May 7 - July 26, 2001

These entries are from multiple sources. See the footnotes for details.

May 7, 2001


Well, I survived the removal of my last wisdom tooth; it was completely unpleasant but not totally unbearable. Why didn't I have them all removed at the same time? At that time (six years ago), I didn't have insurance and couldn't afford it! I had to go today for a follow-up visit.

May 8, 2001


This is a big day for the site - I've finally posted my stories of service. Check them out - send me feedback! Since I've accomplished that "milestone" I guess I should finally tell my friends about this site!

I didn't post the results of my follow-up visit with the oral surgeon: I'm to avoid crunchy food for two more weeks and popcorn for six weeks! (Of course, after she mentioned popcorn, I started thinking how good popcorn would be!)

May 10, 2001


What a busy day at work - they were asking me to do work! That is *not* in my contract! I had to take a check to my boss's bank and deposit it. I was the only customer, and when I walked in all five of the tellers greeted me. I felt a bit like Norm from "Cheers." After work I stopped to get a Mother's Day card for Mom. Reading those cards, I found myself getting a bit weepy! (They were just so beautiful! Sniff! Sniff!)

May 11, 2001


TGIF!!! As far as I know, I have no part-time gigs this weekend. (I guess I should check on that to be sure ...) I have so many projects going on - it'll be nice to have time to work on them. Summer classes start this coming Monday - I'm taking two classes this time. One's a math class and I am a numbers sort of girl!

May 14, 2001


Friday I received a note from the college that informs me I will only be taking one class this summer - my other one was cancelled. Drat. I still need to go get my book - sometime before six pm today!

In other news, I had a lovely weekend with perfect weather and no part-time gigs. I did a lot of spring cleaning.

May 15, 2001


Major site updates today!!

In other news, I don't know why I'm so lazy, but this is really looking like it'll be a long semester! I start just about every semester like that though. My professor this time tells us that he worked on the space station that is currently in space. He seems like a pretty fun guy. I think it'll be a good class.

May 16, 2001


Happy Birthday, David Boreanaz! (He's TV's "Angel" in case you were wondering!) I am celebrating by working on my homework. My professor this time isn't going to take up the assignments, and I fear that will only add to my laziness! I will overcome.

For the site today, I added a few new quotes. I'm posting a links page, but I don't like the layout, so expect it to change soon. I wanted to go ahead and share some links to valuable information with everyone. For example, I wanted to post the site where people can check to see if those "urgent - please forward" chain emails are just a hoax.

May 17, 2001


I added a "navigation bar" to the links page and to the About Me page. In other news, it is a beautifully sunny - although very warm - day! I need to be working on my Angel review for the "Angel's Secrets" website. (You can find the link on my links page. Soon I'm sure you'll be able to find that link on this page!)

May 29, 2001


Wow! It's been a while since I've written. I was out for many days, and before that I was busy! Today, I received an email from Michelle all about how I have to call Penny's brother and chat with him. That irks me. Michelle is so ... forward! This is the first note I've got from her in weeks and there's no "Hi how have you been?" It's just "Call him -- let me be in the wedding." I think not! I'll not call him! My skin crawls as I think about marrying some unknown Non-Trent type. Michelle really doesn't know me at all!

In other news I have a seemingly sudden chest pain but it is definitely a muscle pain -- or a broken rib. I've also been having some heart sitch. Tomorrow I have to go sit in our new location and wait for the phone guys. They''ll be there between 8 and five. Then [work] will buy me lunch! No computer! No Internet! Probably for the best -- I am really a slacker.

Oh yes! I had the longest conversation to date with John at church the other day. It was sweet -- he spoke to me. When I thought of going out with him I got very excited at the prospect -- like I haven't for, well, any of the guys I've gone out with! That is NOT how I feel when I think of this guy Michelle is trying to foist on me! There are so many fun, dynamic guys out there and she wants me to take that charity case! True, I've been feeling remarkably unattractive of late, but I don't want my equal! I want David Boreanaz who would probably deem *me* a charity case!

May 29, 2001


I know that I haven't added anything new in days. I've been very busy! Last week I had Grand Jury duty, so I was out of work all week. This weekend I overcame the lazies to work on my homework, and I took my car to have the transmission checked out plus get new tires. FYI - the transmission trouble was that it was low on fluid after the recent "flush and fill." I apologize for giving women everywhere a bad name! I thought of checking it, but I rationalized that I *just* had it serviced so if it would ever be full, it would be then! To celebrate the holiday, I watched my favorite shows and wondered if my rib is broken. (It has been hurting off and on for weeks but it's not unbearable...)

Back at work, we are going to move our office "downtown" at the end of this week. My plan is to take pictures and post them soon after that.

June 1, 2001


As I write this I am eating my lunch at my desk like I usually do. Our office is pretty cluttered - the movers will be here in a couple of hours. Our new office is very nice. There is *beautiful* landscaping with trees, ivy, chipmunks, etc. (It's so much nicer than our previous view of a parking lot and a dumpster!) My area has a fabulous storage cabinet with ample drawers for our office supplies. For the past two days I've been waiting over at the other office for the phone repair guys to arrive and do their thing. We asked when we should expect them; they replied a mysterious, "between eight and five." Thanks! That really helps!

June 4, 2001


This morning I had my first direct drive to the new office. As I drove on Governor's Drive I realized why this area is a HUB zone.

NOW MA considers all of the so-called overhead costs of having our own office! We have to have our own janitor and our own copier, and we have no water fountain and no vending machines. I was telling my family some of the down sides of this move, but MA says that she "didn't consider that." Oh? I'm very surprised -- she acts as if she is perfect! She will not admit to being wrong. Now, I can't use the Internet. Our phone and ISDN troubles are making MA reconsider this move. Plus we still can't be a HUB zone business without the employees! And RH is as aggravating as ever. I left a box sitting on MY counter and he said, "Is that for tips?" I figured that's his oh-so-subtle way of saying that I'm ruining the beauty of this office.

WOO HOO! MA is going to India for five weeks! We'll she's planning to anyway. I'll believe it when she's gone. Now if KA would just go. Didn't they take "vacation" a few weeks ago? I told my peeps that MA will probably write this one off as a business trip. How convenient that it's a business trip to where her family lives!

There is so much to do. The payroll isn't ready -- KA won't give me the other timecards and when I try to ask for them he is on the phone!

June 4, 2001


Oh, yeah, I am busy! I was proud of myself this weekend: I overcame the lazies and studied for my first test this Wednesday. At work, we're still shuffling junk around in our new office.

I believe that I found the cause of my right side muscle pain: I think it's from using the computer mouse. To test this theory I plan to use the tab and arrow keys to navigate when I can. One of my computer instructors told me that it was more efficient to use the key board anyway.

As I was leaving work there was a brown duck standing in part of our driveway. I was going to go the other way around him, but I decided to carefully roll past to try to shoo him out of the way. As I passed, I lost sight of him. I peeped out the window and he had crouched down, like he was trying to hide from me. It was adorable!

In my class, a student had asked a question. The prof was drawing a blank, but I knew what the answer was. I debated over saying it - I could be wrong and hence embarrassed! But I knew that I would hate to not say it and be right and miss the chance to show off. ;) So I spoke the answer and before I was through, I heard a chorus of students pipe up "yeah" in agreement. Apparently they had my back.

June 5, 2001


Today, I have taken over the thermostat at work!! Seriously, it was so incredibly cold! Now I'm comfortable, and everyone else is complaining that it's too warm. Oh well!

Overall, I am still loving our new office. I don't even mind that it means more work for me. Mainly it means smiling calmly while my bosses are frantically listing "important things that we have to do." Relax, people! It will all be accomplished: on-time and under-budget! :)

June 6, 2001


I have a touch of sore throat. Oh no! I thought I'd been having the chills quite a bit lately! I've also been really tired and achy lately which is so not like me! I only hope I do not have a runny nose on Friday! I have a hair appt on Friday and we have a singles outing planned. We have our first test this evening. I'm about to go get a coke to try to help my throat. I think I found the cause of my side pain: using the computer mouse! To test this I'm trying to remember to navigate using the keyboard whenever I can. I tried moving the mouse to my left side but I was really slow!

June 7, 2001


I'm ill on so many levels. I woke up about midnight with a wicked burning sore throat. This morning it's still sore so I didn't make any coffee. Now at work, I'm tired and achy and I have the severe chills. I mentioned the throat to KA, so hopefully if I look sick and ill they will let me go early! I may ask. I even brought the soda I've had for years to work -- I hope it's still good! I really hope that I feel okay for our singles even tomorrow. My lips feel hot - what is up with that?

June 8, 2001


I was cold, tired, and achy yesterday - and I had a sore throat - so I asked to leave work early. I went home and rested. Today, I feel a little better. I have a hair appointment this evening that I am looking forward to. While my hair looks good ( I hope it'll look good!) I will take some pictures! This evening our single adult Sunday School class is going out to eat. We were also going to play miniature golf, but it's rained all this week so we will have to find another place to wreak havoc! (Just kidding!)

June 11, 2001


So Ray called me yesterday. We chatted, then he asked me out to dinner. I said no. He tried to talk me into it. I said no. I had a full-blown sinus infection and a stupid hair-do. I don't know how he's not ashamed to talk to me. I told Sara that he probably doesn't really know why I'm so mad. He probably thinks that the standing me up/not returning my calls/dating other people is no big deal. I wouldn't have minded chatting with him, but I was too angry to even think of jumping just because he was ready to see me again! I'm sorry, but it's just not that easy! Let's not even pretend that we're friends. I told him that I praise the Lord that we're not together. He said that makes him feel bad. I take a secret pride in that. I spent months feeling bad for him. Yet today I've been feeling a bit bad about the whole situation: I guess it's just bringing up all of those bad memories. I thought I'd made peace with it when I left him that message before Valentine's Day.

And I keep getting chain emails from one of my CD friends. Hey chick! Don't send me spam! Send me notes or nothing at all. I sent her a note and she replied with a "Hello" subject line and that's all.

Man am I sneezy! I'm glad it's almost time to go. I'm sick and achy. And I have to go to class this evening. Pre-class, I'll plan to do HW. I'd love to nap! I didn't wear makeup today -- what would be the point?

I really appreciate my e pal MICHELE. She and I really have a lot in common!

I keep feeling bad about Ray. Isn't that obscene? I still get angry thinking about how he treated me, but I'm not bitter and I don't wish him any bad luck. I still need to give his stuff back. I want to stop in and see him (and give the stuff back) but I'm sure he'll think that I'm interested.

CHRYSTAL still hasn't updated the site with my review of the season finale.

I guess I should write to Michelle. I don't even want to talk about that geek. Why can't she just write to me? Why does she have to try to fix my life? She needs to get a job!

And my hair -- I hate it! After the trim my bangs are too short. He didn't ask -- he just cut. Darn! Next time I MUST take pictures and ask his opinion of a good hair style for my features.

Why am I obsessing over this Ray thing? I think Mom was surprised that I turned him down. I kept saying I would! She thinks I'm weak-willed or something. Believe me, my opinion of him changed drastically after he stood me up all those times. He'd call out of nowhere and say, "Let's get together." Then he wouldn't show up. WHY? He didn't have to call and suggest that! And if he didn't want to go he could've and should've called and cancelled. That one time I tried to call him twice and his mom said, "He's outside." He never called be back then WENT TO WORK! When he wouldn't call when he said that he would and I would get so mad, he'd tell me that I can call him. Is that right? HE DIDN'T CALL BACK! Really those times just emphasized how he and I are simply not meant to be. And I'm sitting here bummed that he's sad. Heck he's probably stoned and forgot all about it.

June 11, 2001


Today I have a full-blown sinus infection. (Yeah, it's really pretty!) I'm back at work, taking it one sneeze at a time.

Oh, yeah. My hairdo was a hair don't! It didn't turn out as unrealistically fabulous as I hoped.%:( I was in a hurry Friday evening, and I couldn't get the digital camera to work. That is no tragedy, because I didn't really want a picture! I still plan to take pictures of our new office and myself on a good day! It make take a while! Stay tuned! Our class outing went well! We ate on the covered patio at the restaurant. The weather cleared up in the afternoon, so we played mini-golf.

June 13, 2001


Thanks to an out of town inventory "gig," I got home this morning about 2:15 am. (Surprised? A few years ago when I worked evening shifts as a waitress I would often get home about 6:00 am.) My sinus problem is mostly coughing which sounds so much worse than it is. I may leave class early tonight if the hacking gets too loud. Speaking of class, I received an 86 on our first test. I guess that's okay, since I didn't have that "I made an A!" feeling after I took the test.

Site updates: I added several new entries to the Quotes page. Yesterday I updated my Praise Page. I'm working on fine-tuning the "Help Desk" which should really be more helpful if I'm going to call it that!

June 14, 2001


My left ear has been stopped up since I woke up this morning; as I write this, it's four in the afternoon. Thanks a lot, Sinus Infection! I plan to exercise this evening for the first time in several days: woo hoo! It's about time. Especially sit I have a job where I'm sitting most of the day!

June 15, 2001


TGIF! My left ear finally unstopped yesterday as I was driving home. At least it did unstop! On the site today, I will post what I have for the Help Desk, which is the "Helpful Hints" page. The page is far from completed; I have so many miscellaneous hints that I'm going to have to add another page! I think it's good information about a wide variety of topics, so please check it out!

June 18, 2001


I hate to keep mentioning Ray, but last night Cat asked about my love life. The weird thing is that I had the feeling that there was someone. I told her that my love life is pretty much dead. I mentioned that my ex called and I turned him down. She was very encouraging: "Good for you. You deserve someone better." She's dating Ron. I wonder if that's common knowledge or if I'm special. I was thinking that Ron would be nuts to turn her down; I was really glad to hear they're together. I think he has a certain attractive quality. She said that the sun rises and sets on her where he's concerned. That's great -- if he's smart, it always will!

This morning, as I was driving to work feeling pretty and well dressed, my song came on the radio "Bye cubed" by NSYNC. Oh yes!

June 18, 2001


Well, yesterday was Father's Day: possibly my least favorite day of all. I was a little down this weekend. This morning I was driving to work feeling pretty good and really liking my outfit. Little things do mean a lot! Then a good song came on the radio: "Bye Bye Bye" by NSYNC. I find that song empowering, especially when one of my exes tried to call me last week wanting to get back together. For the site, I have added a picture of my dad to the tribute page.

June 19, 2001


It looks like I'll be here by myself -- I need to continue to do work although I've accomplished quite a bit so far today, IMHO.

Oh, I sent Michelle a letter. I didn't mention WHN at all, but I told her how Ray tried to call. I tell everyone -- I find encouragement that way! I don't really expect her to write back. I swear if she writes about that girl's brother!

June 20, 2001


My left ear is still stopped up: if it doesn't clear up soon, I'll need to go to the doctor. It is so nice outside, yet here I am at work. I guess that's why they pay me the small bucks! In other news, I had an out-of-town inventory gig last night. I got home around eleven, but I still overslept this morning. I've developed the ability to sleep right through my clock radio playing, and it's really easy to ignore when I can't hear well out of my left ear! I have a busy week scheduled: class two days, "day time job" five days as usual and five inventory gigs with two on Saturday. Zoix! Plus, the sections that we're covering in class are tough and I need to make time to study them.

June 21, 2001


We have our second test next Wednesday; doesn't that figure since I am so very busy this week and weekend? I did manage to update several pages on the site. Tomorrow is a slow day - I only have to work one 8-hour shift at my day time job. Hey it is okay; I like to stay busy. It keeps me out of trouble. ;)

I had a pretty good time at the inventory gig. It was at a large department store, and I was almost late. (Sorry!) Seeing me, the manager said that I would be working in shoes. (I love the shoe department - boxed shoes are so easy to count!) A bit later she was giving instructions to the group. She finished by telling people which department to work. She said, "If I told you to go to shoes, follow Anne." I gave her a surprised look. Who? What? Me? I didn't even know where the shoe department was! When the Shoe Group arrived, the others were asking *me* if they should start counting with the stuff on the wall. I was confused and in denial: "I have no idea!" I really thought the manager was kidding when she told them to follow me, and I was sure that *I* was not the one to tell them where to count. Another supervisor arrived, but he was giving me instructions to give the others. Finally I rose to the challenge, handling crises and assigning people areas to count. It's kinda cool being in charge. :) Of course after we left the shoe department I went back to being a worker bee. This was pretty clear when another worker bee who's been there longer than I have condescendingly told me, "You're not listening to me." This is the same worker who moments later directed a store employee to me when she was the one who had the question!

June 22, 2001


Today, I am in one of those moods where I want to accomplish everything all at once! (I really like these times although some may find it annoying!) I have so many ideas for the site, but little time to actually do them! I need to study for my test; I started reviewing yesterday, so I'm on the way to being in good shape. I need to run some errands and get some things from the grocery store. I need to exercise because I haven't since Sunday due to my full schedule. I need to see the doctor because my ear is still stopped up!

June 25, 2001


I am in the mood to sleep, sleep, sleep! What a busy weekend. I'm very glad that this is a slow week for gigs. Now I need to study for my test but I keep nodding off whenever I try. Our most recent material in class is tough!

June 26, 2001


Lately at work I find myself wanting the telemarketers to call. I'm taking a firm stance because they try to trick me into "authorizing" whatever they want to con me into. I felt that one "got one over on me" a few weeks ago, and it will not happen again. I tell them, "you'll have to call back and speak to (whomever) about that. I am not authorized." Then I hang up and tell myself, "you go girl!"

I really hope that I'm ready for my test by tomorrow. I still need to pick up all of the last section that we covered and memorize the necessary formulas for the other sections. My sister is planning to drop her math class this semester because she is having a tough time with it. I've tried to explain some points to her, but I'm not blessed with that ability. I know how to do math, but I just see it and I can't explain it a different way to help other people see how to do it.

June 27, 2001


I am really getting ahead of myself: I have added a guestbook for your commenting convenience! Like I have time for all of this site work with a test this evening!! I'm feeling a little run ragged today, but it's my own fault. It'll be okay, Anne! Just breathe.

June 28, 2001


I felt very good about 5 of the 7 test questions. Who could ask for more than that? Work wise, I'm going to have another long weekend. :( Saturday is my sister's birthday: I hope that I get to see her at some point on that day!

July 2, 2001


I had time before class and could not bring myself to study, so I walked over to the school's computer lab. It's humid and slightly warm but not breezy, so it's a good day to walk. We'll find out this evening how we did on our tests. I am really looking forward to the holiday on the fourth!

July 3, 2001


I made a 91 on the test! Woo hoo! I just can't express how thrilled I am that tomorrow is a holiday! I hope that I can go check out the local fireworks display with my family. I also plan to type up some new material for this site, so prepare yourself for updates!

I'd like to give a big Shout Out to my e-pal, Michele! Hey, Michele! I tell her all of the juicy details that are surely not suitable for public viewing! ;) The rest of you should stay tuned though: you never know when I might accidentally post a letter that I meant to send to her...

July 5, 2001


I had a fabulous Fourth - I hope you all did as well! It was raining here, so that put the kibosh on our fireworks viewing plans, but it was still nice to have a holiday. Today, I plan to update just about every page on this site, so check it out!

July 9, 2001


I had a wonderfully uneventful weekend with no part-time work; the one planned for yesterday was cancelled. So that's what it's like to have two days off. It was so very warm and muggy here. I accomplished many of the tasks on my To Do list. I also spent quality time sitting around and not doing my homework. :) I have a gig this evening at 9:00 pm; I figure that I'll get home about one. That is the only gig I have until next Sunday, so it's okay.

July 12, 2001


Not much to report ... I'm still here, and still working on the site!

July 13, 2001


Well, I woke up with my leg feeling better -- I've had wonky leg for the last two days thanks to improperly lifting weights. I bought a computer yesterday, but I had the feeling something would happen and I would not get it set up yesterday, so I didn't tell my epal that I was working on it. The problem was with my monitor -- the cable had prongs broken off. I was ready to throw it away when Mom wisely suggested having it repaired. I've called several places and one place said they could sell me the cable and put it one. He implied that it was easy to put on. I don't know if he and I are talking about the same cord! This one is attached to the monitor itself. I plan to take the computer over there when/if Rocky arrives. Okay, I believe my concerns are very real -- I just called one place about replacing that cable and he said that it would cost about $75 - $130 and it wouldn't be worth it -- I should just buy a new monitor. That's kind of more what I expected. I'll still try that first place. Maybe I'll call another place or two as a backup, and see what the general consensus is. The consensus is "I don't know if anyone in Huntsville does that." I think I'll call that "It's a $10 cord" place and clarify that this cord is attached inside the monitor. Okay, so -- yeah -- I'm gonna have to buy a new monitor. :( One of my places called back and said they can fix it for about $30. That's throwing me -- I've set my mind to buy a new monitor. I'm thinking that I could take it over there and see what they say about it. I'd sure hate to waste a trip! But I'd sure love to save $100 -- plus! I'd already kind of thought that we could use the broken monitor to go with the old computer. I'm torn again! Decisions, decisions -- I can't get away from them! My intuition says they won't be able to fix it anyway. I find it odd that they think they can do what so many other places couldn't -- and for $30! Maybe I'll check WalMart's price on a monitor. But I'll have to get the old one to them before 4:30 today. It's lunch-time now, so if I'm going now is the time!

In better news, my ear is not stopped up, but it's still ringing and feeling -- you guessed it -- wonky. I really hope it's as simple as that guy said to have that cable installed! And for about $10! I was going to through it out! I must've thought it was disposable! I like that monitor it's a good size and it won't be $200 to get a new one. I got the service plan that goes with the computer, but I HOPE it will last a good while! It's got a lot of cool features!

In other news -- I have taken over the Angel site! Did I mention? Chrystal doesn't have the time -- like I do!

I have SO gotten over that obsessing over Ray. For a while, I was wishing that I'd turned him down in a less nice way.

July 18, 2001


First of all, thanks to all who have signed the guest book so far - I love you guys! Next, congratulate me: my homework is about eighty percent complete, and I have a few hours to spare before class.

At work yesterday as I was passing by the coffee table, I almost stepped on a little lizard. As you can probably imagine, I wasn't expecting that and was rather surprised, although I think I recovered nicely after only a small fit of screaming. Today, I looked over and there was the lizard, sitting (or maybe standing) in the floor next to my chair. I've been looking for him every time I take a step since yesterday, so I wasn't too surprised. I stealthily grabbed my empty fast-food drink cup and set it over him, then I slid the cup on a folder and drug it to the door and put him outside. I do that at home too: catch bugs and put them outside. I can't stand to squash things, and besides, how does one get squashed lizard out of the carpet?

In other news, I have found a new hairstyle that I want to try. I think I've done about all I can with long and straggly. :) Tomorrow evening, I will hopefully be transformed into something gorgeous yet manageable; if so, I will post pictures within the next week. If not, expect me to invest in several new hats!

July 20, 2001


I have posted a pic of my new hairdo on the pictures page: I really like this new style!

July 26, 2001


Busy, busy, busy! I have a part-time gig tonight and two part-time gigs on Sunday. Of course I'll be busy all day Sunday when I have a test on Monday. The good news is that this summer semester of school is winding down. Yesterday, I could not concentrate on what the professor was saying; I must've used up all of my attention span at work. I'm ready for that two week break between classes.

I am still loving this hairdo! Two people from my college class have mentioned that it looks nice.

In other news, I am thinking of creating a web site for my church. I've been thinking about this for a while and it would be a good thing for us to have. In my spare time (ha ha - I made a funny!) I'm going to put one together as an example starting with the material on my Praise Page, which I'm updating today, by the way. With all of my web site work lately, my HTML skills are really improving. (In my mind they are, anyway.) Maybe next I'll be ready to host my own domain! Note to self: find out what that means.


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