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Mac is asked to rescue scientists in an underground lab guarded by a deadly security system.

The Golden Triangle
MacGyver uses a magnet to retrieve stolen documents, then escapes a car about to be flattened. Later, Mac is mistaken for a narc when he tries to retrieve a canister filled with a deadly chemical from a Burma opium field.

Thief of Budapest
MacGyver retrieves a stolen horse and gets picked up -literally- by a chopper. Then in Budapest a gypsy steals a watch containing the microfilm MacGyver was supposed to receive from a Russian agent.

The Gauntlet
MacGyver retrieves a top-secret map, then uses it to escape his pursuers in the desert. Then Mac helps a reporter get out of a Latin country with evidence linking a general to an illegal arms dealer.

The Heist
Mac must figure out how to retrieve diamonds destined for a famine relief charity from a casino vault.

Trumbo's World
In the Pyrenees, MacGyver rescues a prisoner, then makes a daring escape with her by raft. Then in Brazil, Mac helps defend a plantation from an army of ants denuding the surrounding jungle.

Last Stand
Mac stumbles into a hostage situation at a small airstrip taken over by fugitive armored-car robbers.

MacGyver turns "hellfighter" to help a friend cap an oil-well fire.

The Prodigal
Mac must find a way for a Federal witness to visit his dying mother without his mobster brother finding out.

Target MacGyver
Mac rescues a lady general at a beachhouse, then nabs her kidnappers using common kitchen equipment. Later, while visiting his estranged grandfather Mac is hunted down by a contract killer.

Mac escapes from enemy agents after being injected by a hallucinogen that will kill him in six hours.

Posing as a corpse, Mac escapes Berlin by coffin-turned-jet-ski. Later, he is trapped in a mansion that is electronically booby-trapped by an old nemesis.

Flame's End
An old friend of Mac's discovers evidence of uranium thefts from a nuclear processing plant.

MacGyver and an old Army buddy have just hours to defuse two sophisticated bombs aboard a cruise ship.

The Enemy Within
MacGyver must protect a defector who can identify the killer of three agents.

Every Time She Smiles
American Penny Parker, who's fleeing her security officer lover, jeopardizes MacGyver's mission in Bulgaria to transport out microfilm.

To Be a Man
In Afghanistan, wounded and hunted by the Soviets, Mac is given refuge by an Afghan woman and her son.

Ugly Duckling
Black marketeers are after a young genius that is the only one capable of fixing a missile's guidance system.

Slow Death
Mac and a trainload of passengers are taken hostage by a tribal chieftain seeking the men responsible for his son's death.

The Escape
Mac gets himself thrown into a North African jail to help free an American missionary.

A Prisoner of Conscience
Mac and Thornton investigate the supposed death of an old friend, a prominent Russian dissident.

The Assassin
Mac tries to prevent the assassination of an archbishop by a killer who's a master of disguise.


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