A Cautionary Tale

Years ago, after I shared this website with a friend, she soon dropped out of my life. Thinking that she might've been offended by my brief mention of her, I now feel compelled to include notes of explanation:

  1. The rants here are not an "In your face!" to those I feel have slighted me, nor are the good reports intended as bragging.
  2. These recollections are snapshots of my experiences and feelings at specific points in time, assembled here to -- collectively -- form a kind of self-portrait.
  3. The portrait is naturally incomplete, being not only comprised of such snapshots but also with each step in each part's creative process influenced by many factors such as my whims, state of mind, how much coffee I've had, etc.

With the preceding in mind, please don't extend these glimpses to draw negative conclusions about who I am today, or -- even worse -- exit angry, never to return. Before you unfriend me, try to sue, etc. please, let's start a discussion.

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http://ledux.blogspot.com/2005/03/herches-blog-disclaimer.html (was not functioning in multiple checks)

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