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Original Air Date: September 29, 1985
Episode #001

In the opening gambit, somewhere in Central Asia, MacGyver is climbing the vertical face of a cliff. When he reaches the top, he knocks out a guard and steals his uniform. He finds the wreckage of a plane, and takes a flare gun from the cockpit. Blending in with the other guards, he spies the plane's pilot being held in a make-shift cage. Sneaking over, Mac asks about the missile, and the pilot points him to a tent. Mac crawls under a flap; inside the tent, he disarms the missile. With that done, he sets up a diversion. He goes back for the prisoner, and they run, with the guards close behind. Using a rock, Mac flattens the barrel of the flare gun a bit. At the edge of the cliff, he grabs the pilot and fires the flare gun: it acts as a rocket and propels them away from the cliff. As they're falling, Mac activates the parachute he's wearing and they float to safety.

In a (mostly underground) laboratory in Bannon New Mexico, a series of explosions traps the workers on the lower levels. Ed Gantner asks MacGyver to help free any survivors. Arriving at the lab, Mac learns that the blasts caused a leak in a tank of sulphuric acid, and the acid will reach the Rio Grande if it isn't stopped. There's another challenge: the lab has a complex security system, so getting to the survivors will require work. Mac doesn't seem worried, and he sets off. He disarms a laser in the elevator shaft by reflecting it back onto itself. Climbing from the shaft into another level of the building, Mac finds the hallway blocked by rubble. Hearing tapping from the other side, he uses a fire hose to move a girder from the top of the pile. He tells the workers inside how to get back to the surface, but one insists on going with him when she learns that he's looking for two other survivors: Dr. Marlow and Dr. Stubens. After a couple of obstacles, Mac and the woman, Barbara Spenser, find the acid leak and stop it, using some chocolate bars that Mac had picked up earlier in a hallway: Mac explains that the sugar in the chocolate reacts with the acid to form a temporary patch. Soon, Mac and Barbara reach Marlow and Stubens, but Stubens pulls a gun. He had rigged the explosions to destroy the lab and to kill himself and Marlow, so that the research couldn't be repeated. The technology he had developed was to be used as a weapon, and he couldn't let that happen. He raises the gun to shoot Marlow, but Barbara rushes to stop him and is shot. Mac knocks out Dr. Stubens. Barbara thinks the situation is hopeless since they don't have a way to contact the surface. Mac gets an idea and hurries back to the building's main power switch, which he had passed earlier. He flips the lights on and off in Morse code, and thankfully one of the men at the top level gets the message that the acid leak has been stopped and everyone is safe. Later, as Barbara is on her way to an ambulance, she and Mac share a kiss.


"It's funny, you know, the kind of stuff that pops into your head when you're trying to work." MacGyver (in a voice-over) as he's climbing up a very steep cliff

"Hey: I want that knife back, you know." Mac, after lending his SAK to a captive

"What are we doing?!" "I'll tell you later!" The pilot's question, and Mac's response after they jump off the cliff

Gantner: They calculate the chances of anyone getting through to Marlow and Stubens are . . . not great.
MacGyver: Give me "not great" on a scale of one to ten.
Gantner: Minus three.

"Well, you're just taking all the fun out of this job." Mac, learning that he has less than five hours to rescue the people that were trapped by the explosion

MacGyver: The bag's not for what I take, Colson, it's for what I find along the way.

Colson: MacGyver, what are you doing down there?
MacGyver (pushing against a large beam): Praying my back doesn't give out.

Barbara: Don't tell me you know how to make a bomb out of a stick of chewing gum . . . ?
MacGyver: Why, you got some?

The Golden Triangle

Original Air Date: October 6, 1985
Episode #002

In the opening gambit, MacGyver sneaks into a junk yard, seeking to stop the sale of some top secret Pentagon missile launch codes. Unfortunately he's knocked out by one of the bad guys and wakes up trapped in a car that is loaded into a compactor. Mac quickly pulls back the seat and crawls into the trunk, where he escapes just in time by using a crowbar to force the trunk open. He then uses a forklift the pick up the bad guys' car and pins the doors closed, before calling to tell the others to come pick them up.

As MacGyver is sunning himself on the beach, he is approached by a Marine officer: a plane carrying a container of deadly poison crashed in Burma and they want it back. A helicopter will return for Mac in 24 hours. In Burma, Mac chops his way through leafy plant life. He stops when he sees a group of villagers being menaced by a cruel opium dealer, who complains that the workers are slow. A young boy hits the man with a branch and runs off, but Mac hides the boy. The boy's name is Chan, and the man chasing him is Truang. Mac asks where Chan found the red baseball hat he's wearing, and Chan shows him to a wrecked plane. Mac inspect the cabin, but the poison isn't there. Outside the plane, Truang knocks Mac out. Mac is taken back to the village where Truang accuses him of being a narcotics agent. Someone announces that the general is coming, and a black helicopter lands nearby. General Narai, a thin, black-clad man wearing a beret, emerges and Mac looks on as the people cower. Truang shows Narai weapons from the downed plane, and Mac takes this opportunity to scan the scene for useful items. Seeing Mac, Narai decides to make an example of him to inspire the people to work, and they tie Mac to a bamboo rack in the sweltering sun. However, Chan steals Mac's knife from the soldiers and sneaks it to him. Back at the village, Mac sets up a diversion, and the villagers join him in fighting. Truang flees, but one man says that now General Narai will return and kill them all. Mac leaves briefly to put the poison container on the Marine helicopter, but he goes back to the village. The people want to fight. Mac helps them set up traps to fight the men. The traps work, but General Narai returns. Mac jumps him as he exits his helicopter; Narai pulls a sword but he trips and falls on it as he charges Mac. One of the villagers says that now they are free.


"Of course, missiles come in all kinds of sizes and shapes. I've always been partial to round." MacGyver, in a junkyard, as he knocks over a stack of tires to distract the bad guys

MacGyver: The thing about a junkyard is, the treasure you find is liable to be something another fellow lost.

"You may find this hard to believe, but there've been times when I've had a lot more fun in the backseat of a car." MacGyver, as he's trying to escape from a car that's about to be crushed.

MacGyver: It's my humble opinion that old Alexander Graham Bell has a lot to answer for.

"Good morning, MacGyver. Ever been to Burma?" How a Marine greets MacGyver.

General Narai: You wish to tell me the real reason you're here?
MacGyver: Tourist?

MacGyver: Herpetologists will tell you, everyone has an inner fear of snakes. Including herpetologists.

Thief of Budapest

Original Air Date: October 13, 1985
Episode #003

In the opening gambit, MacGyver sneaks into a tent and finds a white horse: in the voice-over, he explains that the horse was stolen from a king and is possibly the most expensive horse alive. Using the saddle that he brought, he rides the horse out of the tent, but the tribal leader - who stole the horse - and his men follow. Mac rides over a dune and along a beach; he's surrounded by the men, but after a brief joust with the tribal leader, Mac breaks through. Again, the men are chasing him, but a helicopter flies in, with a hook lowered on a cable. The helicopter lingers over Mac, who hooks the saddle, and he and the horse are lifted away.

In Budapest, MacGyver is to meet with his double-agent friend, Nikolai Grotsky, to receive some information. As Mac waits, he catches a little girl who picked his pocket. Her name is Yanna, but when she leaves, he realizes that she took his Swiss Army Knife again. He finds Grotsky, who says the information is in his pocket watch, but he wants Mac to meet him elsewhere for the exchange. They part ways, but Yanna steals the watch. A Russian major, who has been watching Grotsky, goes after him; Grotsky flees into traffic and is hit by a truck. The major tells his men to find the girl. Mac also goes after Yanna; she agrees to return the watch, which she had given to her brother. Unfortunately, Yanna's family is arrested, but MacGyver sneaks into the prison yard and frees them. Yanna's brother admits that he sold the watch to a fence named Reena. Mac finds Reena, and she ultimately gives him the watch. In exchange for helping, Yanna asks Mac to take her and her family to America. Reluctantly, he agrees. Borrowing a few cars from the local road rally, the group makes a run for the Austrian border, with the major and the police in hot pursuit. After an extensive chase, they reach their goal. Mac makes a few calls and says that they're on their way.


"No, don't shoot! You will hit the horse!" the tribal leader, to his men as MacGyver is escaping with the horse

MacGyver: Typical. Just when you're getting ahead, somebody always changes the odds.

MacGyver (to the tribal leader): You know, we could go back to your place and talk about this . . . [the man glares at Mac, obviously furious] . . Nah. Didn't think so.

"I'm with you, pal - I hate heights." MacGyver, after the horse whinnies after being picked up by the helicopter

"Go in safety. Find what you seek." Yanna, giving Mac a gypsy blessing

Inspector: Budapest has gypsies like a dog has fleas.

Major Kossov (threatening): . . . And if I am cold, you could freeze to death.

Yanna: Why do they hate us?
MacGyver: Some people are scared of anybody who runs free.

MacGyver: I really don't drink too much . . .
Reena: Virtuous? Or suspicious?
MacGyver: Habit.

Reena: You're American; what are you selling, blue jeans?

Reena: It's a family heirloom.
MacGyver: Yeah, I know. I know that family that sold it to you.

MacGyver: I don't have a lot of cash on me. Do you take plastic?

The Gauntlet

Original Air Date: October 27, 1985
Episode #004

In the opening gambit, Mac sneaks into a building in a Middle Eastern town and steals a map that contains the bad guys' plans. He's spotted as he tries to escape, but the map proves to be useful in a variety of ways, and Mac eludes his pursuers and lifts off in a hot air balloon.

Mac arrives in a small town in Central America at the behest of a newspaper publisher; he finds photographer Kate Connolly and says that her publisher wants him to bring her home. Kate agrees to leave if Mac will help her complete the big story she's been working on: an American criminal named Dave Reyerson and a crooked general named Vasquez are negotiating a deal over weapons. Mac and Kate sneak onto Reyerson's estate; Vasquez arrives and Kate gets several pictures of the deal. Kate changes cameras when the first runs out of film, but the new one makes noise, and she and Mac are caught. They escape when Mac takes advantage of a little plastique explosive. Since Vasquez controls the town, Mac says they'll have to take the film across the border to Mexico. Mac creates a diversion and they steal a bus, with the general's men close behind. Leaving the road to hide in the underbrush, the bus charges down a hill and lands in a pond. Mac and Kate then steal a Jeep from two army guys, but as they near the border they find that the general's men are guarding the bank of the river. Mac and Kate go back for some barrels, which they set on fire and roll down the hill toward the general's men. While the army is distracted, Mac and Kate sneak into a barrel that rolls down the hill and into the river, and they swim over to the safety of the Mexican border.


MacGyver: Great thing about a map: it can get you in and out of places a lot of different ways.

"Actually, I do much better without them, thanks." MacGyver after a man offers the use of his gun

MacGyver: Well, now, Dave, it just might be I'm working on gettin' you kicked out of this country, too.

"Mostly I like to see how the world works. Meet people. Learn how they're different - and the same." MacGyver, on why he moves around so much

Kate: How are you going to start a fire? Make lightning, or rub two sticks together?
MacGyver: Well, I thought I'd use a match.

"MacGyver, you don't eat things like that; you call pest control." Kate, after MacGyver catches a lizard for supper

Kate: You're a very . . . unexpected man, MacGyver. You . . . keep me off balance.
MacGyver: I'm sorry.
Kate: No, I think . . . I think I like it.

MacGyver: What do you see?
Kate: Two men with guns. What do you see?
MacGyver: Opportunity knocking.

[Kate and MacGyver emerge from a river.]
Border Patrolman: Welcome to Mexico. Do you have anything to declare?
MacGyver (with a big smile): Wise guy.

MacGyver: I thought your camera was broken.
Kate: I fixed it. MacGyver-style.

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