About Me

By way of introduction, I offer this collection of elements. There are even links to more in case you are just that nosy, a glutton for punishment, remotely interested.

Prologue: A to Z

all things for good · beta steps · "characterized by peculiar or unexpected traits" · don't hate · ever after (see John 3:16-17) · "...fall? Oh, but my darling, what if you fly?" · gray, touch of · holding out for a hero · in "doofus" veritas · just for a moment I was back at school · keep calm and blog it out · live and learn · maybe redemption has stories to tell · nature trail-er · or have they not been listening · people who focus on thorns have no rose · query me · retro radio + video fan · "she's got, like, flaws" · thinking it over (and over and over) · unduly expressive ;) · virtual canvas, a veritable outlet · watching you's the only drug I need · X files · yield not to the fortunes we sometimes see as fate · zero to Juliet in the twinkling of my mind's eye

The Basics and Beyond

name? Anne
other screen names? chezanne, box47
boy or girl? woman, actually
what age? let's just say it's double digits and leave it at that ;)
married, single, or other? happily single
home? Alabama
religion? born-again Christian
college degree? Civil Engineering with a Math Minor
current job? document control specialist
heritage? Scot-Irish, but one of my grandmothers was half Cherokee
played sports? volleyball, senior year of high school
early bird or night owl? early bird music or talk radio? music!
trendy or casual? way casual. In our office, we can wear jeans every day.
big spender or frugal? frugal
introvert or extrovert? introvert, with forays into chattiness
planner or flying by the seat of your pants? big time planner

tablet or computer? Computer. I consider myself old-school high-tech, because for what I do the most (composing text, editing HTML code and graphics), I prefer to use a full keyboard and mouse.

reality TV or fantasy? fantasy, especially movies based on comic book characters: Thor, Spiderman, Iron Man, Captain America and the Avengers

If you could have one super power, what would it be? Without a doubt: the ability to fly. Up, Up, and Awayyyyy!

What you look for in a guy? non-negotiables include similar beliefs and values, plus an overall positive outlook

A personal quest? to be a better communicator, both in writing and -- eek! -- in person

Are you quick tempered? I am generally very easy-going, but what shortens my long fuse is when I perceive a lack of respect, whether it manifests itself as interrupting or ignoring my attempts to communicate, mocking misspeaks or mannerisms, or a disagreeable, I-know-all-and-so-your-views-are-invalid attitude.

"Forgive and forget" or "3 strikes and they're out"? Forgive. For me, it's a win-win: if I misunderstood and the person meant no offense, I certainly don't want to create a problem where none existed! But if the person *did* mean to offend, what better response than to choose to move past it?

Something people don't "get" about you? That although I'm often (labeled) quiet, I am open to getting closer, but rapport-building will take time and effort, on both parts. I also fear that some people mistake my I-am-okay confidence for a better-than-you arrogance. For me, it's not a competition. But maybe their own self-esteem issues balk at my tendency of rejecting attempts to shame me? It's true that I've grown to be quite unapologetically... me. (What exactly does that take from them?) Do I love -- or even like -- everything about myself? Of course not! But I'm making peace with being a lifetime work in progress. If you're on that road, too, I'm sure you understand. And if you've got everything figured out, well, please try to muster up some patience for the rest of us... or you may not be as far along as you thought. ;)

Where you find your identity? My Christian faith. Nothing else I've found comes close. Hope for the future. Biblical direction for here and now. Purpose, with all -- everything! -- being worked for my good. And grace, "amazing grace," because growth is a process.

Been there. Done that.

acted in small stage productions ___ amusement parks ___ anonymous love notes, sent and received ___ attended a professional ballet ___ battled hypochondria ___ Bourbon Street ___ bus ride ___ cake for breakfast ___ camped out overnight ___ changed the oil on a lawnmower ___ chickenpox ___ climbed a tree ___ computer programming courses ___ cruised the town square ___ CT scan ___ drive-in theater ___ dumpster dive ___ fan fiction writer ___ fangirl pilgrimage to L.A. ___ fed pigs ___ frequent flier ___ helped paint a mural in an elementary school classroom ___ House on the Rock, Infinity Room ___ hot air balloon ride ___ IQ test (131, fyi) ___ line-danced ___ lost a parent ___ made mix tapes ___ mini-golf hole in one ___ modeled for a clothing store in a newspaper ad ___ Monte Sano State Park, double-black-diamond trail ___ motion sickness ___ Nantahala River, white-water rafting ___ natural bridge ___ oceans, Atlantic and Pacific ___ paddleboat river cruise ___ painted interior rooms and exterior trim ___ passed out ___ picked produce in a garden ___ radio contest winner ___ received a subpoena ___ roasted marshmallows on an open fire ___ rock concerts ___ rode a ski lift (to sightsee, not to ski) ___ roller rink ___ Rosenbaum House ___ Sea World, Florida ___ seen a lightning storm ___ served on a grand jury ___ shot several thousand pictures ___ shucked corn ___ slept in several states ___ soaked in a whirlpool tub ___ speeding ticket ___ spied a meteor ___ Stone Mountain, Georgia ___ sung solos at church ___ teppanyaki Japanese restaurant ___ tooth crowned ___ touched a meteorite ___ toured a prison ___ Trapper Keeper ___ ultrasound ___ underground cave tour ___ Universal Studios ___ ushered at a local playhouse ___ vegetarian in a small town ___ voted ___ waffles in a waffle maker ___ waited tables ___ walked on the beach ___ "You're fired"

Points Pondered

Facts are a start, but alone they paint an incomplete picture; thoughts, feelings, and memories can provide a better sense of who a person is.

To that end, I offer these links to my write-ups and commentary:

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