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About Deep Cover

fan dedication for: the character Jack Bristow from Alias
opened: November 25, 2002
site index: here
hosted by: rusted-crush.com
more info: site updates
the webmiss says: "Jack Bristow is a man with many sides. Much of his past is still a mystery; just when we think we know all there is to know about him, we find something new. I call this fanlisting "Deep Cover" in honor of one of the most layered - and fascinating - characters on television."

About Spy Factory

fan dedication for: the Bristow Family Relationship from Alias
opened: April 11, 2003
hosted by: www.neloo.com
past layouts: here

About Both Sites

Not affiliated with the producers, cast, crew, etc. of the series Alias
webmistress: Anne Bristow

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is this still a fanlisting?
As of early 2017, we are no longer the Jack Bristow fanlisting. In late 2016, while I was involved in finishing another website project, I neglected to update this site, and TheFanlistings.org happened to check and found "inactivity." I'm sure they emailed to warn me, but the address they have for me is one I no longer use (whoopsie!), and so I never got the message. Ah, well. :shrug: The last fan joined in July of 2012; for that reason, I did not reapply to be reinstated. Plus, while I have been glad for this to be the Jack Bristow fanlisting, it will *awesome* to not have to update every two months to keep some "signs of life." Thanks to all of you for 15 great years!

2. How is this site both Deep Cover *and* Spy Factory?
After maintaining separate sites for Jack Bristow and The Bristows for six years, the webmistress decided to simplify her life and combine the two, so that they share content. This also benefits the sites' visitors by providing a wider range of content.

3. Did you know that (whatever information) is wrong or incomplete?
No, I didn't! Please write to me and let me know what is correct, or what info is missing.

4. May I use your content on my site/message board/whatever?
You may save the pictures in the gallery to your own computer for your own personal use, but do not direct link to them. You may use the information from this site as long as you give credit by providing a link to this site, on whatever page my info is used. Thank you for respecting the time and effort that I put into this site.

I respectfully request that you not use the graphics that I made for my layout. I worked very hard to create a look that I liked, and I designed the graphics specifically for use on this site. If you need help in designing your own graphics, a quick search on Google will provide multiple sources of assistance.

5. What does the text say in your layout's graphics?
They're excerpts of Jack and Sydney's conversations from the show. If you get really bored sometime, look for the original quotes on the quotes page.

6. Where did you get the font that you used in your layout's graphics?
Batik Regular was used for the text behind the pictures and the words "Deep Cover". The words "Spy Factory" were pieced together using letters from a screencap of a message that appeared on the show. (In other words, it's not a font.) For more details about Spy Factory's current and former layouts, click here.

7. What is Alias about? Will there be a spin-off series? Was Rambaldi a real person?
If you have a question about the show, its characters, the plots, etc. check the Alias FAQ.

8. My question isn't listed here. What should I do?
Review questions and answers on this page or this page, or try searching the web.

9. How can I contact you?
To contact me (Anne Bristow, the webmistress), write to me at the address on this page.

This fan website is a rusted-crush production, with grateful acknowledgment to the sources that have helped make this site and this layout possible. The Frequently Asked Questions (above) contain more site information, including the terms of use for posting our original content elsewhere. Thank you for visiting; enjoy the site!