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This site began when I was still waiting tables, and I decided to collect some of the customer encounters that I had experienced and heard about. At the time, my intent was to write an article to try to raise public awareness to the plight (such as it is) of the server. However, I soon realized that it wasn't just servers who had "Service! stories." So I expanded the site and geared it more toward a general plea for understanding, whether it's with a waitress, a co-worker, or a friend.


I have removed the cartoons that were previously posted at this site. As a Christian growing in living out my faith, I'm giving even more diligence to respecting copyrights, particularly by avoiding a possibly-too-liberal application of so-called Fair Use.

A huge thanks to my friend Michele, who has contributed a considerable amount of content to this site.

Many thanks also to the site visitors who have shared their stories. You guys rock!

The first paragraph of our Introduction is loosely based on The Doofus Principle, which makes a case for giving others the benefit of the doubt.

The site's current layout is from a style sheet by Dave Shea with modifications by Matthew Mullenweg and One Fine Jay. I found the style sheet as part of a free blog layout and modified it *heavily* for use here with the XHTML/CSS help of: HTMLDog, HTMLGoodies, the W3 tutorials, and the W3 Validator.

The background and header images were found in one of the standard themes offered by Microsoft (Office) Publisher. The header images were modified by me using Paint Shop Pro.

We are hosted by, home to an eclectic collection of fan websites.

On-Site Content

The Introduction tells what this site is all about and lists some samples of our content.

As the name implies, What Not To Do offers some responses that are best avoided.

More responses that are not recommended are in Say "no" to crow.

We present Did you know...?, because some people really don't know.

Those who exemplify what we're trying to convey with this site get an A for Effort!

Host with the LEAST has a few tips for protecting yourself when dealing with dot-coms.

Terms of Use

The text displayed on this site is original. You may re-post a limited amount of our original text for non-commercial purposes on two conditions. 1) You give credit by providing a link to this site, on whatever page my content is used, and 2) you don't take a large chunk of my content. If you have questions on what qualifies as a "large chunk," feel free to email me. Thank you for respecting the time and effort that I put into this site, as I've tried to respect the efforts of my sources above.

If you wish to use our content for commercial purposes, contact me at the address below to discuss the terms.

Other Terms of Use for This Site: The views, opinions, and experiences published here are entirely those of an individual (that is, the webmistress or the one who contributed the material) and are not to be construed as being representative of any company, business, organization, etc. The email address listed on this page is solely for site-related correspondence and is not to be used for unsolicited email marketing campaigns. Under no circumstances should anyone hotlink to any of our images/graphics, because we sporadically move them or replace them with images about bandwidth theft. If you have other questions, please review our disclaimer - and I apologize that the few bad apples out there made me have to "lawyer up."

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Hi, there! My name is Anne, and I'll be your webmistress today.

I *love* to receive feedback, so share your SERVICE! story (or other comments) by writing to me on-line --with Service! site in the subject line, so I'll know it isn't spam--at
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This site is a rusted-crush production, with grateful acknowledgment to the sources (above) that have helped make this site and this layout possible.