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Honest Abe
Mac's errand to pick up a friend's father, arriving in town for his grandson's bar mitzvah, turns into a wild international caper involving Caribbean terrorists and a stolen helicopter.

The 'Hood
Mac helps his new neighbors to rescue one of their own after she overhears a hitman negotiating a murder contract.

The ghost of his archenemy Murdoc leaves MacGyver sleepless and on edge just as he is about to supervise the security of the criminal trial of a deposed dictator, a task that could determine Pete's continued employment at The Phoenix Foundation.

The Prometheus Syndrome
MacGyver becomes personally involved in the effort to find a psychopathic arsonist.

The Coltons
Mac's old friends, the bounty-hunting Colton brothers try to find a young woman who's the only witness to a Chinatown murder, aided by their wise and patient mother, their impatient younger brother and their dog, Frog.

Walking Dead
Mac helps his neighbor, Mama Lorraine, rescue a young student activist who has been kidnapped and turned into a zombie by Haitian terrorists hiding behind a powerful voodoo priest.

Good Knight MacGyver (Part 1)
A genealogy investigation and a knock on the head take Mac back to King Arthur's court, where he must use his knowledge to prove Merlin innocent of harming the King.

Good Knight MacGyver (Part 2)
MacGyver and the wizard Merlin continue in their trek to find the fair Cecilia and stop Queen Morgana before she changes history in her quest to rule the world.

Deadly Silents
Mac tries to help an old silent film star retrieve the only existing prints of his work from a pair of special-effects obsessed fans.

Split Decision
Mac's friend Earl Dent looks to him for help when he fights to gain custody of his teenage daughter while preparing for a boxing comeback that bookmakers want him to throw.

Gunz 'N Boyz
At the Challengers' youth center, a former gang member is accused of murdering his rival. But MacGyver suspects a notorious weapons dealer who sells guns to gangs.

Off the Wall
Mac battles a callous slumlord when a young graffiti artist asks for help when his grandmother faces eviction from the apartment where she's spent her life.

The Stringer
MacGyver takes on the cause of a Chinese dissident on the run with the help of Sam-Sean Angus MacGyver, his son.

Mountain of Youth
Mac and Jack search for a mythical fountain of youth in a land of paradise.


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