To avoid an excess of short pages, I'm collecting the "leftover" content here.


A brief guide to my shorthand, abbreviations, and Anne-speak

Who's Who

Meet the cast of characters formerly starring in... my life (Underscore indicates those who are still in my life.)

2001 - 2005: Blog List (a.k.a "Blogs Aplenty")

Over the years, I've journaled at several different places, often at more than one in any given time frame. First, I needed an outlet, and weblogs hadn't been invented. Then I started websites and included a few of my ramblings as filler, but I still sought a venue for the more personal elements. Not much later, I stumbled upon the blogging service diary-x.com and found a virtual (albeit temporary) home. I ultimately abandoned most locations because I lost interest, I lacked the time, or the site's host shut down.

Now, I have collected all of those posts in this archive, and I've designated which entries are from what blog with a 2-digit code (under the entry title):

ºº = the "at work" journal = The earliest "entries" were just me typing in a Microsoft Word document. I was at work, things were very slow, and I had plenty of time to be alone with my thoughts. (Some words are capitalized because Word would underline them as being spelled incorrectly if I wrote them normally... and that annoyed me.)

º¹ = "chez-geo" = my original "personal" site, which was at Geocities

º² = "eclectic" = my "personal" site (you are here ;)

º³ = "chez-dx" = the main diary-x journal

¹º = "aliasnews" = at diary-x. It was intended as a news blog for the TV show Alias, but I was too busy to develop that. So I used it as a "secret" diary, secret because I didn't feel I could disclose certain things to my main audience. (Ah, the blogger's conundrum: wanting to share but fearing rejection.)

¹¹ = "the MR board" = I started writing at my Moulin Rouge message board to try to keep some activity there. However, I finally had so many sites to maintain that I stopped posting, and the MR board was shut down by its host in 2005 because of inactivity.

¹² = "blogeasy" = my "secret" journal at blogeasy.com

"the neloo forums" and wordpress = current blog

Why am I explaining all of this? Just in case anyone wonders why the same post appears more than once, why certain posts don't have titles, etc. Basically, I'm trying to keep it all in context.

Places I've Been

places I've been

I've traveled quite a bit with my job(s), and rather than making a list, I decided to represent my travels graphically.

F O O T · N O T E D