Portraits in Rust

Since 2002, rusted-crush has connected visitors to a plethora of original features. For example...

 #creative writing  
> real questions and answers in a pretend talk-show setting

 #entries aplenty  
> RainShine is the blog where I post the most often.

 #rusty glow of crushes  
> relationship ruminations, also known as "The Ex Files"  
> top ten lists about the MacGyver TV series

 #vocation agitation  
> what not to say to your waitress... or to anyone for that matter! #DoNotBeThatGuy

> The biography narrative links to additional portraits and profiles.

As an early form of social media, personal website portfolios (such as rusted-crush) provided an outlet for self-expression, and offered common ground in mutual interests.

And that is still the goal: to share and to connect.

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