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Welcome to Live and Learn! During our ten-plus years, we have become one of the largest fan websites on the 'Net dedicated to the action-adventure television series, MacGyver. Whether you're looking for basic information about the show or for original attempts at entertainment, we offer a variety of features. Plus, we are one of the rare MacGyver sites that is still updated regularly.

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Fanlisting updated: February 7, 2015
(Other site updates are listed here.)

We have our second fanfiction - The Art of the Kill - thanks to the lovely and talented Carol K. As they say at, "please read and review!"

MacGyver fan Nick has undertaken the task of reviewing and ranking every episode in what he calls The MacGyver Project. He's off to a great start, so check it out! (And I'm sure he'd appreciate some feedback as well, hint, hint. ;)

MacGyver news: A MacGyver comic book series has been released! I've seen the first issue, and the story does seem true to the TV show, with a few updates to make it current. Alas, the Mac character doesn't look much like Richard Dean Anderson... Anyway, look for the comic books on-line or at retailers near you.

Also in MacGyver news: A book was inspired by MacGyver and his cleverness. It's called What Would MacGyver Do? I've read it, and I thoroughly enjoyed it - especially the reference (albeit misspelled, on page 187) to my site! The book is about real-life people who used "MacGyver-like ingenuity to solve their everyday problems." For more info - and some excerpts from the book - visit the author's website.

Five of the season seven episodes remain -- since one is in the works, albeit slowly due to the demands to Real Life -- and then our Episode Guide is complete! If you would like to help, jot down a plot recap and/or quotes for an episode and send them to me. Don't forget to include how you would like your name (and website, if applicable) to appear when I give you credit.

Or if you have an old site - maybe one that was at Geocities - with MacGyver content that I could re-post here, I'm sure I could find a place for it. Just let me know!

Corrections? Suggestions? Something to add to this site? Please contact the webmistress.

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