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The MacGyver Drinking Game - Version 1

Written by Carrie Chin

Note: this drinking game is intended to be FUN. In keeping with Our Hero's abstention from the consumption of alcoholic beverages, I recommend chocolate candies (e.g. M&Ms) or similar foodstuffs as a substitute, especially if you'd like to be coherent afterward. Enjoy!

(BTW: Just what is a chug in terms of M&Ms? A handful?)


Someone asks MacGyver what he does for a living - One drink

MacGyver wears a tie - Two drinks

MacGyver wears a suit along with the tie - Three drinks

MacGyver isn't just wearing a suit and tie; he's wearing a tuxedo - Chug

Pete isn't wearing his usual suit and tie - Two drinks

Someone asks MacGyver his first name - Two drinks

Mac's first name is spoken aloud - Three drinks

Pete says "DSX" instead of "DXS" - Two drinks

One of MacGyver's friends dies, setting up the story - One drink

Someone asks MacGyver, "Are you a cop or something?" - One drink

A guest actor from a previous episode appears, but as a different character - One drink

MacGyver dreams of the Old West - Two drinks

MacGyver remembers an incident from his childhood - One drink

MacGyver discusses commitment - Three drinks

MacGyver sets a clever trap to catch the bad guys - One drink

MacGyver bluffs - One drink

MacGyver bluffs successfully - Two drinks

Someone parks really, really badly in order to get a good camera angle - One drink

Someone calls MacGyver "Mac" - One drink

Harry calls MacGyver "Bud" - One drink

MacGyver calls Harry "Harry" - One drink

MacGyver calls Harry "Grandpa" or anything other than "Harry" - Two drinks

Jack Dalton's left eye twitches - One drink

Murdoc escapes a gruesome fiery/falling/crushing/drowning death, only to come back and make MacGyver's life a living hell - One drink

Some other villain/villainess returns to make Mac's life a living hell - Two drinks

Jack Dalton sucks MacGyver into another one of his get-rich-quick schemes - One drink

MacGyver is wounded - One drink (Be careful when watching sixth-season episodes in succession.)

MacGyver performs physically impossible acts (e.g. cable-car acrobatics) after being wounded - One drink for every physically impossible act

MacGyver uses his Dexter alias - Two drinks

MacGyver hotwires a car - One drink

MacGyver gets that "deer facing headlights" look on his face - One drink

MacGyver uses a gun as a tool - One drink

MacGyver uses a gun as a weapon - Chug

MacGyver meets a former high-school/college sweetheart/old flame - One drink

That sweetheart/old flame gets him in trouble - One drink

Jack Dalton gets MacGyver into trouble - One drink

Penny Parker gets MacGyver into trouble - One drink

Pete Thornton gets MacGyver into trouble - Two drinks

Pete arrives on the scene just as things are wrapping up - One drink

Pete arrives on the scene before things wrap up - Two drinks

MacGyver goes on a search for ancient treasure - One drink

Pete tries to talk MacGyver into getting a haircut - Two drinks

MacGyver and Harry reminisce about the old days - One drink

Mac has trouble with any of his cars (engine problems, burnt-out generator, brake failure, bullet holes, etc.) - One drink

Mac rides his own motorcycle or one he's "borrowed" - One drink

Mac wears a helmet while riding - Three drinks

A visiting foreign dignitary/ambassador/corporate magnate has something up his sleeve - One drink

MacGyver disguises himself as one of the bad guys to infiltrate a villain's compound - One drink

Nikki and MacGyver argue/snipe at one another - One drink

MacGyver falls down after delivering the knockout punch - One drink

MacGyver shakes his aching hand after punching someone out - One drink

MacGyver says, "Oh, man" - One drink

Jack Dalton says, "Don't worry - I have a plan" - One drink

MacGyver moves, Zenlike, without making a sound, even on rough terrain - One drink

MacGyver curses - One drink if it's in a first-season episode; otherwise, chug

MacGyver creates a diversion - One drink

MacGyver uses his Swiss Army knife - One drink

MacGyver loses his Swiss Army knife - Three drinks

MacGyver has a roll of duct tape with him - Two drinks

MacGyver plays hockey - One drink

Pete plays hockey with MacGyver - Two drinks

The actors' breaths frost when the show's supposed to be set in balmy Los Angeles - One drink

There's snow on the ground when the show's supposed to be set in balmy Los Angeles - Two drinks

Someone mispronounces MacGyver's name - Two drinks

MacGyver tells someone to stay put - One drink

That person actually stays put and doesn't cause any trouble - Three drinks

Suddenly, there are doors on the Jeep where there were none in the previous scene - Chug

The writers try to explain away one of RDA's many injuries - Two drinks

The episode focuses on an environmental issue - One drink

The episode focuses on a social issue - One drink

The episode's plot appears to have been torn from the current headlines - One drink

The episode includes clips from previous shows - Two drinks

We see MacGyver shirtless - Three drinks

MacGyver expresses a discomfort with/fear of heights - Two drinks

MacGyver displays a skill we haven't seen before (e.g. logging) - Two drinks

MacGyver kisses a woman - One drink if it's in a first-season episode; otherwise, three drinks

MacGyver goes to bed with a woman - Chug heartily.


This MacGyver Drinking Game was originally posted at which has closed. Many thanks to Melissa for giving me permission to re-post it here!


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