"Every loss and every love,
Every blessing from above,
Here I am, all added up
Oh, it's all right here"

A friend said this song reminds him of me -- "of all women, really" -- because we tend to keep so many of our experiences right here in our hearts and minds. Indeed, I'm guilty as charged; through the years I've assembled this collection of trivia, thoughts and memories to help me remember the good and work through the bad.

While this so-called personal site doesn't contain bank account numbers or my real weight (um, yeah, it's not *that* personal!), it does include the following sections:

About Me

True, the whole site is "about me," but that is what I've titled the series of facts and stats that are often used to put people "in a box." I've also added some #Quirks in an attempt to break out of said box.
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Real answers to questions from a fictional interviewer
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Journal Archive

If the facts and minutiae listed in the previous sections are the Who and What, these journal entries fill in more blanks by adding Who Else, Why, How, and Huh?
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Musings, scrutiny, preoccupation, or #PitOfRandom -- however you may classify them, this pseudo-newsletter is where I introduce the writings (reports, reviews, remarks, recollections...) that I have posted across the Internet.
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