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Mask of the Wolf

Original Air Date: March 28, 1988
Episode #061

Jack Dalton returns to his temporary residence - a boarding house - and finds that his friend and fellow tenant Two Eagles has been mugged. Remembering a ceremony from his childhood, Two Eagles asks Jack to take him to the Kaqwani reservation to that he can find the mask of the Illacom and speak with the great wolf spirit. Jack agrees and asks MacGyver to drive them. They visit a Native American center for more information, but two men overhear them talk about finding the mask of Illacom. Anxious to acquire the artifact and sell it, the men follow Mac and Jack back to the boarding house. When Mac leaves to pick up gear for the trip, the men, Perry and Grant, sneak into the boarding house and confront Jack and Two Eagles. Since Perry, a Kaqwani, can't read the symbols that show the mask's location, Grant forces Two Eagles to come with them. Jack recalls the first part of the directions, and he and Mac spot the bad guys' truck on the side of the road. Following the snowmobile tracks and clues from Two Eagles, Mac and Jack come across a store; they explain the situation to the shopkeeper, Anna Lightfoot, and she loans them her dog sled. Perry, Grant, and Two Eagles find a cave and enter. Two Eagles accesses the hidden entrance to an inner chamber where the mask is stored. When Grant and Perry remove the mask from its stand, a pin starts to fall and the cave shakes; Grant wedges his knife into the pin and accuses Two Eagles of trying to let the booby-trap get them. They tie Two Eagles up and leave the cave with the mask. Perry starts to feel guilty, but Grant insists that he'll be okay once they get their money. Mac and Jack watch them go and hurry into the cave to find Two Eagles. Jack pulls Grant's knife from the pin, activating the trap and sealing the exit. Meanwhile, Perry's snowmobile runs out of gas, so they go to Anna's shop for more. Seeing Two Eagles' necklace, Grant pulls a gun on Anna as he realizes that someone is following them. Mac is able to free the others from the cave. When they pass the snowmobile, they deduce that the bad guys will head for Anna's shop. At the shop, the dog sled emerges from the woods, and Anna pleads for Perry to stop Grant. Perry tackles Grant, who shoots him. Grant turns and fires at the sled, but the figure on board is a decoy. Mac and Jack jump down from the roof and knock Grant out. Inside, Mac says that Perry will be okay, and Two Eagles appears with the mask of the wolf.


MacGyver: Some people spend their lives trying to move up in the world. My friend Jack Dalton was at the top of that list. A dreamer who wakes up every morning with a new idea that'll rocket him to the top of the economic ladder. The trouble is, because he was always in such a hurry to get there, he'd take the kind of shortcuts that would drop him a rung lower.

MacGyver: Jack, you've gotta get out of this neighborhood.
Jack: You go on home before they steal your tires.

"What is it? You don't like eggs with chocolate sauce?" Jack, cooking for Two Eagles

Two Eagles: My time has passed. My people are scattered, lost. No one knows about the old ways anymore. The ways of the wolf spirit.
Jack: So, you're a little down in the dumps ...

Two Eagles: The mask of the Illacom.
Jack: What?
Two Eagles: You would say "wolf."
Jack: I would? "Wolf"?

Two Eagles: It's time for me to speak with the great wolf spirit one last time.

"Isn't that going to mess up your shirts later?" Jack, to Mac who is using his iron to wax his skis

Jack: Where's your sense of adventure? What happened to that will of the wisp guy I've come to know and love?
MacGyver: He's going skiing at a resort where the greatest danger is an overpopulated hot tub.

MacGyver: What's in it for you?
Jack: Not a thing. Strictly a mission of mercy.
[Mac studies Jack closely for a moment.]
Jack: Of course, I did happen to place a couple of phone calls. Do you have any idea what National Geographic might pay for a photograph of this mask-of-Illacom thing?

Grant: Did you hear that?
Perry: The mask of Illacom. That thing's nothing more than old man talk.
Grant: That's what they said about King Tut's tomb, until they found it.

Grant: Well? You're supposed to be Kaqwani; what does it say?
Perry: It's the old pictograph language. I can't read it.
Grant: He can. Come on. Bring him along.

MacGyver: Do you want to call the police?
Jack: Forget it. I already did.
MacGyver: And?
Jack: Well, I started talking about Two Eagles and a wolf mask; they treated me like a nutcase.

Two Eagles: You would sell out your own people?
Perry: What have they done for me lately? I look out for number one.

Grant: We can make this a very unpleasant trip for you, Chief.
Two Eagles: I'm too old to be afraid.
Grant: Yeah, but you're not too old to be history.

Perry: My father was a fool, like you. He followed the trap lines until he died in his tracks out here. That's not going to happen to me. I work for Grant. I drive a Camaro.
Two Eagles: Bad trade for your soul.

Perry: How come you're so cooperative all of a sudden?
Two Eagles: We are in Illacom's world now. He will decide my fate - and yours.

"Don't worry about it if you fall off! The dogs know the way home!" Anna, calling after Mac and Jack on the dog sled

[There's a loud howling sound, and Grant shoots into the tunnel ahead of them.]
Grant: Must have been the wind.
Two Eagles (patronizingly): Must have been.

"It is here that the ways of your people were born. Do not shame them." Two Eagles, to Perry as they enter the chamber where the mask is stored

Jack: What's buggin' you?
MacGyver: Oh, I don't know. Ever since Anna said they tried to avoid her place, I've had this feeling.
Jack: Yeah? What about?
MacGyver: Well, if they didn't want to be seen with Two Eagles, chances are they're not planning on bringing him back.

Perry: It's not just the old man. The spirit of the wolf is part of my people.
Grant: Aw, since when? Perry, you and I have been stealing beads and trinkets out of the graves of your people for three years.

Jack: Hey, we're not dead yet! MacGyver's going to get us out of here, aren't you, MacGyver.
MacGyver (inspecting the barricade): Haven't got a clue.
Jack: Mac, that's not like you.
MacGyver: This door is over a foot thick!

Rock the Cradle

Original Air Date: April 18, 1988
Episode #062

MacGyver's friend Jack Dalton has purchased a run-down airplane in pursuit his dream of starting his own airline. After the plane nearly crashes, Mac vows not to fly with Jack anymore, but he agrees to help fix the plane. They return to the hangar to start to work, but they find a crying baby instead. A note inside from "Katie" calls the boy Jack, Jr. Jack recalls that Katie is a waitress he met at the Officers' Club, but he insists that the child isn't his. Searching the baby's carrier for diapers reveals huge stacks of money, and Mac realizes that Katie is in trouble. At Mac's houseboat, metal printing plates fall out of the baby's blanket; the money is counterfeit. The next day, Mac and Jack leave Jack, Jr. with Pete Thornton at the Phoenix Foundation and go to the Officers' Club to look for Katie. Another waitress denies knowing anything and nervously notes that her bosses are watching her. Back at the hangar, Pete reports that the body of Katie's boyfriend was found in the trunk of his car. Pete leaves, but soon the men from the club arrive with guns; they want the baby so that Katie will come to them. Mac and Jack manage to chase the baddies away. Reasoning that Katie will not have gone far, the guys fly a message for her in the plane; Katie sees the message in a news report and calls. At Mac's houseboat, Pete reveals that more evidence links the counterfeiters to the Officers' Club, and he and Mac go to join the Federal Agents as they raid the place. During the raid, the bad guys hide with their printing equipment in a chamber behind a mirrored wall; Mac discovers the guys' hiding place; the baddies shoot, but Mac and Pete are able to knock them out. Later, Katie considers a change of scenery, but the guys volunteer their services as uncles.


MacGyver: I had this recurring nightmare: I'm on a game show and the hundred-thousand dollar question is, "What is the opposite of Swiss Air?" And before I can think, I answer, "Dalton Airways." Jack Dalton's dream, my nightmare, and at the moment, we were both living it. He'd picked up this lame duck at a drug enforcement auction in Mexico, at a bargain-basement price, of course. Even drug-dealing desperados draw the line on what they'll fly - but not Jack. Oh, no.

Jack: You've got to look at the bright side of these things, Mac. We're still airborne, we're close to home--
MacGyver: -- and we're fallin' like a rock!

Jack: Where are you goin' with that? We've only got one parachute.
MacGyver: And whose fault is that?!
Jack: Okay, okay . . . but what about me?
MacGyver: Jack, we all know the captain goes down with the ship. I'm just the engineer!

Jack: The airfield's just ahead. I figure you've got about four minutes to come up with an ingenious plan - preferably one that works.

Jack: We made it! We defied gravity! We defied the gods! Yeah!
MacGyver: I don't know why I'm mad at 'cha. I already knew you were nuts. The question is, how touched am I to keep gettin' hooked up with you!

Jack: I know it got a little harem-scarem up there, but you don't ever have to fly with me again if you don't want to.
MacGyver: That's good, Jack. That's perfect! I really don't want to fly with you. EVER!
Jack: Fine.
[A piece of the plane falls off.]
Jack: I do, however, have an opening on my ground crew for a person of your imminent qualifications...

Jack: Opportunity knocks!
MacGyver: I don't want to hear it.

Jack: Look, MacGyver, it's a legit contract! Legit cargo. No drugs or alcohol, no toxins. No chemical cheese. No endangered species for slaughter. Nothing you could possibly object to on moral, ethical, or scientific grounds.
MacGyver: All right, I'll bite. What's the cargo?
Jack: Portable potties for Panama.

Jack: If you don't help me get her airborne, I'll lose the contract. Which means I won't be able to make rent on the hangar. Which means I'm going to have to ask you to let me move in for a while...
[Although he had said he wouldn't help, Mac instantly changes his mind.]
MacGyver: I've got tools and a welder in storage, and I know where we can scrounge for parts.

MacGyver: It's a baby, Jack.
Jack: What's it doing here?
MacGyver: You're asking me? It's your airplane.
Jack: Okay, it's my airplane. But what's that got to do with me?
MacGyver: Am I supposed to believe that whoever abandoned this baby picked your hangar and your airplane by pure chance?

Jack: What do you think a kid like this eats? You know about these things, Mac.
MacGyver: What, do I look like Dr. Spock?

MacGyver: Jack Junior. This is yours, isn't it.
Jack: No. Look, I may have inspired a namesake, but I sure as hell didn't sire one.
MacGyver: Oh, yeah? Then who's Katie?
Jack: Who knows? I mean, do I have to take responsibility for every woman I can't remember who can't forget me? No, I do not.
MacGyver: You're lyin', Jack. Your eye's twitching.
Jack: I don't know any Katie . . . Well, I . . . don't remember her.
MacGyver (not believing him): Jack.
Jack: We met at the Officers' Club; she plied me with Mescal. It lasted about a week. It was well over a year ago - I don't even remember if I had a good time.
MacGyver: Don't try to con your old bachelor friend, Jack.

MacGyver: We've got to change him.
Jack: Can't we just hose him down?

"I like this kid! He's got his own trust fund!" Jack, after finding stacks of money in the baby's basket

[At Mac's place, the baby cries.]
MacGyver: Jack, it's your turn.
Jack: I'm sorry. Captain Dalton's currently in a coma and unavailable.
MacGyver: You've been in a coma all your life. Even when you are awake, you don't do anything right. I send you to the store for a few necessities, and you come back with chips and beer instead of talcum powder and diapers.
Jack: They were sold out. In case you haven't heard, the yuppies are breedin' like guppies in these parts.

Jack: I'm not wild about havin' a baby dumped on us, but at least it was darn decent of her to leave some child support.
MacGyver: What, ninety-five thousand dollars' worth? You said she was a waitress at the Officers' Club. Call me skeptical, but I don't think her tips were quite that good.

Jack: It doesn't look like me, does it?
MacGyver: Him, Jack. Not "it," him. And as a matter of fact, with a little mustache, a forked tongue, a twitching eye . . . there's a strong possibility.

[Pete confirms that the money is counterfeit.]
Pete: Except for the paper, this would fool almost anybody.
Jack: Oh, I think I'm gonna be sick...

"You guys are pathetic, you know that? Where did you learn to diaper a baby, in a fish market?" Pete, to Mac and Jack after seeing Mac's duct-taped diaper

Pete: You building this for the kid or yourself?
MacGyver: Little of both.

Jack: I think this little fellow could be my kid. Well, I mean, he loves to fly, he's got a great belch, and I can tell by the gleam in his eye he's gonna be dynamite with the ladies.

"You're afraid for your baby, so you drop him off with someone you can . . . trust." Mac, saying the last word with hesitation as he tries to reason out where Katie is

[Mac and Jack watch Jack, Jr. sleep.]
MacGyver: You think that's what it takes to be happy?
Jack: It's a beautiful thought . . . Will you marry me?

Katie: He's not your child, Jack. He's Carlo's.
Jack: Oh.
Katie: But . . . I did name him after you because I knew that he would have your kindness, your laugh . . . your love.
Jack (trying to hide his disappointment): Well, right now he needs changing. I think it's . . . Mommy's turn.

Jack: Jack Dalton, the Mad Rover, remember? I can't have any little ankle-biters tyin' me down. Shoot, I can't even keep a goldfish.

"This is a great town to raise a kid in. Clean air. Botanical gardens. Museums . . . Dentists." Jack, to Katie

Pete: This little boy's going to need a family. Some family.
MacGyver: Yeah, like uncles. Lots of uncles. Three. Three uncles.
Jack: Yeah. Somebody to take him fishing. Throw him a football. Fly him to Panama . . .

The Endangered

Original Air Date: May 2, 1988
Episode #063

After narrowly escaping death in an encounter with a bad guy, MacGyver pays a visit to Karen Miller, an old girlfriend now working as a park ranger. She shows him to her home at the ranger station, where he is surprised to learn that she is involved with a man named Sam. The next day, as Karen shows Mac around the park, they find evidence of poachers. Karen and the other rangers rally in search of the hunters, and Karen tells Mac that he can best help by going back home. At a cafe that specializes in wild game, Mac overhears men in the kitchen talk about hunting in the park. He hurries outside and sneaks into the back of their pickup truck. The men, Bobby and Ed, soon return to their truck and head back to the park. After they stop and walk into the woods to join a third man, Mac disables their engine by removing the distributor cap. Hearing gunshots, Karen hurries into the vicinity and finds Mac. Karen says that she's out of radio range; Mac suggests a place for her to catch the poachers, but she confronts them too quickly and Ed shoots her. Nervous but thinking they can't be identified because they're wearing masks, the poachers take Karen's radio and start for their truck. With Mac helping Karen, they make their way to a nearby ranger station where they can use the radio. After realizing that their truck has been discovered, the poachers begin to hunt Mac and Karen. Mac rigs up a trap that takes out the third guy, but Bobby and Ed deduce their targets' intention, and they beat them to the cabin. As Mac and Karen near the station, Mac checks out the place with binoculars and sees the poachers waiting for them. He rigs up a distraction and knocks out Ed right before the other rangers arrive, following a clue from Mac. Sam hurries to take over helping Karen. Later, as Mac is about to leave, he realizes that Karen has found where she belongs.


MacGyver: Maybe I was tired. At least, that's what I kept tellin' myself.

MacGyver: A week later they were stealing top secret documents that kept them in limos, parties, . . . and very mean company.

"It had nothing to do with me. It was luck. The gun jammed." Mac, recounting his too-close encounter

Karen: Well, well, well. MacGyver. You sure don't give a girl much notice.
MacGyver: Think I'd give you a chance to say no?

MacGyver: When things get tough, sometimes I turn to a friend. Other times I just want to hide in the mountains. This time I found myself doing both.

MacGyver: We had a thing for each other in college, but after a couple of years together, she was ready for something a little more permanent . . . I wasn't. So, I kept on moving, and she put on the badge of a park ranger.

"It gets a little cold at night, but the neighbors are quiet." Karen, about her home in the woods

Karen: You look good, MacGyver.
MacGyver: You think so?
Karen: Always did.

[Mac sees a pair of large boots.]
MacGyver: Your feet have grown.
Karen: They're Sam's.
MacGyver: Sam?
Karen: Yeah, there's a Sam.

Karen: You didn't just expect to fly back into my life after three years, did you?

"So, is this, uh, Sam?" Mac, looking at a picture of Karen with a grizzly bear

Karen: Sam knows you're here. I told him everything . . . I also told him not to worry. That you're just a friend now, and that you've had a rough time, and you're just looking for a vacation. Am I right?
MacGyver: Well, yeah. Sure. Of course.

MacGyver: So, how many grizzly you got up here?
Karen: About a hundred - or one for every three thousand tourists.
MacGyver: Meaning?
Karen: Meaning they're almost extinct. Just like every other animal that's mean-tempered, feels soft, or can't do tricks.

MacGyver: You know how to tell the difference between a black bear and a grizzly?
Karen: How?
MacGyver: Climb a tree. If it follows you up, it's a black bear--
Karen: -- if it knocks the tree down, it's a grizzly.
MacGyver: Yeah.
Karen: That's an old joke.
MacGyver: I'm an old boyfriend.

MacGyver: Why didn't you tell me about Sam?
Karen: I . . . didn't think he had much to do with it. You said you needed a break.
MacGyver: What would you say if I made it a little longer?
Karen: I'd say you had your chance, once.
MacGyver: Yeah, well, that was before someone taught me a very dangerous lesson at very close range. Gets you to thinkin'.
Karen: About old girlfriends?
MacGyver: About things that are important.

"The tires, MacGyver. I was going for the tires!" Karen, after Mac stops her from shooting at the fleeing poachers

Karen: You and I closed the book a long time ago. The only reason you came here is because that close call made your life flash before your eyes, and my picture just happened to come up.
MacGyver: I wouldn't have come at all . . . if you'd told me about Sam.
Karen: I guess that I just needed to see you again to know it was really over.

Karen: You've always been to one that spins my head around. All through college, all that camping and independence stuff you drilled into my head, until it stuck - and then you changed your mind.
MacGyver: Yeah, I wanted to be a ranger.
Karen: You wanted to be a ranger. You wanted to be a pilot. You wanted to go to Africa! And every time I agreed and tried to be part of it? You changed your mind.

MacGyver: I'd flown a thousand miles to work out some of my own problems, and I ended up hurting Karen. I didn't mean to, but it happened. I figured one way to make it up to her was to get positive identification on these poachers.

[Karen pulls a gun after hearing shots in the park, then realizes that she's found Mac.]
Karen: Miss your flight?
MacGyver: Yeah. Don't shoot me for it.

MacGyver: How much further to the cabin?
Karen: As the crow flies, about a mile. As the wounded walk . . . we're going to have to take the long way. I'm in no shape for hill-climbing.

Bobby: This is stupid. Maybe Earl come around and got a drop on 'em.
Ed (sarcastically): Maybe they're havin' a tea party!

MacGyver: There's a fine line in nature that divides the hunter from the hunted. The trick was, to turn the situation around.

MacGyver: The first thing I had to do was to give them something to shoot at that wasn't me.

Karen: You sure know how to show a girl a good time. Just like always.

Karen: Thanks, MacGyver. I said a lot of things. I--
MacGyver: You don't have to explain anything. I know how you feel.
Karen: No. You don't.

Karen: Now I know why we never said goodbye . . . Too damn hard.
MacGyver: Let's not.

Murderer's Sky

Original Air Date: May 9, 1988
Episode #064

At the LA harbor, a black-clad intruder sends a bomb into the office of Mr. Chen. Pete Thornton and MacGyver have been trying to discover who is attempting to take over Mr. Chen's shipping business; the evidence points to a certain cartel out of Hong Kong. At the hospital, Mr. Chen asks Pete and Mac to find his only heir, his grandson Luke, and tell him what has happened. Mr. Chen insists that Luke should come only if he chooses to do so. Visiting Luke at a monastery in San Francisco, Mac is surprised that the boy is only fourteen. Mac warns that Luke will be safer where he is, but Luke chooses to see his grandfather. At the hospital, Mr. Chen has slipped into a coma, but Luke applies acupressure and soon Mr. Chen is conscious again. Raymond, Mr. Chen's assistant, is working with the bad guys, who send bad guys to eliminate Luke. However, Luke is very skilled at martial arts, and he and Mac send their assailants running. Mac and Pete investigate the evidence at Mr. Chen's office while Tiu, the intruder who bombed Mr. Chen, arrives at the house, posing as a friend of the family. Seeing her leave, Mac gets suspicious. He hurries inside and pushes Luke out of the way as poison darts fly from the base of the bird cage that Tiu brought. Mac finds Tiu's purse, but when he opens it, a cobra pops out. Reacting instantly, Luke flings a poison dart into the snake, saving Mac's life. Returning to the hospital, Luke and Mac learn that Mr. Chen died. Later, Mac and Pete learn that Luke was right: his grandfather was poisoned. They also realize that he has gone after the murderers. Mac finds Luke in Chinatown, looking for clues. Unfortunately, Raymond and Tiu arrive, and they take Mac and Luke to an old warehouse. Mac discovers a secret tunnel out of the basement, but it leads to a dead end, so Mac works on a Plan B. The bad guys arrive, and Mac's plan succeeds as he and Luke get the drop on them. Later, Luke is prepared to take over his grandfather's company, but he admits that he still has much to learn.


Mr. Chen: Thank you, Raymond. But the vice-president of the company doesn't have to bring me tea, you know.
Raymond: No, but a friend can.

Pete: A cartel is a little bit like a shadow government; it's very hard to tell who's running it.

MacGyver: Some men have hurt him, and there's reason to believe they may try to hurt you as well.
Luke: But you came to get me, to take me to him.
MacGyver: I came here to give you a choice.

"It has been called into question whether numbers will always prevail." Luke, not intimidated by the appearance of six weapon-wielding men

[A bad guy smashes a car's headlight.]
MacGyver: Good forehand.
[The bad guy starts for Mac.]
MacGyver: It was a joke!

Luke: Are you all right?
MacGyver: I was going to ask you the same thing.
[They start to walk away.]
MacGyver: They teach you to fight like that in the monastery?
Luke: Yeah.
MacGyver: We're friends, right?

Mr. Chen: I could not raise you.
Luke: You sent me there for enlightenment. I've lived a good life.
Mr. Chen: So I am blameless?
Luke (sincerely): Yes.
Mr. Chen: They've trained you well, those monks.

Pete: The question is, how did someone fresh in from Hong Kong land a job that fast?
MacGyver: Inside influence.

Tiu: What was it like in the monastery?
Luke: It was my home.
Tiu: Didn't you feel . . . confined?
Luke: How can you feel confined when you're in touch with the universe?
Tiu: But you're so sheltered.
Luke: Sheltered?
Tiu: From poverty, from hunger. From crime, from war.
Luke: Those are the dark sides of life.
Tiu: As I said, you've been sheltered.
Luke (reading her like a book): And you've been hurt.

[Mac sees Tiu leaving.]
MacGyver: Who was that?
Guard: Said she was a friend. Brought the family a gift.
MacGyver: What kind of gift?
Guard: Couple of birds. Big cage.

Pete: The question is, how did Luke know?
MacGyver: Let's ask him.

Pete: Look at this. He's mourning the death of his grandfather.
MacGyver: No, he's not. That's not a god of mourning; it's Kuan Ti.
Pete: Kuan Ti? Who's that?
MacGyver: It's sort of like a . . . war god . . . He's going after 'em himself, Pete.

Raymond: He will be as stubborn as his grandfather.
Alasdair: If he is, he'll be just as dead.

MacGyver: I know what you're trying to do, but you have got to realize how dangerous it is for you even to be here.
Luke: In my grandfather's country, they say a man should not live under the same sky as his father's murderers.

MacGyver: Let me check 'em out for you. If I find what we're looking for, I'll take it to the police.
Luke: Why should they do my work for me?
MacGyver: Because it's their job.

"Whatever they taught you in that monastery, think of this as a chance to learn what the real world is like." Tiu, about to leave Mac and Luke locked in the basement

Luke: How do you know so much, MacGyver?
MacGyver: Tell you what, Luke. I'll make a deal with you: I'll teach you about the principles of sonar, you teach me about jher-jun.

Luke: What are we doing?
MacGyver: We're gonna try and disappear.

MacGyver: He's wearin' a tie.
Pete: What's wrong with a tie?
MacGyver: It's a tie.

Luke: I've already learned so much. Especially from you, MacGyver.
MacGyver: Yeah? What have you learned?
Luke: I've learned . . . that I've got a lot to learn.

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