Big Dreams and Daily Do's

Here are a few of my plans, big and small.

Bucket List: Build My Dream Home

dream home!

When I was just out of high school, the above "European-style dollhouse" caught my eye in a magazine of house plans -- which I've *always* loved perusing. With a design that's both stylish and practical, it seemed ideal for a single gal like me. I've spent hours imagining myself there: I've sketched out furniture placement... even written house fan-fiction with scenes that play out in this sweet cottage.

Fast forward to quite a few years later when I (thought I) was ready to start building a home, and I was beyond thrilled to see this plan offered for purchase on-line.¹ Alas, right after I found it, I lost my job, and although I've since found another, the time has not been right to start the home building process again.

I admit, the long delay has been a source of disappointment, but at least the wait is allowing me to carefully review my options, even other floor plans. So, when the dream finally comes to fruition, I know I'll feel confident that the final result is the best fit for my wants and needs.

Dream Decorating
· lots of earth tones and natural textures
· dark wood for the furniture and built-in shelves
· wood floors with oriental rugs, and tile in the kitchen and bath
· a column of brick or stone veneer as a faux fireplace on the main room focal wall
· ample storage, because although I am a (reforming) packrat, I love having "a place for everything and everything in its place"

¹ It was number L-902-SA at, but when last I looked, it was M.I.A. Fortunately, I already purchased the plans. :)

To Do's: Quite Often

It's been said that moments make up our days; these tasks repeatedly make up my moments.

daily life stuff work-related prep, showering, eating, housework, etc.

work full time each week, plus a long commute

church several hours each week, including choir practice

shopping for necessities Aldi grocery store, Dollar Tree, and Wal-Mart, almost every week

yard work My mom's yard consists of several acres in a rural area, so I help her battle it during the growing seasons.

correspondence exchanging often epic emails with long-time pen-pal and "sister from another mister" Michele

making the rounds on the Web checking e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, and sorting through the news feed gloom-and-doom to collect usable relationship advice, tips for good physical and mental health, and home building ideas

website updates, content blogging once a week at my inspirational site (, posting at my forums, adding photos to my photolog

other hobbies watching DVDs, listening to music or audiobooks, light exercise, reading (primarily devotionals), planning and reprioritizing my to do lists

To Do's: Once in a Blue Moon

With limited free time, I tend to focus on higher priority projects, but sometimes inspiration strikes for something from the proverbial backburner.

reviews Probably my most common diversion is feeling compelled to write comments about TV shows or movies, especially Marvel comic book movies. But I confess that my motivation is largely self-serving: I want to remember certain aspects and revisit them later.

fanfiction mostly composing scenes in my head, but sometimes going as far as outlining the progression of the plot

blogging, other As with fanfiction, I frequently make note of thoughts to explore but rarely develop them into a full post.

fan art creating fan art, such as desktop wallpapers or banner for Twitter or Facebook

website updates, content In addition to small corrections and tweaks, I regularly rename some graphics in an effort to thwart hot-linkers. A considerably more ambitious goal is to complete -- or expand -- the fan references/guides I've started.

website updates, layouts Technically, I should convert all of my sites' code to the latest version. Beyond that, the main sites are (past) due for a new look, but layout changes are time-consuming, especially when I lack a starting concept.

seasonal stay-cations, fall festival, Christmas shopping

other hobbies organizing and de-cluttering, shopping for non-necessities, going to the movie theatre, taking pictures, sudoku puzzles, local travel (especially nature trails)

F O O T · N O T E D