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Silent World

Original Air Date: November 24, 1986
Episode #031

MacGyver and Pete Thornton try out a voice-controlled missile guidance system at a Phoenix Foundation test site. Later, Mac and Pete visit the Hansen School for the Deaf, where the same technology allows a deaf child to "hear." Carrie Linden, the teacher, is also deaf, but she can read lips. She approaches Mac and confides that she is having a recurring dream in which Mac dies. After the first part of the dream seems to come true, Carrie participates in a dream research project; this leads Mac to believe that she's remembering some thing - or things - that she's seen. Carrie agrees to visit the test site, where she and Mac met, to see if anything jogs her memory. Meanwhile, a man named David Crane works with three other guys to secretly steal the parts needed to construct a Moloch missile. Crane and his goons sneak onto the test site for the final part, the guidance system. However, Carrie recognizes Crane from her dream, and he hears her. He and his men escape. Realizing that they left a fake part to cover their tracks, Mac suggests that they're stealing missile parts, and the general starts checking the network of storage facilities. Further analysis of the dream leads Carrie and Mac to a lake where Carrie had previously been hiking. As in the dream, someone starts shooting at them; it's one of Crane's men, who recognizes them from the test site. Crane speeds across the water in a hovercraft that hits Mac and knocks him out. Crane and his man grab Carrie and jet back onto the lake. Waking up, Mac sends a guy on horseback to find a phone and call Pete. Tracing the lake's shore, Mac finds the cabin where Crane and his men are preparing the missile for the buyer. Carrie sees Mac through the window, and he signs to her. She buys time by telling Crane about how she knew him from the dream. Mac's plan works, and he catches Crane and the others. Back at the school, Pete reports that they caught the buyer also as he landed his plane.


MacGyver: Sometimes I get into some very bizarre situations - even for me.

Suit Guy 1: You also indicate training with the Panthers.
Suit Guy 2: Was that the Black Panther radicals?
Crane: No. It was the Littleton Panthers. [No response from the suit guys.] State champs, '65, ten-and-oh. [Again, no response.] Football.

"That man has no sense of military discipline whatsoever." General Makepeace, about Mac

Suit Guy 2: Our plane will make one pass over your rendezvous lake. If you are not there . . . don't make plans to grow older.

"The kids just think you have a weird accent." Carrie, teasing Mac about his sign language

Carrie: I had a dream. About you.
MacGyver: Oh yeah?
Carrie: Not like that.

MacGyver: I learned something a long time ago: never laugh at what you don't know.

Carrie: You were almost hit by a lightning bolt. And then you and I were being chased by . . . this Moorish warrior, past a steel skeleton . . . and then you were hit by this old car that came at us right out of the lake, and you were killed.

MacGyver: Dreams come from what we've seen, or what we've done. They're a way we have of piecing things together.

"I was there a month ago. Nice people." Crane, about the Phoenix Foundation

MacGyver: Your brain is a kind of computer; everything you've ever seen or read or felt is all locked up there, somewhere. The problem is retrieval. Your memory.
Carrie: You think I'm remembering something.

Pete: The experts tell us that we put these things into patterns, Carrie. Sometimes a dream pattern, like a map, showing us the way to something real.
MacGyver: You ready to show us the way?

"I am going to end up commanding a penguin watch in lower Antarctica." General Makepeace, after discovering the thefts of the parts

MacGyver: When I was a kid, my grandfather taught me an important thing about snaring wild game. They have a great sense of smell. They can run fast . . . but they usually don't look down to see where they're stepping.

"He's okay; he's just dreaming." Mac, to Carrie after knocking Crane out

MacGyver: Hold it right there. Don't move!
Carrie: Shouldn't you take this?
[Carrie hands Mac Crane's gun, and Mac shows it to the other guy to deter him from trying anything.]

Pete: The missile has been recovered, and the three goons that took it are very busy right now pointing the finger at each other.

Three for the Road

Original Air Date: December 15, 1986
Episode #032

Tony Sullivan, a mob informant, asks to meet MacGyver in a small town in the desert to provide information. Tony arrives at Mac's hotel, but two guys in a dark car find him. He tosses a satchel into a '59 Cadillac convertible and flees; Mac sees the car speed away after Tony is shot. That evening, Guy Roberts, a retired actor and the car's owner, finds the satchel; it's filled with money, but Guy keeps it a secret from his wife, June. The next day, Guy and June continue toward Hollywood, but the bad guys recognize some of their money at the front desk. Under duress, the clerk tells what he knows. On the road, the couple sees Mac stranded with a broken-down rental car, and they stop to pick him up shortly before the bad guys find them. Recognizing the men, Mac tells Guy not to stop. Mac manages to drive the other car off the road, but soon the Cadillac stops, worn out from the abuse of the chase. Guy confesses that the men are looking for the money, and June is furious that Guy lied to her. Mac spies an abandoned city, and he pushes the car there. Examining the money, Mac finds that it's counterfeit. Knowing the bad guys aren't far behind, Mac works on a plan to stop them. Meanwhile, Guy takes Mac's advice and apologizes to June. Mac takes out two of the three baddies but the third finds Guy and June. At the car, Guy suddenly grabs the antenna and knocks the gun from the bad guy's hand. With Mac's help, the third bad guy is caught. Later, Mac takes June and Guy to the body shop, where the Cadillac has been fully restored.


MacGyver: Sometimes it's good to get out of the big city; go somewhere where time seems to move just a little slower.

Tony: A guy's gotta be careful these days.
MacGyver: Good motto.

MacGyver: Tony and I met years ago when he was running guns into Afghanistan and I was running for my life. In a one-week period, he saved my neck twice . . . I'd kinda hoped to return the favor.

Guy: Do you know you I am? Guy Roberts. Star of stage and screen. Swashbuckler extraordinaire. Ah, I have battled with the best of them. Flynn. Fairbanks. Pickford!
[Guy charges the drunk man, who grabs Guy's cane and breaks it into.]

"That darn jacket's always trippin' people up like that. I've been meaning to have a talk with it . . ." Mac, patronizing the belligerent drunk man he just knocked down

Guy: My good man, I am Guy Roberts. Time was when that name alone was sufficient to guarantee a night's lodging and a hot meal.

Guy (making an exit): "If there is any kindness I can show to any creature, let me do it now, for I shall not pass this way again."

MacGyver: A paper clip can be a wondrous thing. More times than I can remember, one of these has gotten me out of a tight spot. I was sure this would be another one of those times.
[He tries to start the car; sparks come from under the dashboard.]
MacGyver: So much for the wondrous paper clip.

June: Guy's going to be in a new picture.
MacGyver: That's terrific; what's it called?
Guy: Space Pirates.
[June looks at him in disbelief.]
Guy: It's supposed to be really, um . . . groovy.
June: "Space Pirates"?
Guy: That's just a working title, dear.

Guy: I made a picture - Geronimo's Last Ride.
MacGyver: Oh, yeah, I think I saw you in that. Didn't you play Geronimo?
Guy: No, that was Thurston Powell.

Guy: What about you? What brings you out to the middle of nowhere?
MacGyver: Sightseeing.

Guy: If you put the top up while driving, it'll rip right off!
MacGyver: I sure hope so...

MacGyver: I remember. It was you and Stewart Granger in The Prisoner of Zenda.
Guy: No, that was James Mason.

"She just wasn't meant to take this sort of abuse." Guy, about his car

MacGyver: Would you have a ballpoint pen I can borrow?
Guy: Sure.
[He takes out a pen - and paper, to sign an autograph.]
Guy: Who would you like me to make it out to?
MacGyver: Well, actually . . . "MacGyver."

Guy: That's alright, boy. "We're all in this together." I said that in Dance of the Sword. . . . or was it Duel to the Death?
June: You said that in both those movies, dear.

"Do you suppose there'll be anything left of the car when he's done?" Guy, to June after Mac tears up something else to use against their pursuers

"Don't worry; I know a guy who's great with seats." Mac, trying to be comforting

[Guy shows Mac the money.]
MacGyver: Is this all yours?
Guy: Well, um, yes . . . in so far as it's in my possession. You see--
June: There is no job, is there.

"Project, Guy! Those of us in the back row would like to hear as well." June, not happy about being lied to

"Because I'm tired of being treated like an old fool. I'm tired of being a failure. I'm tired of the way you have to live because of it." Guy, on why he kept the money

June: If we leave the money here will they leave us alone?
MacGyver: They don't strike me as the type to let bygones be bygones, ma'am.

"You got it in neutral?" Mac, with the question one should always ask before attempting to push a car

MacGyver: A good relationship is . . . a lot like a car. If you want it to work smoothly, you've got to put a lot of work into it - and have the right tools. Flowers make a pretty good tool for that kind of job.
[Mac gives Guy the newspaper flower he just made.]
MacGyver: Now it's up to you to do the work.

"Doubt that the stars are fire. Doubt that the sun doest move. Doubt truth to be a liar, but never doubt my love." Guy, apologizing to June

"There's still a little bit of Hollywood magic left here." Mac, at the body shop

Phoenix Under Siege

Original Air Date: January 5, 1987
Episode #033

On a rainy Sunday night, MacGyver plans to take his visiting grandfather, Harry Jackson, to a hockey game, but Mac discovers that he's left the tickets at the Phoenix Foundation. They hurry over to get them, unaware that three bad guys and a woman have broken in to set a bomb. The woman, Victoria James, introduces herself to Mac as a Phoenix employee, and he and Harry continue to Pete's office for the tickets. Recognizing Mac's name, Victoria calls the people who hired her, and they offer her more money to take him out. She sends a flunkie after him while she works on activating the bomb. Mac manages to elude his pursuer and remove the obstacle blocking the stairwell door, but the gunman finds Harry. Victoria announces over the intercom that Harry is tied up next to the bomb. Mac returns to the computer that Victoria was using, but she finds him there. He knocks the gun from her hand, but she knows martial arts and kicks him across the room several times. She taunts him about expecting better, and she leaps toward him for the final blow but misses and crashes through a window. Meanwhile, Harry manages to free his legs and taps out his location for Mac on the intercom. Mac hurries in and ultimately stops the bomb by using one of the hockey tickets to prevent a connection from being made. Harry grabs the other ticket and rushes out to see the rest of the game. Back at Mac's apartment, Harry is packed and ready to leave, but Mac declares that he's going with him.


MacGyver: When I was about ten, I got my first chemistry set. I've been a beaker-and-test-tube nut ever since. My mom said I was gonna come up with a formula that would either improve the world . . . or blow up the house.

MacGyver: Hi, Harry. Rainin' out?
Harry: No, I took a walk in a car wash.

"You sure the world needs a drink like this?" Harry, after Mac shares the nonalcoholic eggnog

Fred: Murphy's a woman.
Victoria: What sharp little eyes you have.

Harry: Maybe your friend Pete took 'em.
MacGyver: Nah, he doesn't like hockey.
Harry: How can you work for a guy like that?

Victoria: MacGyver is the best man that the Phoenix Foundation has. If he's dead, it'll help your cause.
Phillips: You don't know anything about our cause.
Victoria: No, but I know a lot about a hundred thousand dollars, which is what the Front is willing to pay.

[Mac has a flashback.]
MacGyver: How come you want me to call you "Harry"?
Harry: That's my name.
MacGyver: But you're my grandpa.
Harry: Yep. But "Grandpa" is for an old man. Name's Harry.

Harry: Why are they shootin' at us?
MacGyver: I guess those tickets are hotter than I thought!

MacGyver: Let's go, Harry.
Harry: That's easy for you to say. You're not runnin' on my knees!

Fred: That's the bomb? It looks just like a little suitcase.
Victoria: Yes. Well, I find that more convenient than a brown paper bag.

Harry: It's hell gettin' old.
MacGyver: Age is only in the mind, Harry.
Harry: Well, my mind tells me I'm gettin' old.

MacGyver: When I was a kid, I used to have nightmares, and you used to tell me . . . "Bein' scared's a lot worse when you're all alone."
Harry: I was right.
MacGyver: You're not alone, Harry. Neither am I . . . It's just taken us an awful long time to figure that out.

Harry: What's that, a sonic blaster?
MacGyver: Electric razor. The head guy in the lab gets five o'clock shadow around noon.

Harry: Things like this happen to you often?
MacGyver: Yeah, as a matter of fact, they do.

MacGyver: As for getting rid of the guard, I figured that'd require a more personal touch.

Phillips: What's the idea?
Victoria: My agreement with the Liberation Front is that you're all expendable. Besides that, you annoy me.

"You must be out of your mind." Harry, to Victoria after she shoots her accomplice

Victoria: Don't be modest. Everybody knows MacGyver's MacGyver.

Victoria: We're cut from the same cloth, you and I. Both professionals.
MacGyver (with a laugh): Yeah, right. Well, this professional doesn't take hostages.

"Give up?" Mac, holding his mouth after getting kicked into a wall by Victoria

Family Matter

Original Air Date: January 12, 1987
Episode #034

Pete Thornton receives a video that his ex-wife and son have been taken hostage. Pete travels to Louisiana; MacGyver accompanies him but arrives first to avoid suspicion. Per the kidnappers' instructions, Pete goes to a deserted road and a car soon picks him up. The bad guys are cautious, switching vehicles to throw off anyone who might be following them. Mac manages to track them to a ramp on the swamp's edge. A fisherman named Obadiah denies having seen anything, but he seems to warm up after Mac talks fishing with him. Obadiah lets Mac take his boat and tells him where they'll be headed. Meanwhile, Pete and his captors reach a cabin where Pete is reunited with his family. A man named Frank Bonner enters the room, and he says cryptically that he wants them all to hear the truth. Riding in the boat, Mac recalls various inconsistencies in Obadiah's story and realizes that it's a trap, so he sends the boat ahead as a decoy while he runs along the shore. Frank wants Pete to listen on the radio as Frank's men fire a bazooka and the boat explodes. Back in the cabin, Frank sets up a mock trial for a botched mission three years ago in Yemen, where Frank's wife and son were killed. Frank blames Pete, but Pete retorts that they were caught by surprise because Frank kept the money he was given to purchase information from their sources. Frank refuses to accept that, and he moves to shoot Pete's son. Mac puts his plan into action and he manages to escape with Michael, but Pete and Connie are caught. Hiding in the swamp, Michael helps Mac make bombs using swamp gas and bamboo. At the cabin, Frank angrily decides that he'll shoot Connie, then Pete, but Mac attacks. He takes out Frank's men and Pete defeats Frank. Later, attempting to repair their strained relationship, Pete asks Michael to a Lakers game, and Michael agrees.


Pete: I can't ask you to help me on this one.
MacGyver: So don't ask.

Flunkie: Frank. You surprised me.
Frank: Surprise kills. Remember that.

"Sounds like a great place to get lost." Mac, about the swamp

Pete: I thought you were dead.
Frank: Surprise.

"I always used to say, you have such interesting friends." Connie, to Pete

"He didn't want me to get lost . . . but maybe he wanted me to get found." Mac, suspicious of Obadiah

MacGyver: Somebody once told me that when you're alone in enemy territory you have to say low, stay careful, and make a moving target. So I made one.
[At this, he finishes assembling his decoy.]

"When it comes to art, I'm no expert, but I know what I like." Mac, fingerpainting a face onto his decoy

Frank: Your man's good - but he's not perfect.
Pete: I don't know what you're talking about.
Frank: MacGyver.

MacGyver: It was pretty obvious that Obadiah had sold me down the river. So, I wasn't too upset that I hadn't given him a deposit on his boat.

"We heard an explosion, that's all. MacGyver is damn hard to kill." Pete, remaining hopeful

MacGyver: Sometimes, the only way you can solve a problem is to be in two places at once.

"You can't lay your guilt on me. It doesn't work; it won't fit." Pete, to Frank

MacGyver: You know what methane is?
Michael: Swamp gas. I'm no chemist, but I know it stinks and it burns.

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