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Final Approach

Original Air Date: October 27, 1986
Episode #027

Pete Thornton asks MacGyver to join a group of young people who are roughing it in the wilderness as part of their probation in a program run by the Phoenix Foundation. Upon Mac's arrival Cavanaugh, the teens' supervisor, leaves, fed up with the whole situation. Mac fares only slightly better as the girl flirts with him and two of the three guys seem intent on killing each other. Flying home in a small plane, Ramon unbuckles his seat belt to lean forward and harass the pilot. As Mac tries to return Ramon to his seat, the pilot suddenly passes out and the plane begins to plummet. Mac manages to land in a pasture; he checks on the pilot and declares the man dead of a coronary. Ramon holds his side but insists that he's fine. That night, Mac realizes that Gina is interested in Tommy, but she insists that they're enemies because they're in rival gangs. Gina also reveals that Ramon killed Luther's brother; Mac asks why Ramon isn't in jail, and Gina replies that there were no witnesses. The next day, Mac discovers that Tommy left. Mac goes after him and saves him from a mountain lion. They return to camp, and Mac saves Ramon from a vengeful Luther. Mac also observes that Ramon has internal injuries from getting banged around as the plane fell. Since Ramon needs medical help, Mac forms a plan to allow the plane to take off despite a damaged front wheel. As Tommy and Gina help Mac, Luther remains angry. Mac challenges him to make sure his facts are straight. Luther confronts Ramon who confesses that Luther's brother was killed by a junkie while buying crack; Ramon saw a chance to gain respect in his gang, so he took credit for the killing. Luther storms out of the tent, wrestling with what to believe. Finally he joins Mac and the others. Their efforts pay off as Mac flies with Ramon for help. Later, a helicopter returns to bring the others home.


MacGyver: Flying a small plane can be fun; it can also be kind of frightening. Now, I've always felt the best way to confront a fear of the ocean is to dive right in. So, it seemed like the smart way to deal with a fear of flying light planes--
[Mac hears a boom from some sort of engine trouble.]
MacGyver: --was to take a train, or a bus.

"I'm sorry, but you have crashed." Computerized voice, after Mac's flight simulation

"It builds character." Pete, on why he sabotaged Mac's pretend flight

MacGyver: You want me to fly a plane just like that, don't you?!
Pete: No, absolutely not - I would never ask you to do that . . . You only have to ride in one.

Pete: We've really extended the funds on this, so there's very little money involved. I mean, like none.
MacGyver: Pete, when has that ever stopped me?

"You're really walkin' into a hornet's nest." Carl the pilot, warning Mac about what's waiting for him

MacGyver: First impressions are very important. And with this group, I knew it'd be critical. So I decided to make a grand entrance . . . through their noses.

MacGyver: Brownies anyone?

Cavanaugh: He sent you to bail me out, didn't he.
MacGyver: Well, I think of it more as a collaboration--
Cavanaugh: Hey! You want to run this show? Fine! You don't need me.

Cavanaugh: Keep bakin' those brownies, MacGyver. See how far it gets you.

"You make a nice fire, MacGyver." Gina's attempt at double entendre

"It's gonna be a long two days." Mac, having a realization

"Hey! Look out for the trees!" One of the kids being real helpful during the plane's descent

MacGyver: Somebody want to fill me in?
Ramon: Nothing to fill in. The man's got a problem. We've all got problems. That's life, White Bread.

Gina: Parachute into a tent. Pretty slick, MacGyver. I like it.
Tommy: Ugh. Gina, please spare us your sap; he hasn't saved us yet.

MacGyver: Have you ever had fresh mountain trout with wild mushrooms and pine nuts? Outrageous.

MacGyver: We both know nothin's gonna happen, Gina, so why don't we cut the act.

"Well, that takes care of findin' lunch." Mac, after removing the rattlesnake from the tent

MacGyver: There's a time to be Daniel Boone, and a time to be a plumber. This one called for the latter.

Gina: Where'd you find him?
MacGyver: Havin' lunch with a mountain lion.

[Ramon is bruised and in pain.]
Ramon: I don't need nobody's help, man.
MacGyver: Humor me, okay?

Gina: MacGyver told me the reason you left was to get us all saved.
Tommy: MacGyver says a lot of stuff.

Tommy: Can't wait to see how you're gonna make snow.
MacGyver: We're not. We're gonna make mud.

MacGyver: Things started disappearing from lockers; everybody knew it was Andy but nobody could prove it. Then one day I open up mine, and my knife is gone. I knew who did it. So I waited until after school, and I busted his nose.
Luther: Yeah? But you got your knife back, didn't you?
MacGyver: That's right. When I got home, it was sittin' on my desk, right where I left it. You sure you got your facts straight, Luther? Think about it.

"Look, my best friend is out there." Pete, about Mac

Ranger: There's a thousand square miles of rough wilderness out there. I'm sorry. It's not very hopeful.
Pete: You don't know MacGyver.

"Pivot . . . Pivot . . . " Mac, with a possible precursor for a scene from the show Friends

"You're gonna be just fine, Ramon . . . [under his breath] . . . if we don't crash." Mac, being less than comforting

Pete: So what's the secret?
MacGyver: I guess you could say they found something worth goin' for.

Jack of Lies

Original Air Date: November 3, 1986
Episode #028

MacGyver returns home to find that all of his stuff is missing. Following a "ransom note" his suspicions are confirmed: the thief is his old friend Jack Dalton, who plays another prank when Mac arrives at an airport hangar. Jack finally admits that he needs a favor. Jack's company, Fly-By-Night, was hired to bring valuable orchids in from Central America; Jack hired botanists to care for the orchids, but now he needs Mac to help rescue the botanists. On the flight down, Mac finds pictures of himself, Jack, and their friend Mike Forrester taken during their travels after college. Jack says that he hasn't seen Mike in years, and Mac doesn't notice that Jack's eye is twitching, a sure sign that he's lying. As they start to land in Denoto, they're greeted by jeeps carrying the police; Jack "forgot to mention" that they need to save the botanists from the police. Jack and Mac escape, and Jack lands in a field near a collection of crashed planes, where Jack has stored the orchids. Jack reveals that Antunnez, the chief of police, told a drug smuggler that Jack would fly heroin out hidden in the orchids. Jack refused, and that's when they grabbed his botanist. Mac points out that Jack previously said it was more than one. Fed up, Mac says he's going for help; Jack blurts out that Mike is his botanist. To find where Mike is being held, Mac and Jack approach a police-filled cantina to talk to Jack's contact. They're quickly discovered, and Mac escapes but Jack turns himself in. He's taken to a monastery and locked up with Mike. Mac sneaks in and frees them. Working together, the three start an old truck and charge out of the gate. Unfortunately, the police have surrounded Jack's plane. Jack says that the plane was worthless anyway because it was almost out of fuel. Mac forms a plan, and Jack returns with Antunnez. Mac's trap bags Sonny, the drug dealer, but Antunnez is free - and angry. Jack offers to fly Antunnez and the heroin out of the country if he'll let Mac and Mike go. Antunnez agrees. Mac realizes that what Jack said earlier is true; he really is dying, so he doesn't care if the plane goes down. Mac tries to stop him but Jack and Antunnez take off. Later, Mike helps Mac return things to his apartment. Pete Thornton reports that Antunnez was picked up by the Colombian Navy, having bailed out after seeing smoke coming from both engines of the plane. Remembering a trick Jack pulled earlier, Mac happily realizes that Jack is okay.


MacGyver: Some things in life just aren't fair. This is one of 'em. I suppose I could always call the police.
[He finds that his phone is gone.]
MacGyver: Or not.

MacGyver: "Dear Mac, if you ever want to see your fridge alive, meet me at the west end of the airport, hangar thirteen. Come alone or the fridge fries." Some folks might see the humor in something like this. I don't happen to be one. But I knew someone who would. Jack Dalton.

MacGyver: You had to give Jack one thing: he knew how to have fun. High adventure, globetrotting, no-holds-barred fun.

MacGyver: Jack Dalton. Rogue. Adventurer. Liar. Thief.

MacGyver: First, you're gonna come down here, so I can punch you in the nose ...

Jack: You haven't changed - not a bit!
MacGyver: Neither have you, Jack.
Jack: Yeah, thanks!
MacGyver: That wasn't a compliment.

Jack: I want to talk.
MacGyver: I do have a phone. At least, I used to.

"The official airline for slugs, scum, and all manner of vermin." Jack, quoting his company motto

Jack: I was . . . shall we say, transporting some very valuable orchids.
MacGyver: Shall we say, "smuggling"?
Jack: That's an ugly word, Mac . . . but hey, at a thousand bucks a plant, I can live with it.

"Your eye. It still twitches when you're lyin'." Mac, proving he knows Jack too well

MacGyver: I know I said I was gonna slug him . . . but how do you hit a kid?

Jack: So, you seen Mike any lately? You always were a little warm for her form.

MacGyver: You want to tell me what's going on?
Jack: Uh, oh. My mistake, private airstrip.

Jack: You worry too much, Mac.
MacGyver: Sometimes you don't worry enough!

"Tell me you're not havin' just a little bit of fun." Jack, to Mac

Jack: I'm gonna put her down right there.
MacGyver: "There"? Where's there? I don't see a landing strip.
Jack: Neither do I - it's a cow pasture.

MacGyver: I could be wrong but Antunnez does not strike me as a flower lover. Wanna level with me? I'm kinda tired of bein' jerked around like a big dog on a short leash.
Jack: Let it never be said of Jack Dalton that he was unkind to animals.
[Jack pats Mac's head a few times.]

MacGyver: Why didn't you just tell me the whole story?
Jack: Right. Sure. Drugs, blackmail, corrupt police . . . sounds like a bad TV show.
MacGyver: Yeah, you wanna know how it ends?
Jack: They all live happily ever after?

Antunnez: My mother taught me never to strike a lady. . . . [He backhands Mike.] . . . I never listened to my mother.

"She hears all, sees more, and tells little - except to moi." Jack, about his contact

Jack: Let's split up. There's no need in both of us getting caught.
MacGyver: What do you mean "both of us"?
Jack: Don't worry. I've got a plan.

Eléna: So Jack wanted to get caught? What kind of plan is that?
MacGyver: A dumb one.

MacGyver: Jack operates a lot on faith.

Jack: We're gettin' out of here.
Mike: It'll take a miracle.
Jack: We got it. MacGyver.
Mike: Here?
Jack: You betcha. All I had to say was "Mike's in trouble," and bingo! There he was.

Jack: Why is it every time you wish you had your camera you remember you left it in another country?

Jack: The way I figure it, we take off in that plane, one of two things will happen. One, we can fly about five miles and crash into the mountains. Or two, we can fly about five miles and crash into the ocean.
MacGyver: Nice to have options.

Jack: Don't worry--
Jack, Mike and Mac: --I have a plan.
Jack: Do I say that a lot?

MacGyver: It's been said the best gift a man could ever give another was his life. Jack Dalton was never one to settle for less than the best.

Mike: But Jack said he only had enough fuel for about five miles.
MacGyver: Yeah, and when was the last time Jack didn't stretch the truth just a little?

The Road Not Taken

Original Air Date: November 10, 1986
Episode #029

MacGyver and Pete Thornton fly into a country just outside Thailand to help save two women who have been targeted by the new regime as troublemakers. One of the women is Sister Margaret, whom Pete knows from times past. The other, Debra, ended a relationship with Mac eight years ago by leaving suddenly. Mac and Pete land, and the pilot agrees to return in two hours. While avoiding soldiers, they find Debra who takes them to where Sister Margaret and the children are hiding. Soon Mac's improvised alarm system alerts them that soldiers have found the tunnel. The four adults hurry to the clearing with the children and climb on-board, but the pursuing soldiers fire. The pilot is shot in the leg, and the helicopter dips, causing Debra to fall out. Mac jumps after her, telling Pete to take off. Mac and Debra flee from the soldiers. The others make it to the refuge camp, but the pilot's injury results in a rough landing and damage to the chopper. Arnaud, the director of the refuge camp, tries to track down a mechanic with no luck. As Mac and Debra hide from the soldiers, their old feelings for each other start to resurface. Mac asks why she left, and she reveals that she knew he was going to ask her to marry him, and she wasn't ready. She also says that she is going to take vows to become a nun, but she finds herself conflicted over what she really wants. They make their way back to the clearing to wait for Pete, but the soldiers catch them. Meanwhile, Pete and Sister Margaret work to repair the chopper but they find that the igniter is missing. They search the camp, and Pete finds the part hidden in Arnaud's office. Pete also overhears Arnaud call the general to divulge more of their plans. Mac and Debra escape, and the general leads his men back to the clearing. Mac works on making a rocket to let Pete know that they're at the orphanage instead. The plan works, and Mac and Debra are picked up on a rope ladder and flown to safety. Back at the refuge camp, Sister Margaret agrees to stay and run the place until a new administrator arrives. Debra tells Mac that she's going to honor the commitment that she made. With a wave, Pete and Mac leave.


Pete: Last time I saw Margaret she was being chased across the Sahara with fifteen children and a goat.

Pete: Mac, I have just one question about rappelling: what do you do if the line breaks?
MacGyver: You fall.
Pete: Oh.

MacGyver: Not rushing you, am I?
Pete: Listen, I may get there slower, Mac, but I get there.

Debra: Don't worry. I was a sprinter in high school.

MacGyver (reading a letter in a flashback): "MacGyver, by the time you read this, I'll be gone. Please understand that leaving you was the hardest decision I ever had to make. But it was one that had to be made. I'll always remember you, and I'll always love the memory of what we had together. Debra."

MacGyver: Hey, um, listen, I'm sorry about that tackle out there.
Debra: The second time I've fallen for you.

Debra: There's a secret entrance.
MacGyver: Yeah, well, secrets have a funny way of gettin' out.

Margaret: What's he doing?
Pete: I haven't got a clue. But I'm used to it.

Debra: Still doin' it, huh? Making things out of thin air.

Debra: A fuse? We don't have any explosive.
MacGyver: The guys out there don't know that. And what they don't know can only help us.

Debra: Think it'll work?
MacGyver: Well, it should; unless they've seen a lot of Westerns.

Debra: I've never been able to figure out how your mind works. How do you think of these things?
MacGyver: Well, if it comes down to me against the situation, I don't like the situation to win.

Margaret: I'm good with broken down machinery; it's the only kind I've ever had.

Debra: MacGyver, if you weren't here right now, where would you be?
MacGyver: Well, the big camel races are in Morocco this time of year ...

Margaret: What did you wrap around that hose?
Pete: Oh, an Ace bandage from the medical kit. Screwdriver. Well, I figured that's what Mac would use.

Debra: How did they figure that out?
MacGyver: Maybe he has seen a lot of Westerns.

"Hey, you spelled my name wrong." Mac, joking about the list of crimes the General just presented

General Chanthara: Tomorrow at high noon the entire village can witness your final performance.

MacGyver: "High noon"? This guy's seen too many Westerns.

Debra: We're not gonna make it, are we.
MacGyver: What happened to all that faith?
Debra: I'm just a novice, remember?

Debra: I keep thinking that ... that maybe I want children of my own. They tend to frown on nuns doing that.

Debra: It would never work with us.
MacGyver: Why not?
Debra: It just wouldn't.
MacGyver: Give me a reason.
Debra: You're always moving around; you never stay in one place!
MacGyver: I wasn't the one who left, remember?

Debra: I've changed.
MacGyver: So would I - for you.

MacGyver: I know I don't have to say this, but hang on!

Pete: I guess I'll see you next time you're in trouble.
Margaret: I'll be looking forward to it.

MacGyver: I'll never meet anyone like her.
Pete: I know exactly how you feel.


Original Air Date: November 17, 1986
Episode #030

MacGyver is tracking a pair of golden eagles as part of a Phoenix Foundation program to help protect them; unfortunately, a ruthless hunter in a helicopter fires at the birds, despite one of the pilot's warning that it's illegal. One of the birds falls with an arrow in its wing, and the other goes down after being hit by one of the helicopter's skids. Mac finds the bird that was shot with Darin Cooper, a boy who had been bird-watching. Darin volunteers his grandfather's cabin as a place where Mac can work on the bird. Darin's mother, Susan, is there, and she helps Mac remove the arrow from the eagle's wing. Elsewhere, Curry, the pilot, is concerned about the guy who saw them firing at the eagles; the hunter tells them to find the guy and buy him off. Mac climbs the mountain and finds the other eagle, who is in shock; Mac nurses him back to health with a little sugar water. While Mac is away, Curry and Ghant arrive at the cabin, posing as rangers who are looking for Mac. As they wait for him to return, Darin recognizes them as the ones flying the copter - and Ghant overhears. Ghant tells Curry that he's not going back to prison, and he plans to kill Darin and Susan to keep them from talking. With the eagle in tow, Mac heads for the house but he finds an arrow that Ghant dropped. He sees Ghant in the cabin and goes to set up a diversion. Mac's plan works, and he is able to knock out both of the villains. Unfortunately the eagle that was shot dies. Knowing that one eagle can't take care of a nest, Mac succeeds in finding the eggs.


MacGyver: The golden eagle's not just a bird; it's a natural wonder.

MacGyver: When you're hang-gliding, you feel like you're part of the sky . . . Maybe that's why I can fly hundreds of feet off the ground without the sweaty palms I get when I look down from a stepladder.

MacGyver: I guess the way you look at the world depends on where you are. From up here it looked like a pretty nice place.

Susan: You sure you've never done this before?
MacGyver: Well, I had a parakeet one time that went ten rounds with a cat. I patched him up, and he lived to fight again.

MacGyver: You know, the only arguments I ever had with my mother were about bed time . . . I finally had to let her stay up 'til ten.

MacGyver: I found out in a hurry the things a climber really needs: a pair of strong hands, a set of steady nerves . . . and a paid-up insurance policy.

MacGyver: There's only one kind of climber who tries to get down a mountain in the middle of a snowstorm - the kind you never hear from again.

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