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D.O.A.: MacGyver

Original Air Date: April 27, 1987
Episode #043

MacGyver meets his friend Tony Braddock in a warehouse on a pier; Tony, a bombmaker, confides that he has developed a new explosive that can be molded to look like anything, even woven like cloth. An assassin named Lancer is planning to use this device to kill an anti-terrorist task force that will be attending a funeral at the Westside Cemetery the next day. Lancer and his henchman, Jules, arrive at the warehouse. They kill Tony; they shoot at Mac, and a bullet grazes his temple before he is knocked out of a window into the water below. Lancer sees Mac climb aboard a passing troller. On board, Mac seeks help from the boat's owner, Carol Varnay, but when she asks his name, he realizes that he can't remember it. Carol returns with Mac to her home in Bristol Harbor, where certain sights spark memories of Mac's past adventures. Mac finally remembers the Phoenix Foundation and Pete Thornton's private phone number; he calls but he's interrupted by Jules. Carol and Mac escape from Jules, but Lancer's team tracks down Carol's home address. Jules enters the house about to shoot Mac, but Lancer arrives and kills Jules. Lancer then acts as if he's Mac's boss, and Mac has been tracking a terrorist named Pete Thornton. Lancer takes Mac to the Westside Cemetery under the guise of being in charge of security. Meanwhile, Pete has traced Mac's call, and, in Bristol Harbor, he gets the details from Carol and starts for the cemetery. At the funeral, Lancer leaves a coat - which is actually the bomb - on a gravestone and walks away "to check the perimeter." Mac sees Pete arrive and walks over to meet him, pointing a gun at Pete. Pete talks and Mac's memory is returned. Mac realizes the coat is the bomb and uses it to stop Lancer's RV from escaping.


MacGyver: Most people come to southern California for the sunshine. But there are others who burn easily, so they stay in the shadows.

MacGyver: Maybe he wasn't the kind of guy you'd want your kids to grow up to be, but one of his bombs got me out of prison in Morocco. So when he called early on a quiet Sunday afternoon and said he was in trouble, I had to make good on my IOU.

Tony: I appreciate your coming.
MacGyver: I remember Morocco. You saved my life.
Tony: Yes - a lot of people would've conveniently forgotten.

"MacGyver, whither thou goest, I go too." Tony, right before he saves Mac's life again

"I left another message five minutes ago; his machine is running out of tape." Helen, after Pete asks her to call Mac again

"Looks like we're stuck with each other." Carol, to the unconscious Mac

Carol: I'm not in the habit of picking up hitchhikers. If we hadn't been in the middle of the ocean, I would've tossed you overboard.
MacGyver: I'm glad you didn't. I don't think I can swim that far.

Carol: I just introduced myself. It's customary to respond in kind?
[Mac looks as if he's thinking.]
Carol: What's your name?
MacGyver: I don't know.
Carol: You don't know your name?
MacGyver: I can't remember.

Carol: How's your head?
MacGyver: Well . . . the outside's sore; the inside's a little empty.

"You're the first thing I've landed in weeks." Carol, after Mac thanks her for helping him

MacGyver: Doctor's gonna ask questions. I don't have the answers, yet. I just need some time to think.

MacGyver: Everything I'm remembering is filled with explosions and gunfights. And I'm right in the middle of 'em.

"Jason, this is . . . a friend of mine." Carol, with a polite way of introducing someone with amnesia

MacGyver: I don't want to get you in trouble.
Carol: If I want your advice, pal, I'll ask for it.

Carol: The man on the phone called you MacGyver - does that mean anything to you?
MacGyver: No. It's just a name.
Carol: Well, it's a start.

MacGyver: Everything I'm remembering is so violent. For all we know I could be a criminal.
Carol: I don't think you are.
MacGyver: I could be.
Carol: Do you feel like one?
MacGyver: No. But with all these flashes of memory, what if I am?
Carol: I'll take my chances.

"He's kind of tall, a little over six feet. He's got brown hair, long in back. Brown eyes. He's a nice guy. He doesn't dress like me. Kinda casual." Pete, describing Mac

Pete: His name is MacGyver; he can fix anything. He can fix a computer with a hairpin and a piece of duct tape, just like he fixed your bike.

"Glad I got here in time." Lancer, after pretending to save Mac from Jules

Lancer: MacGyver? You really don't know who I am?
MacGyver: I've lost my memory.
Lancer: It's JD. Jonathan Dawkins? Military intelligence? I'm your boss. Don't you remember anything?

Lancer: I need you to stop the killer.
MacGyver: Any idea who it is?
Lancer: We've got a suspect. He's a professional terrorist. His name is Peter Thornton.

Lancer: If Thornton shows up, you know who he is and what he's trying to do. Don't take any chances.
[Lancer gives Mac a gun, which Mac takes.]

Pete: I know you've got amnesia. You don't know who I am, do you.
MacGyver: You're Peter Thornton. You're a killer.

Pete: Right now, I know you better than you know yourself. You don't use guns.
[Mac cocks the gun, as if to prove Pete wrong.]
Pete: That gun doesn't feel right in your hand. It can't. You don't use guns, MacGyver. You hate them.

"You were trying to reach me whether you knew it or not." Pete, on why Mac called Pete's number

MacGyver: If you knew this was happening, why didn't you call the police?
Pete: I did.
[They turn to see police vehicles arriving at the scene.]

"Nice to meet you again, Pete." Mac, holding out his hand

Carol: So you are one of the good guys after all. Told ya.

For Love or Money

Original Air Date: May 4, 1987
Episode #044

Pete Thornton reports to MacGyver that a human-rights activist named Anton Dubcek was taken into custody in Czechoslovakia by the GRU. Pete needs Mac to work with a past acquaintance to free Dubcek. Mac is not happy to learn that the acquaintance is Diana Rogers, a mercenary who double-crossed him on a mission three years ago. Diana swears that they'll be partners this time and split the half-a-million dollar reward for Dubcek's safe return. Mac reluctantly agrees, and Pete declares that they'll go in disguise as a couple on their honeymoon. Krug, Diana's contact, gets them into Czechoslovakia, and they set to work. They succeed in freeing Dubcek from the mental hospital where he was imprisoned, but Dubcek begs to be returned since the GRU will kill his wife, Viera, if he tries to escape. Knowing Dubcek won't leave without his wife, Mac convinces Diana to help free her. That plan works as well and, after escaping from a trap set by Krug, the four catch a plane to Los Angeles. However, while Dubcek is processing paperwork with Mac and Pete, GRU agents take Viera hostage. They call and demand that Dubcek meet them at the zoo. He agrees, pretending to be alone though Mac, Pete, and Diana are part of the security team watching. Viera contacts Dubcek, begging him to do what the GRU says. He slips away from the others with his wife, but Viera pulls a gun on him, saying that he is too dangerous to be allowed to live. She shoots him in the chest and flees as Mac approaches. Dubcek is okay since he was wearing a bulletproof vest as a precaution, but he is heartbroken to learn that his wife is actually part of the GRU. Diana stops Viera, and Mac and Pete stop her fellow GRU agents. Later, Dubcek is encouraged that an anonymous donor has contributed two hundred thousand dollars to his cause. Knowing that Mac was the donor, Diana shares a part of her reward money as well.


Pete: They came to us from the person who actually shot them and smuggled them out of the country.
MacGyver: They're not bad; I'd like to meet him.
Pete: Well . . . um . . you got it.
Diana: Hello, MacGyver.
MacGyver (not happy): Diana.
Diana: Long time.
MacGyver: Not long enough.

Pete: Just listen to the deal, as a favor to me.
MacGyver: What, one of her deals? That's not a favor; that's a human sacrifice.

MacGyver: You've got a professional mercenary here. What do you need me for?
Pete: Because you know the hospital where he's being held. You broke a man out of there last year.

Pete: Which would you rather save, MacGyver? Your pride? Or a man's life?

"You'll be ... um ... traveling as a honeymoon couple." Pete, with perhaps the only news that could have made the assignment worse

Krug: Here we are. Time for the honeymoon, yah?
[He makes kissing sounds.]
Krug: Lucky fellow.
Diana: Oh, can it, Krug.

MacGyver: That's what you ordered?
Diana: I wanted something that wouldn't attract attention.
MacGyver: Even when they see us pushing it down a highway?

Diana: I've worked with Krug before. He's a thief, he's a liar, but when you give him money he comes through.

Diana: Do something.
MacGyver: What?
Diana: You're the one who picked the embassy lock with a light bulb filament and ground-up pencil lead. You're also the one who shorted an alarm system with a chewing gum wrapper and a half a lemon. Come on!

Diana: For a minute I thought you were putting the moves on me.
MacGyver: Don't flatter yourself.

MacGyver: Where did you learn how to speak Czech?
Diana: Correspondence school.
MacGyver: Oh. Like "the Czech is in the mail"?

Diana: Whatever it is you've got planned, do it right. Stay alive.
MacGyver: Thanks. I didn't think you cared.
Diana: Oh, I do, I do. My payoff depends on you not fouling up.

MacGyver: It's kinda interesting how you can put one thing with another and cook up the right formula for stayin' out of trouble. My old high school physics and chemistry classes come in real handy sometimes. Not to mention the fact that when you're in a squeeze, necessity always seems to come through as the true mother of invention.

MacGyver: I had a nitro bomb and a smoke bomb. Anybody bumped into me too hard . . . well, it'd be memorable.

Diana: Is this the best you could do?
MacGyver: It's all I could afford.
Diana: You bought this junkheap? You could've stolen something with more muscle.
MacGyver: I don't work that way.

Diana: Are you nuts, or just simple-minded?
MacGyver: Well, the expert opinion's still out on that.

MacGyver: Let me put it this way: he won't go without her. And haven't you ever loved anyone that much?
Diana: Not in my right mind.
MacGyver: Then you don't have to come along.

MacGyver: Remember me? I like to stay loose, keep an open mind.
Diana: Whatever makes you happy.

"Sorry, but business is business." Krug, with a line he might have picked up from Diana

MacGyver: You realize you can be heard just about anywhere in the world from here?
Dubcek: Mm-hmm. And perhaps move the world, only a little? That is why we call our group Humanity. No guns. Only people, and some dangerous ideas.

"Look at him. Three tons and a bad temper - now that's the way to handle the world." Diana, observing a rhinoceros

Diana: You risk your life, you deserve payment. We earned our money, MacGyver.
MacGyver: "Our" money? I'm very flattered.

Dubcek: Viera. You are my wife.
Viera: It was an assignment.

Diana: Well, say hello to another hopeless do-gooder. I'll contribute--
MacGyver: Two hundred thousand dollars?
Diana: Not that hopeless.

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