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A Prisoner of Conscience

Original Air Date: April 30, 1986
Episode #021

On a lake in Moscow, Pete is surprised to find MacGyver. Mac admits that he followed Pete, who mysteriously took off. Pete's friend Alexander Karsov died in police custody, and Pete has come to help Karsov's daughter Maria leave the country. Pete and Mac arrive at Maria's cabin just before the secret police arrive to arrest her. Pete, Mac, and Maria escape after a daring boat chase. Maria explains that reports of her father's death were just a cover-up; he is being held prisoner in the state mental hospital in Leningrad. Mac and Pete insist on helping to free him. With phony papers provided by Maria's friends, Mac is admitted to the hospital as a patient, and Pete poses as his doctor. The head of the hospital, Dr. Suvarin, soon proves to be cruel - and suspicious - but Mac and Pete continue with their plan. With help from the patients, Mac frees Karsov from his cell. Maria joins the hospital as a kitchen worker, and she contributes to the escape by drugging the hospital's staff. Mac, Pete, Karsov and the rest of the patients walk out the front door, free. However, Karsov refuses to leave the country. He says that he has been made too famous to kill, and now he must speak out. For her safety, Maria agrees to leave Russia. Karsov makes his re-entry to the world in a local park, and the citizens greet him warmly as Mac and the others watch.


MacGyver: You didn't even say goodbye to me.
Pete: So you just naturally had to follow me?
MacGyver: Pete, we're friends. If you got troubles, I got troubles.

"Like it or not, you've got me." Mac, letting Pete know he's there for him

Russian Officer: I am only a policeman.
Maria: Then find yourself an honest trade.

MacGyver: All this fun and you wanted to leave me behind.
Pete: Everybody makes mistakes.

MacGyver: I've never been to Leningrad before. I hear it's a real . . . party town.

Natalia: Is he really schizophrenic, or is he political?
Pete: He's ill. Why do you ask?
Dr. Suvarin: There are . . . different modes of treatment.

"I can see that he is a simple, good fellow. He won't give us trouble." Dr. Suvarin's assessment of Mac

Dr. Suvarin: Still having illusions that you are a political prisoner, Demetri?
Demetri: That's what I am, you bedbug.

"I am political . . . but I also drink blood." Mac, trying to blend in

[Mac and Pete discuss the specifics of their plan.]
Pete: Change the timing?
MacGyver: Remember Belgrade?
Pete: Mm. Don't change the timing.

MacGyver: Comrade, it is night. Wolves and owls can see. Men and flowers must wait for the sun.

Natalia: You are black market.
MacGyver: No, we're just your basic revolutionaries.

The Assassin

Original Air Date: May 7, 1986
Episode #022

At night, a black clad figure breaks into an apartment and stabs a woman. The woman's sister, Terri, arrives shortly before she dies. Later, Pete and another agent stake out a watch shop, where MacGyver is inside, posing as the shopkeeper. Their target, an assassin named Piedra, soon arrives, looking for a timer for an explosive device. Piedra tries to kill Mac, who fights back. Piedra gets the upper hand; he moves to stab Mac, but Pete appears and knocks out Piedra. In Piedra's hotel room, Mac inspects the killer's vast array of weapons. A hidden phone rings, and Mac takes the call, posing as Piedra. A man gives instructions on picking up the money, and he says that the girl Piedra requested will call him at two o'clock. Pete reveals that Piedra uses call girls for his pick-ups and then kills them. Piedro is taken to a cell in a safehouse. Continuing to pose as the assassin, Mac receives the call and tells the girl where to meet him. However, the girl is Terri; she joined the escort service and bribed the manager to find the last client who was assigned to her sister. She loads a gun and places it into her purse before going to meet Mac. Terri retrieves the briefcase, but two men in suits start to follow her. Mac drives over to pick her up; they escape, but their pursuers find the hotel key that Terri dropped. Back at Piedra's hotel, Mac opens the briefcase to find money and the identity of the target: Archbishop Fierro. He calls the safehouse and relays the info to one of the agents. Terri suddenly points her gun at Mac, but he is able to convince her that he isn't the man who killed her sister. Mac tells her that Piedra is in custody. Outside the hotel, the men in suits grab Mac and Terri and take them to the convent where the Archbishop will speak. The men are in charge of security, and they think Mac is Piedra. He is able to call Pete, who reports that Piedra escaped from his cell. Mac correctly guesses that Piedra will head there. Piedra is in disguise, but Mac finds him. They fight, but Piedra lands on his own poison dart. He dies. Later, Mac regrets not knowing whether he could have beaten Piedra.


"Nice - in a nasty kind of way." Mac, inspecting the timers at the watch shop

Pete: Each time a different face, name, ID.
MacGyver: Guy sounds kind of nervous.

MacGyver: I was told you were coming, and problems are my specialty.
Piedra: That's funny. Mine too.

MacGyver: What took you so long?
Pete: Well, I wanted to see who was gonna win.
MacGyver: I had him right where I wanted him.

Terri: Don't you trust me?
MacGyver: I don't trust anybody.

MacGyver: Terri, think about it for a second. If I was Piedra, you'd be dead by now.

Terri: What scares me is, I almost killed you.
MacGyver: Nah, Terri, if you were that kind of person, you'd have pulled the trigger on me.
Terri: No, you don't understand. I wanted to hear him beg. I wanted to watch his face as he died.

MacGyver: We're all gonna die. The trick is not to rush it.

[Pete sees that Piedra is dead.]
Pete: What happened?
MacGyver: The wages of sin, I think.

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