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The MacGyver F.A.Q.

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The MacGyver F.A.Q.

Version 1.1

(last updated 08 February 1995)

5. Other sources of information

(***Outdated. Removed to avoid confusion.***)

6. Acknowledgments & Addresses

6.1) Contributors

This FAQ could not have come into being without the hard work of the following people.

Special thanks also to the scores of other subscribers to the MacGyver Mailing List whose input is greatly appreciated.

6.2) Comments? Suggestions? Corrections?

We know there are bound to be some mistakes in this FAQ, so send your corrections to Carrie Chin at gt2140a[AT] If you have an idea of how we can improve the MacGyver FAQ, we welcome your comments, too.


The MacGyver FAQ previously appeared at which has closed: many thanks to Melissa for giving me permission to re-post it here. Many, many thanks also to the people listed above who wrote the information in this FAQ and put it together.

  The MacGyver F.A.Q.       Part 1       Part 2       Part 3       Part 4    

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