August 6 - December 31, 2001

All of these entries are from "chez-geo."

August 6, 2001

Still busy! We have our last class tonight, and our final is on Wednesday. I had no part-time gigs over the weekend, so I began reviewing for my exam. The professor told us that we should review the material on the first three tests, yet he didn't have our third one graded at the last class. He's supposed to have them tonight. I'll be very glad to be done with this semester; I'm ready for a serious break. I can do things like update this website!

August 14, 2001

The final last week was a veritable bloodbath! I feel okay about it; I'm hoping for partial credit. I am very much enjoying the time off. I don't even have any part-time gigs until the 26th.

To celebrate some of my free time, I rented a movie: The Mummy. It was good! I only had to look away during the first scene or so. The final fighting scene was very comical.

I have posted new pictures, and I made the link to that page a little more available. If a picture is worth a thousand words, it should at least be worth twenty site updates! I have several web site projects that I want to work on - I need to get organized!

August 20, 2001

I made an A in my summer course: woo hoo! It is a miracle! The bad news is that classes will start on Wednesday. :(

In other news, did you notice the funnies that I put on my Service! and About me pages? I thought those pages needed a little something; I realized it was humor. :) I also included a new section on the Quotes page.

August 27, 2001

I *almost* had an off day yesterday: I worked 12 hours at my "part-time" job. It isn't bad - those are the only two jobs that I have with them in over three weeks.

I'm working on changing the layout of the Index page for this site. I'm pretty excited about it because I think it'll look great! Unfortunately, it'll be a lot of work.

August 30, 2001

I think my bad case of the lazies is finally passing. I've added a "scrapbook" section; it's basically several pages of pictures and cartoons. (I like cartoons, in case you haven't noticed.) I'm working on creating a section for jokes, but that's going to take a little while.

September 4, 2001

I had a lovely time off! I accomplished my homework early Saturday, so it wasn't hanging over my head all weekend. Today, it's back to the old grind.

September 12, 2001

I am in a state of shock, as I'm sure everyone is. Yesterday evening, I drew that drawing on the main page as a tribute to those that lost their lives and to those that are still working to recover from those evil and cowardly acts. The four stars represent the four planes, and inside each star is a pentagon. I know it's a very humble drawing, but believe me that behind it are very strong emotions. God bless the USA.

September 19, 2001

It's been a little over a week since the attacks, but I don't think I'm exaggerating to say that it's still on all of our minds. But we all try to carry on. I finished my homework - due today - at 8:37 pm yesterday; it was long, tedious and frustrating. Oh, I also went yesterday to get a hair trim. I took some pictures; if one of them is presentable I'll post it. I have a lot of ideas of things to do for the site(s) but I have a lack of time and an abundance of laziness so they'll just have to wait.

September 21, 2001

I watched the President's speech last night - it was the second time in my life that I have sat through an entire President's speech. (The first time was on the evening of September 11, 2001, when I heard his address to the nation following the terrorist attacks.) I found the speech last night to be very good. There was a lot of applause on Capitol Hill, and I found myself enthusiastically clapping along with them when the President would make another good point.

In other news, I have my jury duty next week. I also have to work at my part-time gig for the next three days. That should make completing my next homework assignment on time quite interesting. (And also quite frustrating.)

On the Praise Page I have added the link to a praise and prayer message board that I've started. Visit that board to read or post prayer requests or praise and encouraging thoughts. (There's not much to read yet, but please post away! It's pretty easy to use the board; if you'd like more details, email me.)

October 4, 2001

Well, it has been crazy here. I had a test yesterday; I feel really good about it. (That is surprising since I didn't study much for it at all.) My Grand Jury duty was interesting, to say the least. Plus I was out of work for a week; that was nice. My birthday was Monday, so I took myself shopping. I had three part-time gigs on Sunday; I'm very glad that I don't have another one until the 16th.

I know I'm not doing much with this website at the moment, but I do have ideas that I am working on. I am learning some very cool sitemaster tricks: like FTP. (Where has that been all my life?) I am looking for good photo-editing software.

October 11, 2001

I got a 98 on my test! (Yes, 98 out of 100!) I am very happy about it too! In other news, I have registered for my own domain: I'll ad a link to it once I'm sure I have it and I have something there for you all to see.

On this site today, I am adding a new story to my Service! page. It will be in the form of a quote at the top of the quotes section.

October 31, 2001

Happy Halloween everyone! I plan to send e-cards to all of my e-pals. My professor is out of town today, so I have only one class this week. That is so great - I really needed a break! In other news, my boss showed me pictures of his new grandson, who is absolutely adorable.

November 5, 2001

I have posted my new Christmas layout for the site. I also added a Christmas section; I hope that you'll check it out. Would you believe that it has already won an award? No, really it has! Some other chick with a Christmas site found mine in the yahoo member directory and liked it.

In other news, I found a great dress on sale yesterday for $7 - a dream come true. The weather here was absolutely perfect this weekend. My epal Michele has gone to Florida on vacation until next week. I will miss emailing her this week, but I hope she is having a great time.

November 9, 2001

I met with my college advisor yesterday, and I will absolutely NOT graduate in a year as I hoped. It'll be more like 2 years. I am a bit depressed about that: it seems I've been telling people I'll graduate in "a couple of more years" for the last five years!

November 15, 2001

I had my second test yesterday; I feel okay about it but I forgot my watch and was frantic thinking I was running out of time. In other news, I am *so* glad that Thanksgiving is next week. What could be better than a three day workweek? (Well, for starters a zero-day workweek, but let's not be greedy.)

PS - Hey, Billy! Thanks for signing my guestbook again! It has been beyond dead. Did you see that I gave you credit for some of the jokes in the jokes section? Keep them coming!

November 27, 2001

I received a 95 on my second test. Our final exam is a week from this Friday. I'll be very glad to have three weeks off!

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. My mother, sister, and I went to my aunt's for lunch. It was a small get-together, just us and two cousins but it was great. I made some squash dressing which turned out great in my opinion. We had plenty of leftovers, which was fine with me.

December 3, 2001

I feel as if I missed the weekend: I was busy for most of it. I went Christmas shopping on Saturday. I was so pleased to find exactly what I had in mind for my sister AND it was on sale. WOO HOO!

Also on Saturday, I called my epal Michele for the first time. We've been writing to each other practically every day since May, and we decided it was time to talk on the phone. I warned her that I wasn't the cool sophisticated chick that she might expect from my letters. (LOL). I thought it went well.

December 12, 2001

Has everyone completed their Christmas shopping? Has *anyone* completed their Christmas shopping? I am in great shape; I am just looking for a few extra goodies for me mum and sis. I went yesterday to get a hair trim, then I braved the masses and went looking for presents. Why can I never remember to wear comfortable shoes when I go shopping?

During my trim, my stylist asked which way I wanted him to flip the top part of my 'do. I replied, with a laugh, "Whichever way makes me look like Cindy Crawford."

December 21, 2001

I cannot believe it is almost Christmas day! I still have shopping and wrapping to do! BIG NEWS: I got my grade for last semester. A+!! Who says there is no power in prayer? More good news: the plan is for me to be on vacation next week, for the three days after the holiday. I am very much looking forward to it. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!

December 31, 2001

I'd like to be the first to tell everyone "HAPPY NEW YEAR!" I have plans to see a charming handsome man - perhaps you've heard of him: Mr. Dick Clark? Yep, if I'm awake at midnight I'll be watching the ball of light drop in Times Square. Maybe I can record it ...

Well, I had a perfectly lovely vacation. It was very restful until the weekend; I had one inventory on Saturday and two on Sunday. I watched five or six movies during my time off; one at the theatre and the rest on TV, mostly videos I have. What did I see? Visit one of my other sites - - and check out the "Reviews" page.

On the site today, I added a new story to my SERVICE! page, courtesy of my epal, Michele.


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