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The Human Factor
A computer malfunctions during a test of its security systems, trapping Mac and its designer.

The Eraser
Mac inadvertently leads a hit man to his quarry, a man sought by the government and the mob.

Twice Stung
Mac and Thornton go after a con artist who swindled an old friend out of his savings.

The Wish Child
Mac tries to rescue a friend's brother, who has been impersonating a legendary Chinese figure.

Final Approach
Mac and four street toughs struggle for survival after their plane crashes in the mountains.

Jack of Lies
Jack Dalton needs help freeing a "botanist" being held by drug smugglers, and she turns out to be an old friend of Mac's.

The Road Not Taken
Mac meets his former fiancée when he and Pete try to rescue a nun and her orphaned charges.

Mac runs afoul of a escaped felon, who shot and wounded a rare eagle, and who now wants to kill Mac.

Silent World
Mac's deaf friend has nightmares that might give a clue to finding a stolen missile-guidance system.

Three For the Road
Mac hitches a ride with a retired actor and his wife, who are unwittingly carrying mob money.

Phoenix Under Siege
Killers hunt MacGyver and his grandfather while trapped in a building wired with a time bomb.

Family Matter
Pete's ex-wife and son are kidnapped, and the kidnappers want Pete in exchange for their release.

Soft Touch
Mac gets involved when Penny Parker sees a thug torturing a Federal agent.

Birth Day
Mac is trapped with a pregnant woman whose husband is out to kill her.

Modern-day pirates use a Spanish captain's log to locate a sunken treasure fleet.

Out in the Cold
Mac becomes a gangster's target after he acquires some microfilm during a skiing accident.

Dalton, Jack of Spies
Mac and Jack are accused of murder when a scheme to find a mole in the CIA goes awry.

An assassin they thought had died during their first case together traps Mac and Pete.

The daughter of an American pilot held in Latin America tags along on Mac's rescue mission.

Mac's friends throw a birthday party for him, but he's somberly reflecting on his past and future.

D.O.A.: MacGyver
An amnesiac Mac is hunted by terrorists who believe he knows of their assassination plans.

For Love or Money
Mac is forced to work with a ruthless freelance agent to rescue a human rights activist.


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