September 6 - December 27, 2007

September 6, 2007
» shine on

After two failed attempts at redesigning my "inspirational" site, I decided to convert it into a blog. I think that format will work well for the content, and I'll be able to add my own ponderings, although as always I make no guarantee that I will write anything of note.

Anyway, I've started posting content there. When it's all moved, I'll post the new address at the old site, but you, my visitor(s?), can get a sneak peek of it at the link below:

September 13, 2007
» once upon an outfit

When I was in high school, I wrote a story. More than one, actually, but the one I'm referring to here wasn't so much a fanfiction as it was a dreamfiction, where I wrote my life as I wanted it to be. I remember writing that my family was rich, our house was better, our cars were cooler, etc. and in the story, as I was bustling about in my oh-so-popular life, I specified that I was wearing a peach shirt, denim overalls (I think they were Guess, and, um, yeah, I was young and foolish. Don't judge me.), and a silver heart on a long silver necklace.

At the time, that outfit was especially significant to me because I'd seen one of the nice, popular girls wearing it at school. It was just so pretty and so unlike, well, everything I had to wear.

Yesterday, I wore a peach tee-shirt, a pale blue pair of jeans, and silver earrings, and more than once, I thought about that old story. Have I achieved those dreams from long ago? Being popular, in a rich family with the great house and the cool cars? Hardly! My shirt came from Wal-Mart, and the jeans were from Ross Dress For Less: combined they were less than twenty bucks. Yet, I'd look down at my outfit, think of that fiction, and smile, yes, laughing at was a dork I was am, but feeling pretty good nonetheless about just being me.

Might as well, right? As a quote in the high school yearbook said, "Success is having what you want, but happiness is wanting what you have."

September 17, 2007
» reporting live from the kitchen

I had the carpet in my apartment cleaned today, and about the time the cleaners arrived and started working, I wondered, "Hmm, I wonder how long this stuff will take to dry." So I asked, and the answer was four to six hours. I went back to work then went to get something to eat, but that only took about three hours. So now I'm staring down the barrel of a long time until bed as I try to minimize time spent on the carpet. Since 90% of the apartment is carpeted, this is not an easy task.

If I were an outgoing sort, I would use this time to get acquainted with my neighbors. "Hi, there! I just had my carpets cleaned, and I'm trying not to walk on them. Could I watch TV with you? What's that you say? You're eating supper? No problem! Ooh, is that green bean casserole?"

Yeah, that's not really going to happen. So, I've set up the computer in the kitchen on the sliver of counter that isn't occupied by the stuff I moved out of the way of the carpet cleaning. It's uncomfortable as all get out to perch on a stool at a counter that is not meant to be sat at and hunch over a computer, but I'm loving that I'm able to do this.

Portable technology. What'll they think of next?

September 25, 2007
» nitpickers

My apartment is back in order after last week's carpet cleaning. And apparently I got the cleaning done just in time because I found a memo on my door saying that the "annual inspection" of all the apartments will be tomorrow.

What "annual"? I've been here over a year, and I haven't had one. Then again, maybe the previous manager did an inspection but didn't feel the need to tell everyone about it. Count on the current Queen B to make a big show of it. :rollseyes:

There are a couple of little things that I should have reported for maintenance that Queen B could harp on, but I'm hoping she doesn't do that. If she does, I may have to play my ace in the hole: "I didn't know if y'all would think it was a big deal. After all, I had to submit three maintenance requests and lose a freezer full of food before my refrigerator problem was taken care of."

October 4, 2007
» think outside the number

My birthday was Monday. I took the day off of work and went shopping with my sister but didn't find anything. On a related note, I plan to email most of the clothing stores I frequent and ask them why they don't stock clothes that real-sized, quasi-professional women can wear, opting instead to focus on choices more suitable for size-zero twelve-year-olds.

On Tuesday, I returned to work to discover that someone I'd confided my age to last week announced it in Monday's meeting. It seriously bummed me out that suddenly everyone knew, and like that. Sure, I knew when I confessed it that everyone would probably know before too long, and I thought I was ready for it, but when people are saying, "Wow, you look good for your age!" ... ouch.

Even more than that pseudo-compliment ("Wow, you don't look old, even though you really, really are!!"), I hate for people to try to put me in some box based on who they think I should be at this age. "She's blah-di-blah years old, and she's not married yet? What's wrong with her?" or "Whoa, at her age, she's just starting a career? What's she been doing all this time?"

I especially did not need salt on that particular wound after yet another bad haircut on Monday. I really thought I had a safe plan to ensure success with my hair trim, too: I was going to ask for a trim of one-half inch, and then casually pick the stylist's brain for new 'do ideas "for next time." I kept my resolution of trying a new salon, but the stylist was so busy training someone on the cash register that she didn't have much time for me at all, nor did she seem to care. She did trim the back like I asked, but then she butchered my bangs, cutting them too short and straight across which looks TERRIBLE with my face shape.

I've *really* got to find a picture to show what I want. The thing about that is, the person in the picture probably has gorgeous thick hair to begin with, so their current style probably wouldn't work with my hair on its best day. I'm hoping that at some point, I'll get a decent cut, so I can take pictures, and then I'll know it can work for me. Maybe at the very least I should take pictures of my hair with what I *don't* want it to look like.

In any event, it didn't take long until I reverted back to my normal "loving that I'm not 'normal'" self. As far as age is concerned, I don't think I could be any age or have done any thing that some small-minded person couldn't find a criticism for. As for my hair, I figure that I won't like it in any 'do until it grows a bit, so I'm embracing the change by trying a new hairstyle or two. I don't think the one today was too well-received by my co-workers, but whatever. Maybe they'll appreciate my old style more, when it returns. I know I will.

October 10, 2007
» stop the madness

Earlier, my officemate and another co-worker ticked me off by poking fun (!) at the way I was doing a project(!!). I was going to rant and rage about it ... but that was all about eight hours ago, and now, happily, I'm just not feelin' it. So, I'll take the subject line's advice and just stop the madness.

Or perhaps I'll just focus it in a different direction. Three words: Amazon. Dot. Com. On September 16th, I ordered three DVD sets - nothing fancy, no new releases - and I have yet to receive them. And Amazon's info page is so much less than helpful, with their estimated ship date of "between now and 2012" or whatever lame thing it says.

If I don't receive it soon, I'm going to call Amazon (rather, email them and have them call me, like their site requires) and ask them about it. However, if they say it's shipped and the Post Office has it, I can just picture them being all, "We can't help you." Grr.

I'm starting to fear that my package was stolen out of the mailbox. Some dirty so-and-so could be watching my A-Team, my Dukes of Hazzard and my 3rd Rock From the Sun right now. If that's true, I hope they find the action boring, the car jumps lame, and the jokes unfunny.

October 11, 2007
» the dead package office

Remember yesterday, and the post with the bashing of Amazon dot com? Well, today, I have my package, and I must say that Amazon did their part, right on time.

I had noticed when tracking the package at the USPS site, the last recorded entry was on September 22, saying the package left Atlanta. This is why I started to think that surely the package had been delivered and subsequently stolen out of the mailbox.

But! As it turns out it was at the Post Office, and no doubt has been since it left Atlanta, and no doubt would still be had someone not gone to mail something and decided to ask about the package, just in case. And why was it still at the Post Office? "Because the regular mail carrier had been out and the temp doesn't yet know the route too well." Wha...? "Didn't know the route"? The package has my name and address on it, just like the other mail that I *have* been getting!

In any event, my package is home. As you may have gleaned from yesterday's post, I had truly given up on it, thinking it had been stolen. I was positive that Amazon would be all, "We gave it to USPS. Our job is done. We've washed our hands of your whole DVDs." I even grr-ed at them. :hangs head in shame:

Now that Amazon and I are on good terms again, I had been planning to preorder the re-release of My So-Called Life, but I'm scared of another ordeal with the PO. I think I'll preorder it from Wal-Mart instead - if they'll match Amazon's price - and just go pick it up myself. :sigh:

October 23, 2007
» going and gone

And now for some News That Will Surprise No One: last week my officemate turned in his two-week notice. (Okay, if you haven't read my blog before you're probably surprised by that. Or maybe you're not. Maybe you saw it coming. Maybe you just know these things.)

I heard about this last week while I was on my third trip to Nebraska, spending time at my company's parent company. I was passing by the Big Cahuna's office, and I was just going to wave and walk on, but he called me in. He was talking to Big Cahuna #2, and they asked if I'd heard what was going on back home. I answered honestly that I hadn't, and they said I might want to sit down. Of course at this, inside I'm about to freak out wondering if they were all fired, or blown away by a tornado or something.

As I said, the news that OfficeMate was leaving didn't really surprise me, to the point where Big Cahuna #1 actually said, "You don't seem too surprised by this." I simply said that I knew OM has been frustrated for a while now. They were going to try to talk him into staying. I wished them luck with that.

Although the Cahunas weren't upset, they probably thought that I knew. But if I had known, what was I supposed to say? "OM is mad"? That sounds childish, and besides that, they'd be thinking (logically) that if the guy was that angry, he should probably speak up and try to work it out himself.

Anyway, that same day I actually got an email from OM. That in itself surprised me since we've not spoken much since the big blowup. But then, in the email, he said he was sorry I had to hear the news through the grapevine - he must've heard this from a co-worker that we both talk to. He also said that so-and-so and so-and-so can help me at work after he leaves, "and I will too." o.0 I guess since he's leaving, he's feeling gracious enough to put our squabble behind him. Taking his lead, I wrote back, warning him that they'll probably try to talk him into staying.

Beyond that, the week passed largely without incident. My biggest complaint is that they flew me up there "to train" and yet they mostly gave me two large, tough projects to work on and left me to it. Then, when I tried to seek help, I received short, non-helpful answers. So, yeah, it was kinda like I never left my own company. :rollseyes:

Now that OM is leaving at least four different people have asked me if I'm doing okay, like they think I'm about to quit, too. I don't think they believe me when I say that I'm fine and not looking for a job. So I try to convince them with logic: "I just now feel that I'm starting to learn some things, so why would I throw all that away and start completely over new somewhere else?" If they still don't believe that ... well, maybe they'll start being *very* nice to me. :D

Pictures from the trip are posted.

October 29, 2007
» under pressure

Helpful Hint of the Day: when you casually ask your boss, "Hey, is the trip to Houston still on?" do *not* expect him to understand that you sincerely and frantically want to know, "Is the trip to Houston still on, and if so, could I PLEASE get some travel arrangements, since the trip is next week?!"

In the boss's defense, he does have bigger concerns, not the least of which is the constant stream of turmoil that is our place of employment. At the risk of revealing too much - :polite wave to the company's lawyers: - I work for a small-ish company owned by a larger company. Yet, what we lack in size, we make up for in drama(!). To start with, just about everyone in our department of fifteen or so people is dissatisfied with their jobs, be it from unsteady work levels or from the air of instability, wondering if the owner company will sell and/or shut us down. In the last few weeks four people have resigned, looking for greener pastures elsewhere.

Now that my OfficeMate has turned in his notice, that leaves just me and the guy that trains OM and me to do what we do. I'm told it took two years to find someone (i.e. OM and me) who would accept the job. One logical solution to this problem is to rehire the Former Employee that I've mentioned before. He knows the job and would definitely be an asset.

Ah, but then drama and high school antics come into play. FE is not liked by everyone there, least of all by the boss, as FE was, in the past, very outspoken in his criticism of the boss. I seriously think that the boss would let me and Trainer Guy drown in all this work rather than hire FE back. The good thing is that I'm not sure it's entirely the boss's decision, and the people at the owner company are impressed with FE's skills.

Also, Trainer Guy also doesn't like FE, and FE doesn't like Trainer Guy because he's selfish. I'm trying to remain somewhat neutral here - hello, public forum - but TG does exhibit some selfish tendencies. Just this morning he declares that since our overtime hasn't been approved, let's him and me only work 40 hours, okay? Forget that we are expected to work 45 hours (above 45 is OT), and beyond that, forget that the people in drafting and the people in the factory need us to do our part or they have no work and they get sent home. TG says that he's trying to make a point. Are you really, TG? Or is it that you want to work only 40 hours and yet justify it as some Norma Rae, power-to-the-people thing?

Plus, this morning as TG is rambling about not letting the company run over him, I'm sitting there trying in vain to accomplish something on my late project while simultaneously falling behind on other projects. TG doesn't notice, or at least he doesn't offer to help. Maybe he can't see me from way up there on his soapbox.

And on top of all this, the people at the owner company truly have no idea what our problem is. My guess is that someone - the boss, perhaps? - gives only glowing, positive reports about the state of our business. Yet morale is low, people keep quitting, and we still can't turn a profit.

I may be new to this industry, but I know that it doesn't have to be this way.

Oh, and my sinuses flared up over the weekend. Thank goodness they seem to be getting better. Or maybe that's just the Sudafed talking.

November 1, 2007
» goodbye, hello

Yesterday, my OfficeMate (OM) kept getting phone calls, and he'd reply only briefly, obviously not wanting to say anything to clue me in to the topic of conversation. More than once he'd ask the person to call him back on his cell, then he'd leave the room talking. I remembered a time when he didn't keep secrets from me, because we were in the exact same boat, work-wise. Now I found myself annoyed at his childishness, and I was glad that it was his last day of employment there.

Then, at one point in the afternoon, he actually turned to me saying that things at work will get better. I continued my work for a moment before casually turning around to see who had come in, that OM was talking to. No one was there: I looked over at him, and he was talking to me. And trying to be encouraging, no less! I did feel encouraged just by his effort and I spoke back, then we both returned to work. For the first time since I found out he was leaving, I really hated to see him go. I was glad that at least we'd be parting on good terms.

Not much later, he got a call from the Big Cahuna, and I left the room to give him some privacy. I returned fifteen or so minutes later, because I was supposed to be getting a call from Big Cahuna #2, who had emailed earlier to say he wanted to talk to me about how everything was going. I had been expecting to have this conversation during my last trip to Nebraska, so I'd typed up a list of concerns to discuss. I emailed that to BC#2, and when he called, we discussed them briefly.

When I hung up with BC#2, OM said, "Well, I guess he told you that I'm staying." I was all, "Are you SERIOUS?!" BC#2 had mentioned that he thought OM was going to stay, but I had said, "I don't think so..." OM shared a little bit about what he'd been told, but it was obvious he didn't really want to discuss it. Our shift was almost over, so I left.

I guess he *was* serious, because he was back at work today. I'm still not exactly sure what they said to get him to stay, but they did promise that there would be some positive changes "in the next sixty days." I've heard some of the plans. I'm not getting my heart set on anything, just waiting to see what happens, but I find it very encouraging that they're setting a timeline for these things.

And OM and I are back on good terms, or at least (hopefully) headed that way. Yay. :)

November 6, 2007
» you don't bring me flowers

More and more I believe that my boyfriend and I are not in it for The Long Haul. Recently I looked up our very first emails to each other, trying to see if the differences that are now so clear to me were this obvious before. Nope, I sure don't see them. I guess we were both on our best behavior: he'd write about how smitten he was with me, and I'd frequently use the blowing-kisses smiley. We seemed so compatible and like-minded.

Fast forward two years and three months, and I'm sad to say that for me, the thrill is largely gone. I find myself nitpicking: "Not once in all this time has he given me flowers even though he said - over a year ago - that he 'probably should do that sometime'."

At first I thought he had such a positive attitude, but now it seems that, although it's true that he doesn't get angry about much at all, most of his casual observations about any given topic are less than favorable. He calls it being analytical, but I call it criticism. It appears that he truly feels good about himself when he is able to correct someone, and this is no small issue, as I *hate* being corrected, particularly when it comes from someone who is so focused on a grammatical mistake I've made that he's entirely missed the point of what I was trying to say.

Just this weekend I shared that, citing a book about relationships, my way of feeling loved is when people listen to me. That same day, at least three different times he interrupted me with some comment he just had to make about something on the radio or whatever. Granted, I wasn't saying anything earth-shatteringly profound, but shouldn't someone who claims to love me want to hear what I'm saying just the same, since what I'm saying is important enough to me to mention it? Especially after I just said that being heard is important to me? (I plan to mention this briefly in my next email to him and say that if he must interrupt, could he please then say, "But anyway, as you were saying ..." to acknowledge that I had been speaking?)

Also frustrating is that he remains blissfully unaware that my feelings have changed. For example, this weekend as we were resting in the car between shopping gigs, at one point he leans over and kisses me on the cheek. In a trying-to-be-cuddly tone, still leaned over close to me, he says, "Oh, I shocked you." With my eyes still closed and my arms crossed, I say flatly that I didn't notice. In a self-congratulatory tone, he says, "All you noticed was my lips, huh." Again not moving, I reply in the same flat tone, "Yeah." Now perhaps I obsess too much over what certain exchanges mean, but apparently he's waaaaaay over at the opposite end of the spectrum where his rose-colored glasses block out all verbal and non-verbal clues that there are problems.

In all of this he-bugs-me thinking, I try to keep two things in mind: 1) would I rather he be the completely opposite way? and 2) am I guilty of the same things? In the case of the latter, I do know that I interrupted him at least once over the weekend, but as I would like for him to do in that situation, I said, "But anyway...?" and he took the cue to resume his story. And for a for-instance to the former question, I can think of one very earnest former suitor who not only listened, but asked for clarification on much of what I said, to the point where it made me uncomfortable.

Despite my efforts to think reasonably about all of this, I keep coming back to the fact that I do feel the way I feel, and I have felt this way for over a year now. I guess the logical response to that is "Well, why are you still with him?" In his defense, he does have some good qualities. And it's not as if we spend the day at odds; most of our talk is of how our week has been and whatever other neutral topic finds its way to us, which is fine, but should there be more? Shouldn't there be more? I mean, we live in separate towns and see each other at most once a week, and yet I can't imagine what we would do if we had more time to spend together.

Maybe the biggest problem lies in my attitude, my inner response to the attitudes I perceive in him, the nitpicks listed above. Therein lies the debate I have with myself: how serious *are* these issues? Are these part of the growing pains found in all relationships, or is this a sign that we're not a good fit? Either way, while breaking up doesn't yet feel like the right thing to do, maybe I should think about this a little less and try to talk to him about it a little more.

November 12, 2007
» bonding over dial-up

I stayed at my mom's last night because I had a dentist appointment today. Yikes, one cavity, but what luck! They were able to take care of it today! And the feeling has just now returned to my lower lip.

Anyway, since my sister doesn't have email, one of her former co-workers recently sent me the link to their on-line photo gallery. I was showing my sister the email, and since we had a few hours before I had to go to the dentist and she had to go to work, we decided to push the limits of Slow Dial-up and check it out.

About thirty minutes later we were looking at the first picture in the slideshow, and I saw that there were 99 pictures in the set. Well, there was no way we'd have time to look at all of them, but we pressed on. After about three hours, we decided to call it a day.

All in all, despite the slowness of the dial-up, it was nice to have a little project that gave us some impromptu sister together time.

In other news, pictures from last week's trip to Houston are posted.

November 28, 2007
» to do, long overdue

On Thanksgiving Day, I was at my mom's. My mother and my sister were watching Ugly Betty, and since I had no interest in that, I was in another room on my computer. I'd been organizing the files for a backup, but that was pretty much done - or maybe it's better said that I'd done all I cared to do on it. Then I looked in the folder with my MacGyver website files, and thought, "Hmm, might I have time to accomplish some of the To Dos for that site...?"

Next thing I know, I'm working to add some information that I've been planning to add for months now. (The Gratuitous Backstory: an old MacGyver site closed, and I had asked the webmiss if I could re-post some of that content at my site. To my great joy, she said yes! But by the time I received her reply, my Real Life had grown busy again.) After I started the project, I realized that it wasn't nearly the daunting task I'd thought it would be, and I was actually embarrassed for not taking the time to do it earlier.

Soon, I decided that this would also be the perfect time to redesign the banner at that site, another thing I've wanted to do for months, because the colors of the old banner were SO not good.

I worked on both of those projects off and on until yesterday, when I finally finished and added it all to the site.

Now, I am irrationally pleased at having accomplished those two long-time members of my To Do list. It's encouraging to be reminded that, once I actually start the project, not all website updates take me months to complete. Apparently all I need is for my family to be distracted for a while, for my boyfriend to be out of town, and to have several days off from work.

December 3, 2007
» those sexy, irritated eyes

Although I've been wearing makeup regularly since I started my job over a year ago, I've been avoiding eyeliner, mainly out of laziness in buying it and then putting it on every day.

Yesterday I overcame the first laziness and picked up some of the cheapest kind that Wal-Mart sells. Today I passed the second lazy hurdle and wore it to work. Unfortunately, my right eye has been dry and mildly stinging all day.

Oh, yeah, now I seem to recall that this was the reason I stopped wearing makeup to work a few years ago, when I was a secretary. (Well, I also stopped wearing makeup at that job because the company opened another location, and most of the time I was the only one at the old location.)

Dang it, I was hoping that eyeliner would make me look more attractive: I reasoned that if my eyes look bigger, my nose will look smaller. Now I'm left debating whether to try a more expensive, "hypoallergenic" brand or to just skip it altogether.

Maybe I'll use the old eyeliner to draw a mole on my cheek. I don't think I'll look more attractive, but surely *that* would draw attention away from my nose.

December 4, 2007
» somebody done somebody wrong

And that somebody would be me - the wronger, that is, not the wrongee.

The "big changes" that were promised at work have been implemented. The biggest change is that the Former Employee I've mentioned before has been rehired, and now my OfficeMate and I report to him, as does the guy that formerly trained us.

Ex-Trainer Guy hasn't said much to OfficeMate and me since the new changes started, and I don't blame him. Well, he did start speaking to OM again yesterday afternoon, but right before we left today, ETG said (to OM) that he'd been told that OM had been leaving because of him, and I wasn't far behind. Their conversation was interrupted before OM could respond, but ... ouch.

Just the fact that they brought back Former Employee, who was not the most-liked person, and made him our team leader was a huge slap in the face to ETG, but to be told that we wouldn't have stayed otherwise... Yeah, I'm feeling like a huge traitor.

I've written here how frustrated I was with the so-called training process the way it was and the lack of help I received. I understand that ETG wanted me to think things out, but being tasked to design things I've never even seen before - things I have no concept of - was positively maddening. I wasted so much time "reinventing the wheel" as I call it, and I really think the business suffered because of it. Why couldn't he have shown me how to do brand-new stuff just once? He, however, doesn't want to train by "spoon-feeding", and he was so supremely set in his ways that I didn't know how to talk to him about it.

Now, thinking how wronged he is, I probably look extra guilty when he's around. No doubt this supports his belief that I - and not my OfficeMate - am the one that spearheaded this whole bring-back-the-Former-Employee plan. Yes, I did contribute to it by voicing in passing that it would help me a lot to have him back, but OM truly did agree to stay because he was told these changes were coming.

In any event, I find myself less and less indignant that ETG insists on making me the villain. As I said, I did help bring about the changes, and if he finds comfort in blaming me - because heaven forbid that he admits he could've done things better - then maybe things are somehow even between us.

December 5, 2007
» fallout boys

Seldom do I fail to marvel at how fast things can change. When I arrived at work today Ex-Trainer Guy was in my office chatting with my OfficeMate. After a slightly awkward minute or two, OM drew me into the conversation, and ETG actually talked to me. He spoke only briefly of the recent change in his duties, "apologizing" for failing me and OM in training us. (Yeah, I think that remark was very tongue-in-cheek, but more a declaration that he was wrongly accused of Bad Training by the higher-ups than a barb aimed at us.)

ETG said that OM and I didn't know how bad things had been with Former Employee's anger management issues during his last period of employment. Trying to help smooth things over between those two former confidantes, I told ETG that, unlike months before, now I don't perceive an anger from FE toward anyone. (I think FE had a *really* tough November and learned quite a bit from it.)

Before the day was over, ETG and the other fallen-out-with-FE person - to whom I'd told the same thing - had talked to him again, more than once. I think that's a good start, and yeah, I'm going to take a little of the credit for it. :D

In other news, as I chatted with some other employees, the topic of the office Christmas party came up, and Cute Work Guy asked if I'd be his date(!). I replied (mildly disappointed?) that my boyfriend would be there. CWG said with a laugh that he could take him.

I can't decide whether or not he was serious about the date. We flirt a bit, but - as with the other single guys at work - he typically stops short of saying anything that could be taken to mean that he really wants to go out with me. That's probably a wise policy at work, to avoid things being misinterpreted and turning awkward, and yet every now and then it insults me, as if they think that I'm desperately waiting to pounce on the slightest show of affection from someone who's available. Sigh.

The more I think about it, I don't think he was serious. I mean, he asked in front of people: that's a sure sign of a non-serious ask-out, right? Still, I had listed on the sign-up sheet that I would be by myself. (Little did I know that I'd mention the party in passing to my boyfriend, and he'd decide that he didn't mind driving all this way to stay for just a few hours and attend the party with me.) But Cute Work Guy knew that I still had a boyfriend because I'd mentioned it just the other day... Oh, who knows what he was thinking, asking me that? But I bet he doesn't ask again any time soon.

December 13, 2007
» photoblogging

I've posted quite a few pictures recently - with comments! - so I'm letting that count as my blog entry for this week.

December 17, 2007
» Whitesnake impromptu

Me (standing at a co-worker's desk, talking about a project. I turn to go, resolved.): Here I go.

Co-worker#1: Again? On your own?

Me (walking away, playing along): Going down the only road I've ever known.

Co-worker#2 (whose office I'm passing): Like a drifter?

Me (loving this, declaring grandly): I was *born* to walk alone.

December 18, 2007
» on the web and on the shelf

I just finished reading "What Would MacGyver Do?", and I was *overjoyed* to find that the last story references my site! :dances: I literally sat agape for several minutes, stunned and flattered ...

... until I realized that the site name was misspelled in the book. :slaps forehead: No, I did not originally misspell "MacGyver". That site has been around since 2002, and for *all* of that time, MacGyver has been spelled correctly.

I was slightly bummed and tried to comfort myself. "Surely people will know to spell the show's name correctly...?"

Yeah, I wasn't very comforted by that. Most people don't give these things that much thought. They'll simply type in the URL (and that's assuming they're interested enough to even go that far), and when it doesn't work, they'll shrug and assume it closed down.

Hmm. What *would* MacGyver do? You know, if MacGyver were a chick with a fan website that's been wrongly cited? Of course! Add the incorrectly spelled page as it appears in the book - page 187 :) - and point people to the site:

Now my only regret is that I wished I'd finished reading the book a year ago, like I kept planning to...

December 27, 2007
» holiday haiku

Had a nice Christmas.
Stayed home with Mom and sister.
There was yummy pie.


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