action, the District Attorney plans to bring charges against Wyatt Robbins. Having made bail, Mac finds Wyatt, who asserts his innocence. Wyatt says he only identified Danby as the killer because the police and the DA seemed so sure. Mac suggests that Sandra is behind the murder, and Wyatt realizes that although he had ended things with Sandra, she had acted as if his wife's death was the perfect way for them to be together. Mac and Wyatt visit Sandra's store and spot an employee who matches the witness's description of the attacker. The suspect starts to flee, then Sandra confronts Mac and Wyatt with a gun. Fortunately, Mac and Wyatt are able to stop them both. Later, a reporter questions Mac about the blame for the false accusations and arrests, and Mac replies that those - like the reporter - who make snap judgments without getting all the facts are to blame.


Camerman: Nice job.
Baron: "Nice"? Nice doesn't get ratings.

"Is there a chance your memory improved when you saw my client's picture in the TV news?" Monroe, questioning Robbins at the trial

Juror: Waste of time. It'd only drive another nail in Danby's coffin.
MacGyver: Or not.

Bird Lady: Arlo gave me all the details.
MacGyver: Arlo?
Bird Lady: He's a real snoop.

MacGyver: So, what happened?
Bird Lady: He saw a man running like the devil knew his name.

"I tried to tell them what Arlo saw, but they didn't want to bother to hear what he had to say . . . Can you believe that?" the Bird Lady, when Mac asks if the police talked to her

"I just wanted to see the area for myself: I didn't know I was going to find anything." Mac, defending himself to Pete

Pete: MacGyver, you can't do this sort of thing! Jurors are put under sequester for a reason. It's against the rules.
MacGyver: Pete, the spirit of the law is to find the truth. The system and all those rules are working against that.
Pete: Well, what makes you so sure that Danby's not guilty?
MacGyver: I'm not - but I don't think Robbins could've identified him.

Pete: Do you think he was lying?
MacGyver: Or confused.

Judge: And what's that you have on your lap?
Bird Lady: My friend Arlo. He's the one you want to talk to.

[In a holding room, Mac and Danby watch Baron report about the case.]
Danby: If they got no case against me like this guy says, how come I'm still in here?
MacGyver: Guess the DA's office needed time to review the case.
Danby: They sure didn't waste no time laying charges against me.

Baron: There you have it. A motive for murder? That's for you to decide. But when I went to school, two and two added up to four.

Danby: Whichever way it goes, thanks for doing what you did.
MacGyver: Don't thank me, Curtis. I was just looking for the truth. Could still lead back to you.
Danby: If anybody ever does get to the truth, MacGyver, it won't lead to me.

"We fell in love. Is that a crime?" Sandra, to Wyatt

"I cannot condone what you did, but, um, off the record, I am grateful for the results." The judge, to Mac

MacGyver: What is it with you people? Why are you so afraid of going after the truth?
Bigelow: Oh, we do, Mr. MacGyver. We just don't do it your way. We have a legal system with rules that people have to obey.
MacGyver: What about Danby? Don't you think he has a right to be judged based on the facts, instead of what shows up on the evening news?

MacGyver: Admit it. You let public opinion force you into bringing Danby up on murder charges, and now you're about to do the same thing to Robbins.

Robbins: I'm no killer, MacGyver.
MacGyver: I believe you.
Robbins: Yeah, you and no one else.

Baron: How does it feel to be a hero?
MacGyver: Eh, I wouldn't know.

Baron: Tell me, MacGyver, is she responsible for the gross miscarriage of justice that occurred here today, or does the DA deserve to share some of the blame?

MacGyver: Actually, I think you're to blame.
Baron: I beg your pardon?
MacGyver: People like you who rush to judgment or make snap accusations before you get all the facts. Who gets hurt doesn't seem to matter to you people as long as you get a few more rating points.
Baron: Sounds like you're against a free and democratic press.
MacGyver: No, Sir. Just people who abuse it. Like you, Mr. Baron.

Baron: All I can say is I'm glad the rest of America doesn't think like you.
MacGyver (optimistically): You never know.

Passages (a.k.a. Coma)

Original Air Date: April 30, 1990
Episode #104

When MacGyver's grandfather, Harry, has a heart attack, Mac anxiously waits to fly home to Minnesota to be with him. In the mean time, Mac and Pete visit a museum to turn a valuable Egyptian artifact over to Hakim, a representative from the Egyptian consulate. Mac observes that Hakim is wearing a symbol that is displayed on the artifact. Hakim explains that the sun boat represents the ancient belief that Osiris guided souls through the afterlife to meet Anubis, the judge of the Netherworld. Mac goes to check on Harry, but he's interrupted by someone trying to steal the sun boat. Mac chases the thief into the parking garage. They fight, and the man sends Mac over the railing; he falls several stories and crashes into a car. As Pete accompanies the badly-injured Mac in the ambulance, Tarik, the thief, reports to his boss: Hakim! Hakim plans to sell the sun boat for a fortune, and he says that Mac must die before he can identify Tarik. They arrive at the hospital, and Hakim introduces Tarik to Pete as his security aid. The doctor reports that Mac is in a coma. Mac opens his eyes when he hears Harry talking to him. Harry turns to leave and Mac jumps up to follow, but looking back, he sees himself still lying in the hospital in a coma. He follows Harry down a tunnel into a light and finds himself on a dock near a large cruise ship. Seeing Harry board, Mac tries to follow, but he's told that he's not on the passenger list. One of the ship's crew introduces himself as Anubis, and he tells the clerk to try Mac's name again. Back at the hospital, Tarik injects something into Mac's IV, and soon Mac's heart stops. The staff rushes in and tries to revive him. Permitted on board the ship, Mac finds Harry, but Harry says that Mac shouldn't be there because it's not his time. Having learned that his parents are on board, Mac insists on finding them. Back at the hospital, Pete tells Hakim that the police suspect that the theft was an inside job. Hakim plays along, but he soon tells his men that after Mac is dead, they'll kill Pete and frame him as the thief. On the ship, Harry and Mac find Mac's parents. They reminisce. Mac is content to stay with them, but Harry clues him in to Hakim's plans for Pete. Mac tries to leave the ship, but Anubis has him and Harry locked up. They escape, and Mac urges Harry to leave the boat with him. Harry declines, saying that it's his time. Back in the hospital, the doctors continue to try to revive Mac. Finally, he comes to, and he manages to convey to Pete that Hakim was behind the theft. Pulling a gun on Hakim and his men, Pete tells a nurse to call the police. Later, Pete tells Mac that Hakim will be deported to face charges in his own country.


[Harry baits a fishhook with a gum wrapper.]
Boy: Is that a fishing lure?
Harry: Yeah. I call it the Harry Jackson Dazzler.

Boy: He's your grandson? Boy, he's old!
[Harry looks.]
Boy: Uh, I mean, you don't look that old.
Harry: Well, I'll let you in on a little secret: I don't feel that old either.

"His worst fear is dying alone somewhere." Mac, about Harry

"It stands for Ka. It is said to protect a man's spirit in this world and the next." Hakim, about the medallion he's wearing

"Come on, MacGyver. You never quit on me before. Don't do it now." Pete, to Mac at the hospital

MacGyver: Harry? Is that you?
Harry: Last time I looked.

MacGyver: What are you doing here?
Harry: I'm lookin' at this fine mess you got yourself into. Gotta learn to be more careful, Bud.

MacGyver: How do you know who I am?
Anubis: It's part of my job.

MacGyver: Where's here?
Anubis: Why, the other side, of course.
MacGyver: Other side of what?
Anubis: The other side of life. This is the netherworld, MacGyver.
MacGyver: You mean, I'm . . .
Anubis: Dead?

MacGyver: So I'm . . . I'm really dead.
Anubis: Have a pleasant journey, MacGyver.

Harry: I've seen some boneheaded movies in my time, but you comin' on board this ship, that takes the blue ribbon.
MacGyver: Well, I didn't have much choice. I'm dead, just like you.
Harry: Nonsense. You can't be dead.
MacGyver: Well, I fell three stories to the top of a car; I think it's pretty likely.

"The fall didn't finish you off, Bud. You could still fight." Harry, with a bit of tough love

MacGyver: I never got a chance to tell either one of 'em how much I really loved them.
Harry: They know, Bud.

Harry: You always were stubborn. Just like your grandma.
MacGyver: Yeah, well, she used to say I got that from you.

James MacGyver: You always were full of surprise, Son. We didn't expect to see you for a while.

"Two parents couldn't be more proud." Mac's mom, letting him know that they've been watching

Ellen: Leave him alone, Dad. He's been through enough.
Harry: He's got a right to know the consequences of his decision.

MacGyver: Hakim's going to kill Pete: we've got to stop him.
Harry: The only one that can stop him is dead.

MacGyver: What's my being dead have to do with Hakim killing Pete?
Harry: When you're alive, everything you do has an effect on others. You make ripples, kinda like tossing a stone in a pond. Same when you die.

[Mac tries to leave the ship.]
MacGyver: You don't understand. I'm not dead.

Anubis: Classic case of denial.
Clerk: There's always one on every trip.

Harry: I knew it was a mistake letting you stay on this boat.
MacGyver: Wasn't your decision. It was mine.

MacGyver: I'm sorry.
Harry: Sorry?
MacGyver: For not bein' around to spend more time with you.
Harry: Well . . . people have gotta live their lives. You don't like bein' crowded any more than I do.
MacGyver: No, but I feel bad about all the weekends and the holidays I missed.

Harry: Love's not . . . some bill to be paid on holidays and weekends, Bud. You want to let somebody know you care, you can do it when they're not around. You know, like . . . livin' up to the example they set.

"We do have a talent for gettin' boxed in." Harry, to Mac

MacGyver: Harry, you're a genius.
Harry: I am?
[Mac sets to work.]
Harry: I'm gettin' a little slow, Bud. What's this idea of mine?

MacGyver: You said the best way to beat a problem was to make it work for you.

Harry: You are a wonder, Bud.
MacGyver: Just something my grandpa taught me..

Harry: I don't remember teachin' you anything this crazy, Bud.
MacGyver: All it can do is kill us.

"Goodbye, Grandpa." Mac, accepting that it's Harry's time

"Your friend is quite a fighter, Mr. Thornton." the doctor, as they attempt to revive Mac

"It's okay, Pete. I think Harry understands." Mac, after Pete regrets that Mac didn't make it to Harry's funeral

MacGyver: You know something? Death's not so scary. I don't think it's the end of anything . . . It's more like just another step along the way.
Pete: That's a nice thought.
MacGyver: Yeah. Just something my grandpa taught me.

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