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Lost Love (Part 1)

Original Air Date: September 21, 1987
Episode #045

At the International Cultural Exposition, MacGyver and Pete Thornton are in charge of security for the Ming Dragon, a priceless artifact on loan from China; they receive the dragon from Pete's old friend Commissioner Chiu, who charges them to guard his country's national treasure. Mac discovers that Jack Dalton is in town performing as a magician. After Jack's show, Mac again catches a glimpse of his old flame, Lisa Kohler, but he tells Jack that she died two years ago. She was his contact on a mission in the Baltic Coast, but she was shot. Still thinking about their time together, Mac returns to his hotel room and finds a letter from Lisa asking him to meet her on the ferry. He does, and she explains that during their last mission, she was badly wounded. She survived but was sent to a prison camp, where a man named Nikolai protected her and kept her alive. She says that she married that man, Nikolai Kosoff, and that's why she never contacted Mac. Mac recognizes her husband's name as a KGB agent he escaped from in Hungary. Lisa says that they both want to defect and she asks for Mac's help. Back at the exposition, Lisa, Nikolai, and the other members of the Soviet delegation, Tanya and General Racoubian attend Jack's magic show. As planned, Lisa and Mac sneak out the back, but Tanya goes after them. Nikolai helps stop other Soviet agents, yelling to Mac to get Lisa to safety. Mac and Lisa flee on a borrowed motorbike with Tanya and the General in pursuit. After an extensive chase, Mac and Lisa are cornered. The General offers a trade: if Mac will bring the Ming Dragon to him, Lisa and Nikolai will be released. Mac agrees, and the General leaves with his people and Lisa.


MacGyver: When I was a little kid, I used to think ships were like magic, sailing in from strange places, carrying mysterious cargo.

Chiu: You speak Mandarin?
MacGyver: You just heard about ninety percent of it.

"MacGyver is kind of a . . . troubleshooter." Pete, to Chiu

"Troubleshooter and lawyer." Chiu, after Mac wants to see the dragon before Pete signs to receive it

"Just curious to see a legend." Mac, to Chiu

Jack: Excuse me. This is a closed rehearsal.
MacGyver: Oh, like the time you tried to pull a silk scarf out of the principal's ear and got his toupee instead?

Pete: Since when are you a magician?
Jack: "When"? I have studied at the feet of Hindu mystics! Climbed the hidden mountains of Tibet to learn the lost secrets of that unknown kingdom. I have delved into--
MacGyver: --a magic course he got selling magazines in the tenth grade.

Jack: Maybe she's alive.
MacGyver: No. I saw her die . . . I killed her.

Jack: You wouldn't step on an ant; what do you mean "I killed her"?

MacGyver: She was my contact to an underground resistance group - all very official, all very proper . . . and then it got very personal.

Jack: It's a lousy piece of fate, but you're not responsible. Come on, Mac. We all have our ghosts.
MacGyver: Yeah, but we don't all see 'em walkin' by.

Lisa: My husband's name is . . . Nikolai Kosoff.
MacGyver: Kosoff? Major Nikolai Kosoff? I know him. I escaped from him in Hungary.

MacGyver: People change. Kosoff is here with the Soviet delegation to the exposition. He's not KGB, and maybe not the guy I tangled with in Budapest.
Pete: You love her, so you're buying him. Is that it?

MacGyver: Why do you want out?
Kosoff: I was two years in a prison camp. I learned one thing, MacGyver: to cherish freedom.

"You know friends, I come from a long line of magicians. My father used to walk down the street and turn into a saloon." Jack, at his show

General: I like you, MacGyver, but I can't let them go. As for glasnost, I don't agree with the current Soviet administration, this new openness. Weak. Foolish. Impractical.
MacGyver: And you think killing three people is more practical. That's amazing.

MacGyver: What's it gonna take? What's the price?
General: You know what trade I deal in. What could you possibly offer me? I know you won't betray your country's security.
MacGyver: You got that straight.

Lost Love (Part 2)

Original Air Date: September 28, 1987
Episode #046

Picking up where the previous episode ended, MacGyver enlists Jack Dalton to help steal the Ming Dragon to use as bait to free his old flame, Lisa and her husband Nikolai. They succeed in swiping the artifact, and Mac calls the General to set up a meeting. The General agrees to the meeting but reports that Nikolai was shot as he tried to escape. The exchange is made and Mac escapes with Lisa despite Tanya's efforts to double-cross them. As Jack drives them away, Mac offers consolation for Lisa's husband, but Lisa says that the General lied because she saw Nikolai only an hour before. Mac says that they can't leave him to die, so Lisa directs them to where Nikolai is imprisoned, at the General's place. However as the three try to sneak into the house, the General appears with Nikolai and the other agents, all pointing guns at them. Mac realizes that they were set up, and Lisa apologizes before going to stand with the Soviets. Mac and Jack are handcuffed. Tanya takes Jack to the basement, but Lisa tells Nikolai that she will handle Mac. Nikolai leaves the room and Lisa explains that her death was faked so that Mac's people would believe the information that she gave them. He says that she came back to life to con him into stealing the dragon, which they will return to China to strengthen ties between their countries. Lisa insists that it wasn't all lies, that she had real feelings for him, but Mac doesn't believe her. She kisses him and he swipes a pin from her hair. She sees it but sends him to be locked in the basement. He frees himself and Jack, and they head for the General's helicopter. Inside the house, the General inspects the Ming Dragon and discovers that it is only a cheap plaster copy. Jack starts the helicopter and they start to take off as the General, Lisa, and Nikolai run out of the house. The men start to shoot, but Lisa knocks them down and runs toward the chopper, telling Mac to wait for her. Jack takes the chopper down and Lisa climbs onto the skid. As the chopper rises again, Nikolai grabs his gun and shoots Lisa in the back. She tells Mac that she really loves him before she dies in his arm. Later, Mac retrieves the real Ming Dragon and returns it to Commissioner Chiu.


"Why can't you just knock or say hello like everybody else?" Jack, after Mac almost punches him

MacGyver: How?
Jack: You'll come up with something. That's what you're good at.

MacGyver: We have to steal the dragon.
Jack: What you mean "we," Kemosabe?

"The dragon is safe. Who could break in there now?" Pete, reassuring Chiu

Jack: Wouldn't it have been easier just to check in?
MacGyver: Yeah, but not half as much fun.

Jack (talking with a flashlight in his mouth): Haw muff fuffa?
MacGyver: You studyin' Russian?

MacGyver: Arnold Palmer's birthday. Pete's hero.
Jack: How in God's name can you know Arnold Palmer's birthday?!
MacGyver: Doesn't everyone?

General: Nikolai attempted to escape. A fatal mistake.
MacGyver: Are you telling me he's dead?
General: Very.

MacGyver: Why do I get the feeling you were expecting us?
[Kosoff and the General smirk.]
Lisa: I'm sorry, MacGyver.

Lisa: I will take care of MacGyver.
Kosoff: Why?
MacGyver: Good question.
Lisa: In case you have forgotten, Major, we are not really married. This is my business.

Lisa: There's a great deal I want to tell you.
MacGyver: Why bother.

Lisa: I was ordered to attract you, yes. It was my job. But you must know, MacGyver. It was not all lies. There were real feelings, too.
MacGyver: I wish I could believe that.

"Houdini was an amateur." Jack, after Mac picks the lock

Pete: MacGyver, you're a genius.
Jack: That's a matter of opinion.

Back From the Dead

Original Air Date: October 5, 1987
Episode #047

Pete Thornton arrives at MacGyver's house boat with a newspaper containing a picture of Jimmy "the Eraser" Kendall. Jimmy testified against the mob, so Pete had faked his death and given him a new identity working with a baseball team in Miami. Knowing that Jimmy will be in danger when his old enemies see that he's alive, Mac hurries to Shoreline Stadium where Jimmy's team has arrived in town. Elsewhere Ralph, the hit man who thought he had killed Jimmy, sees the picture and heads for the stadium with his henchman Sal. Mac and Jimmy escape, but Ralph says that he has a hook in Jimmy: his daughter. At Mac's, Jimmy is not happy with the plans Pete has presented for his new identity, but Mac and Pete try to convince him that it's for the best. Jimmy calls the stadium to check on the pitcher, who relays a message that Ralph is with Jimmy's daughter and grandson. Jimmy secretly calls Ralph who tells him to come to the cannery. Ralph tells Mac that he would like to talk to a priest; they go to church, and the fake priest gives Jimmy a gun. Mac realizes that something is up and Jimmy confesses that Ralph has taken his family hostage. Mac says that he'll help but Jimmy punches him and escapes. Returning home, Mac finds the phone number that Jimmy wrote and traces it to the cannery. Jimmy arrives first and winds up in a standoff with Ralph. Mac ambushes Ralph and Sal so that Jimmy can get his family to safety. Ralph knocks Mac off a pier into the water; he shoots and Mac goes down. Inside the building, Jimmy creates a diversion while his family breaks a window and flees. Ralph and Sal shoot Jimmy's shoulder trying to find where his family is hidden, but Mac gets the jump on them, despite being weak from the gunshot wound in his side.


MacGyver: Growin' up fifteen hundred miles away from the ocean, you hardly ever get a really good sea breeze. So, for a Minnesota boy like me, livin' on the water was . . . kinda perfect.

Jimmy: What are you doin' here?
MacGyver: Unfortunately, I'm here to talk to you about your future.

Jimmy: Suppose I dye my hair, grow a mustache, wear lifts? I mean, mugs like mine are a dime a dozen.
MacGyver: Would Jimmy the Eraser fall for that?

"This is not the place where I want to cash in." Jimmy, after he and Mac run into the men's room

"Hey, Jimmy! You look a little flushed!" Ralph, before shooting into a bathroom stall

Jimmy: In the old days, I would've had a piece to even up the odds.
MacGyver: That's not the only way.
Jimmy: Yeah, and a couple of grenades, too.

Jimmy: This is it? This is where you live?
MacGyver: Yeah. What's wrong with it?
Jimmy: It's a houseboat! It's gonna sink.
MacGyver: I'll get you a life jacket.

[Jimmy is not happy with the plans for his new identity.]
MacGyver: This has got to be a totally different life for you.
Jimmy: It's almost not worth it.
Pete: Well, the alternative is not worth much either, is it.

"Maybe you could give me . . . a little piece." Jimmy, pretending to talk to a priest but really asking his contact for a gun

"I didn't even know I had a grandson until somebody took him away." Jimmy, confessing that Ralph took his family hostage

MacGyver: What, a friend can't help?
Jimmy: Boy, you're really thickheaded - you know that?
MacGyver: You know something - you're right.

"MacGyver, you can't kill him with an ax." Jimmy, assuring his daughter that Mac is okay

Sal: Where you got 'em hid, Jimmy?
Jimmy: Search me. I've never been much of a family man, you know what I mean?

Jimmy: Not many guys would take a bullet for a friend.
MacGyver: Whaddaya say we don't make a habit of that, friend?

Ghost Ship (a.k.a. Sasquatch)

Original Air Date: October 19, 1987
Episode #048

Pete Thornton drops MacGyver in the Alaskan wilderness to set markers for a satellite system. As Mac sets the first one he hears a ferocious growling noise echoing through the trees, but he carries on. Passing an inlet he notices a ship. He repairs a broken rowboat and paddles out to investigate. The ship seems deserted until Mac is attacked by a huge man-beast in the control room. He escapes into the ship's hold where he finds a girl hiding. They climb onto the deck and, with the monster closing in, they jump into the water and swim for shore. Mac retrieves his camping gear and they head into the woods. After a long, quiet hike, the girl, Karin, finally breaks her silence to explain that she and her cousin had stowed away on the ship; her mother died and she was trying to get to her father in Juneau. However, after the ship stopped where it is, she heard a terrible noise like animals attacking. Her cousin went to investigate and that thing killed him. Three locals stop by to share Mac's campfire, and Karin realizes that they are looking for the creature. One of them refers to it as the Sasquatch, and another explains that it has been eating the animals caught in their traps. In the morning, the visitors are gone. Mac and Karin start on their way, and they find a team working on an oil pipeline. Karin recognizes them from the ship. Mac realizes that they are stealing the oil and pumping it into the ship. Mac plans to go for help, but Karin is grabbed by the thieves. Mac frees her and sends a signal for help by planting three of his satellite markers in the pipeline. As Mac and Karin head for higher ground to watch for Pete's helicopter, they see the Sasquatch coming for them. Mac tries to fight it, but it gets the upper hand. When it turns to start for Karin, Mac jumps on its back; it flips him and he pulls off a mask, revealing a man in disguise. He knocks the guy out. Pete's chopper arrives and takes out another of the thieves who was about to shoot Mac. Back at the tracking station, Karin leaves to be taken to her father. Mac hears the growling sound again; Pete appears with a cassette player and reports that the thieves had it hooked to the ship's PA system to try to scare people away. He removes the tape, but the growling sound is heard again, coming from somewhere out in the wilderness.


Pete: Great place to start day one of your vacation.
MacGyver: "Vacation" nothing! This is a Phoenix-sponsored save-the-wilderness mapping expedition, and don't you forget it.

Pete: MacGyver, take care.
MacGyver: I usually do!

MacGyver: This untracked wilderness reminded me of my Minnesota backwoods, full of the beauty of old Indian legends.

Joanna: You sure have a lot of faith in this guy; what makes him so special?
Pete: You know, I've known him for eight years now, and I've never quite been able to put my finger on it. He just . . . always comes through, no matter what.

MacGyver: One of my biggest problems is I can never leave a puzzle alone.

"Trust me on this." Mac, right before he and the girl jump from the ship into the water

MacGyver: Still not talkin' yet. Not English anyway. How about French? Français? Êtes-vous français?
[No response.]
MacGyver: German? Sprechen sie Deutsch?
[Again, no response.]

MacGyver: Sometimes when you're in trouble, you've just got to tap Mother Nature for a little help.

MacGyver: Well, we've tried French, Italian, German; I'm starting to feel like a tour guide at the U.N. you know.
[No response.]
MacGyver: Little joke ... How about Russian? Gor rite Parushke?*
[She looks his way briefly, but turns away again.]
MacGyver: It is. It's Russian, huh. Well, that's great! Well, maybe not so great; you're going to have to put up with my lousy accent. Ocken ploho.*

MacGyver: Kak vas zovut?**
Karin: My name is Karin. Karin Graff.
MacGyver: You speak English.
Karin: Why, of course. I am educated.

MacGyver: "Sasquatch"? As in Big Foot?
Joe: Hey, that's just old man talk.
MacGyver: Yeah, maybe. But what we saw was big, hairy, and kind of cranky.

MacGyver: What we saw killed her cousin.
Dave: Then it's back. And it doesn't want us here.

MacGyver: I don't believe in ghosts. I believe in explanations. Reality's strange enough.

Karin: I'm sorry I was so afraid.
MacGyver: You kidding? Did you see me jump off that ship? I hit the water running.
Karin: Yes, but you took me with you.
MacGyver: I needed company.

Joanna: Face it, Pete, your man dropped the ball. He's probably out there fishing someplace; I did happen to notice that he took his fishing pole along with him.
Pete: Did you also happen to notice that he took next to no food or water? The man is an experienced woodsman. He travels light, survives on what he can find along the way.

Joanna: You didn't really fall for that guy in the monkey suit, did you?
MacGyver: Well, I don't know. What with all the evidence piling up over the years: sightings, footprints, stuff like that . . . Yeah, the guy had me going for a while.
Joanna: Are you kidding? Big Foot?
MacGyver: Why not? The legend has got to start someplace.

* I know this isn't the proper Russian spelling, so I had to settle for what it sounded like. If anyone can help me out with the proper spelling, I'd appreciate it!
** Many thanks to Jan for the clarification! You can see the Russian spelling at this site.

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