Photo Collage

"Your photography is a record of your living, for anyone who really sees." - Paul Strand

With the above quote in mind, I am presenting our site banner -- comprised of pictures I've taken as well as representative stock photos -- as an introductory photo album.


To supplement this photographic "record of living," comments follow; a number indicates a stock photo, and the pictures I've taken are noted with letters of the alphabet. #AdditionalInfoHashtagged

1 - representing my love of writing, especially letter writing, especially to my friend Michele

A - Saddle Ranch Chop House in Universal City (Los Angeles), where some other fans and I met the Guys Next Door

2 - clipart of the "Christian fish," because "God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life." John 3:16 ... and that's just the beginning!

3 - representing nostalgia and adventures

4 - Alas, I'm nowhere near the dreamer that I used to be, but I relish those dreams that remain.

5 - I did not see a description with this stock photo, but it reminds me of Opryland's Tennessee Waltz, which I rode several times.

B - I was thrilled that my second digital camera had a timer, and I took advantage of it to attempt some "artsy" shots.

6 - representing... nothing, I guess. I liked the way the heart shape softens the cold, metal, prickly-ness of the gate.

C - This guy, my former coworker, was in a band, and one evening I visited the bar where they played. #Crushes #MusicLover

7 - representing communication and its challenges because the words faded when I made certain changes to the image

8 - another image for which I could ascribe a significance, but mostly, I just liked it

D - A cropped, up-close view offers a different take on one of my most common landscape subjects, a shop that my grandfather built.

E - Of the set of aforementioned Artsy Attempts, I like this self-portrait the best.

9 - representing a guarded heart... but one that can be opened

10 - representing my interest in photography. Also, a nod to my grandfather who enjoyed the hobby back in "the olden days" of film.

F - Continuing the heart motif of the collage, I found this rock in the Tennessee River, near Wilson Dam. #NatureLover

11 - The clock is becoming increasingly significant: as one song lyric says, "There's nothin' time hasn't touched."

12 - representing two years of high school French, as well as mental escapes to exotic places

G - Since this virtual self-portrait is naturally incomplete, a mostly-hidden view of my face seemed appropriate, but none of my posed partials fit the banner as well as this camera misfire. #HappyAccidents

13 - representing collections of memories

H - Looking for photo opportunities in my city's downtown area, I spied this blast from the past, which reminded me of a car that belonged to my dad.

I - Of my travels for work, my favorite was our week of training in New Orleans. Our guide insisted we keep with (tourist-y) tradition and do beignets and coffee at the Cafe Du Monde.

J - For going to work on my birthday, a Power Outfit: Power Boots with Power, Too-Long-To-Be-Practical Jeans, and a Power, White, Long-Sleeved, Button-up Shirt (not shown). #ApartmentNumber2 #BirthdaySlides

K - This fence borders the now empty lot where a childhood home once stood. #GoneButNotForgotten

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