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"Every loss and every love, every blessing from above,
Here I am, all added up, oh, it's all right here."

A friend said the song "All Right Here" by Sara Groves reminds him of me -- "of all women, really" -- because we tend to keep so many of our experiences right here in our hearts and minds. Indeed, I'm guilty as charged, and for many years now, some of what I'm keeping has been held in virtual storage on the world wide web.

On April 18, 2001, I opened this site at Geocities under the name Chez Anne; in September of 2002, I moved the site to its current location here at my (new, at the time) domain, www.rusted-crush.com. I renamed the site "eclectic" because that same friend applied that word to me, and I hope this collection reflects the range and eclectic-ness that my friend saw.

Current Layout

Layout #7 was first based on the lyrics, "It's been a hard year but I'm climbing out of the rubble," from another of Sara Groves' songs. For a placeholder in the draft layout, I used the excerpt above from "All Right Here," and it (eventually!) struck me that the latter is a closer fit with the site's titular theme. With the layout decided, I then overhauled the content to remove duplicates, to make better use of features at my other sites, and to give the material at this site more focus.

To paraphrase a quote, I feel that this layout is "more me, more eclectic"¹... and it should be, because this was the longest of any update: over three years in the making! Unable to devote all of my -- already limited -- free time to the makeover, I worked on it sporadically when I could. (I often brainstormed and scribbled notes during the lunch break at my job.) The prolonged effort allowed me to carefully consider each piece and its place in the overall presentation, and I consider the payoff to be that the site is the most cohesive and personally representative that it's ever been.

¹ "It's more me; it's more Deana!" Deana Carter, talking on CMT about her second(?) album

Credits, Etc.

I dedicate this site to the folks who have stuck with me through the years and the changes highlighted in these "pages," and to you, the site visitor who ventures past the main index. ;)

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