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The Secret of Parker House
MacGyver accompanies his friend Penny Parker to the old house she has inherited from a distant relative who mysteriously disappeared.

Blood Brothers
MacGyver travels back to his hometown in Minnesota to settle some memories of a fatal gun accident and ends up helping the son of an old friend deal with some vicious drug dealers.

The Outsiders
MacGyver is saved from an auto accident by an Amish family facing eviction from their farm and a hostile employee of the construction company waiting to tear the buildings down.

On a Wing and a Prayer
Central American rebels capture Pete and a nun, so it's Mac and Jack to the rescue.

Collision Course
MacGyver agrees to test a new racing engine designed by the Phoenix Foundation, but a business rival has other plans for him.

The Survivors
MacGyver and Pete find a crashed DEA plane while on a rugged wilderness survival test, and have to flee from the drug smugglers responsible for downing it.

Deadly Dreams
MacGyver gets involved in the search for an escaped serial killer, who is actually the pawn of an imprisoned killer intent on revenge against a policewoman.

Ma Dalton
Jack receives mementos of his father and his search for the sender leads him to his mother - a fugitive in fear of life.

Cleo Rocks
Penny Parker's big chance in a major professional role may be only one part of a man's twisted scheme for revenge against MacGyver.

Fraternity of Thieves
MacGyver learns that Pete's son may be responsible for the theft of a Phoenix Foundation technology system.

The Battle of Tommy Giordano
MacGyver helps an old friend rescue her son, who has been kidnapped by his estranged father and left with his grandfather, an aging organized crime kingpin whose control is being threatened by subordinates.

The Challenge
An inner city youth club is threatened when one of the residents is framed for auto theft by a neighborhood racist who'll stop at nothing to close the center.

MacGyver helps a young runaway with a vicious pimp and a tragic secret about her policeman father.

Gold Rush
MacGyver joins a joint US-USSR team trekking into the Alaskan wilderness to retrieve a huge amount of Russian gold from a downed plane only to learn that someone has beaten them to it.

The Invisible Killer
MacGyver leads a backpacking group into the wilderness on a stress reduction program for the Phoenix Foundation. Unfortunately four convicts break out of nearby prison.

Jack Dalton is programmed by an ambitious couple to assassinate the friendly leader of an African nation during an award ceremony.

Easy Target
Pet and Mac are held by terrorists intent on wiping out a nearby city.

MacGyver works hard to retrieve the anthrax bacillus stolen by a former Navy commando who once saved his life, and is now suffering the effects of an old head wound.

Unfinished Business
Jack, Mac and Pete review their past adventures while on a gold panning expedition, unaware they're being stalked by a vengeful killer.


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