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Season One

Danny: Sir, I love your daughter and I want to marry her. That's why I'm calling.
Jack: First of all, Danny, the truth is this is just a courtesy call. Like when you say to your neighbor, "We're having a loud party on Saturday night if that's all right with you." What you really mean is, "We're having a loud party on Saturday night."
Danny: Mr. Bristow--
Jack: Sydney doesn't give a damn what my opinion is. What interests me is that you do.
Danny: It's just a custom to call the father, that's all this is--
Jack: Well, then, I'll tell you what. I may become your father-in-law, that's just fine. But I will not be used as part of a charming little anecdote you tell your friends at cocktail parties so they can see what a quaint, old-fashioned guy Danny really is. Are we clear?
Danny: Yes, sir...
Jack: Good. Then welcome to the family.

Sydney: I thought you sold airplane parts!
Jack: I don't sell airplane parts. I never sold airplane parts.

Sydney: How do I know what you're telling me is the truth?
Jack: I guess we'll just have to learn to trust each other.

Sydney: Since I've known the truth about you, I've asked myself questions. Thousands of questions. But this one I have to ask you now. When Danny was killed... Dad... did you know? Did you know that's what they were going to do?
Jack: Yes.
[Sydney slaps him.]
Sydney: Don't you ever speak to me again.

Francie: Well, you know my opinion of your dad.
Sydney: I know.
Francie: But listen. If you can find it in your heart to forgive him for being the kind of guy he's been all your life, which I would find impossible and could never do, then you should make a real effort.

Sydney: I know about you! That you were hunted by the F.B.I.! And I know that mom died because they went after you.
Jack: Sydney...
Sydney: Every time I think I know just how awful you are, I learn something worse.

Jack: There are rules, Sydney.
Sydney: Then you break them!
Jack: Just think about what you're saying. Acting cavalier about breaking the rules. Think about the *last* time you did something like that. I'm not a perfect man, I know that. But I am smart enough not to draw simple conclusions and then act upon them. I would think if anyone had learned that lesson, it would have been you.

Jack: Mr. Vaughn, you're young and you're eager, and I understand that. But one thing you're not, and this is something only time can provide, really... is wise.

Vaughn: Sydney's life is worth the risk!
Jack: Not to Sydney! Taking them down is what gets her up in the morning. Or... did you think it was those meetings she has with you?
Vaughn: Hey! What is your problem with me?
Jack: You pulled my file last week, that's my problem, Mr. Vaughn. Now, did curiousity get the better of you, or were you trying to impress my daughter?
Vaughn (sighs): She thinks you were KGB. But, I'm sure you already knew that. So, what I'm wondering is what were you doing checking up on me checking up on you?
Jack: This meeting is over.

Sydney: Dad.
Jack (re: the newspaper): This was on your lawn.
Sydney: It's my neighbor's. I'll give it to him.
Jack: Oh.
Sydney: Do you want to come inside?
Jack: Shepard killed Danny. I'm assuming you know that.
Sydney: If I hadn't, thank you for breaking it to me so gently.
Jack: I'm telling you because I don't want you to think it's my mission in life to keep things from you.
Sydney: Then why do you?

Will (reading): "Laura, all my love forever and a day, Jack." That's not, like, your dad Jack, is it?
Sydney: Yeah.
Will: Wow. That's uncharacteristically sweet of him.
Sydney: I know. He actually has a heart, which I'm learning little by little.

Jack: You go in like this, you pull her out, it'll only prove that you've intercepted Sloane's communique and Sydney will be exposed.
Vaughn: You don't know that for a fact!
Jack: Why am I even talking to you? Lloyd, abort this mission.

Jack: I need you to tell me what's happening!
Steven: You didn't hear this from me. While Sydney and Russek were in Geneva, a transmission was recorded from her location and it was not one of ours.
Jack: You think it was Sydney?
Steven: This is not the first indication that she might be working for someone else.

Jack: Mr. Vaughn, I don't need a lesson in the international arms trade.

Jack: Whoever the hell you think you are -- checking up on me, pulling my file, second-guessing my choices -- let's just both face the facts. You're not that person. Neither your experience, nor your intelligence has earned you the right to question a thing that I do. Now, I'm going to make two suggestions. One, that you stop it. And two, that the next time they assign you to be my handler, you kindly decline.
Vaughn: Rusik never transmitted a thing, did he?
Jack: Of course he didn't. If you got the SD-6 transmission, why the hell are you asking me?
Vaughn: I never got the SD-6 transmission. It was just a hunch.
Jack: I'd just learned that my daughter was about to be tortured, Mr. Vaughn. Most likely, executed. I had no time to go for help.

Sydney: Dad, you were shot.
Jack: It's nothing.

Jack: Two years ago, of course I knew you were working for SD-6, I heard you'd been sent to Memphis, Egypt to meet with this jackass. It turned my stomach that you were in this business.

Sydney: Dad, can I ask you something? When you started with SD-6, you knew that they were a mercenary group and that they had no connection with the C.I.A. But I didn't. When I joined, I thought I was going to be saving the world and not making it more dangerous.
Jack: What's the question?
Sydney: Why didn't you say something? I mean, you could have told me what I was really doing - damage instead of good - but you kept quiet.
Jack (sighs): Revealing the truth about what you were doing would have required revealing the truth about what I was doing.

Sydney: Last week when I learned what my father did for me, sacrificing Rusik, it made me sick. But now, I know I would have done the exact same thing. You should have seen him.
Vaughn: Your father?
Sydney: Yeah, he was like... he was like a pro. He was good. I mean, the way you talked about him once, what his reputation was, I could see it in action. He was... impressive.

Jack: This is CIA director Devlin, deputy director Tucker, executive director Gerstner, and these are senior officers Haleys, Stafford and Collum. I knew weeks ago that my file had been pulled and that you were suspicious of my activities twenty-five years ago regarding the KGB. When I learned that you had scheduled a meeting with Mr. Devlin regarding my... history, I knew that it was time. Let me say that, in advance, I'm sorry to make this such a public display but I felt it was important to do this in front of these people because they already know the truth and because I didn't think that you would believe me otherwise. Those cyrillic codes you found in those books - yes, they were orders from the KGB and yes, they were orders to kill. An agent recieved those orders and carried them out, murdering officers of the CIA, including your father, Mr. Vaughn. All this is true. But, Sydney, I was not that agent. Your mother was.

Jack: I know how this feels.
Sydney: Not exactly. You've had a lot longer to make sense of this than I have.
Jack: There was a time when this was news to me, too. Your mother was sent to the United States to steal secrets from a ranking officer of the CIA. How she and I happened to meet, how she supposedly fell in love, I thought it was all true. But it was just a set-up.
Sydney: Even her wanting to have a family? Was that just part of the plan, too?

Jack: This is suicide!
Sydney: I don't think it is.
Jack: What exactly is your exit strategy? Politely asking Sloane to let you out of SD-6?

Sydney: That's fine. I just have to swing by school.
Jack: How uh... how's that going?

Sydney: So, why are we at a carousel?
Jack: You always loved this spot. Your mother and I used to bring you here. I had just been transferred to the Los Angeles field office. You were two years old. We'd watch you go around on the carousel and talk about our day, the future. And sometimes, foolishly, my work at the CIA. I never imagined that our conversations were being passed along to the KGB. I haven't been back to this park in twenty years.
Sydney: Why did you bring me here now?
Jack: When you asked me the other day about school, I couldn't help you. I... I'm out of practice when it comes to, uh... personal matters.
Sydney: Dad, I'm in no rush.
Jack: Believing your mother was a professor may have influenced you somewhat but the decision to go back to school was yours. And I'd trust that. I think that, uh, if you stick with it... you could become the kind of teacher your students will always remember.
Sydney: Thank you.

Jack: Do you value your life, Mr. Tippin?
Will: Of course I value my life.
Jack: Do you? Your actions would indicate otherwise. I'm going to tell you what it is you are apparently dying to know. Your friend Daniel Hecht, David McNeil's wife Susan, Eloise Kurtz... they were all innocent victims. Their deaths were unfortunate. A matter of circumstance. Now, the only remaining question is whether the story ends there or whether it includes other innocent victims.

Jack: If she weren't my daughter, Ben, I probably wouldn't be fighting for this.

Kendall: As far as you've seen, your father's allegiance has always been with the CIA?
Sydney: Now, listen to me. I have been very patient with you. I've even put up with your implications that I'm not to be trusted!
Kendall: Ms. Bristow--
Sydney: But I will not accept you insulting my father! That is unacceptable!

Jack: Haladki. I'll talk to him.
Vaughn: Oh, no, the problem is... he's not talking.
Jack: He'll talk to me.

Jack: I have no desire to blow your head off, or ruin your paint job, but I will do both unless you tell me where the hell Sydney Bristow is.

Jack: Do you expect her just to say... "I'm sorry"?
Sydney: I don't know what to expect!
Jack: Well, you better know exactly what to expect! What could she ever say... that would satisfy you?

Sydney: I have this memory of my father. I was maybe five-years-old. We were camping with my mother. I broke my leg. And he picked me up, and carried me miles back to the car. And I remember looking up at him and thinking he was the strongest man in the world. Seeing him there in the car, looking so *damaged*... I've never seen him like that. The idea that I want to find my mother... it scares him.

Sloane: He drank. He started taking unnecessary risks. Come on, Sydney, you know the father he was to you all those years. He took a long time to fully recover and I was under direct orders from the DCI not to let him know that Laura survived the accident.

Jack: I wouldn't feel comfortable leaving Sydney alone right now. If she were your daughter, I'm sure you'd understand.
Sloane: You should know by now that my interest is in protecting Sydney. It's always been my pleasure to fill in for you when you were... indisposed.

Sydney: I think you might want to talk to someone.
Jack: Noted.
Sydney: Six months ago, I wasn't... I didn't even know how to talk to you, but now I feel like at least I feel like I can come to you and say--
Jack: What's happening between us, Sydney, is temporary.

Dr. Barnett: One more thing, Jack. I don't believe a single word that you've said to me over this past hour. Don't get me wrong, I think you are a master. You have all your subconscious tells under control. You're smart enough to struggle with words. But I think you told me wha tI wanted to hear so you could get out of my office as quickly as possible. I also think that someone so skilled at deception is in danger of deceiving himself. I am going to recommend that you see me once a week.
Jack: You haven't got a clue what's required to lead the kind of life I lead. To maintain a balance between two lives and protect my daughter in the process. The kind of person who does that, the kind of person I have to be, is not the kind of person who would come in and talk to you.

Jack: Sydney, you have no perspective on who that man is! You're as lost now as I was years ago!
Sydney: Wait, Dad, you don't know him!
Jack: And you don't know him either! That's the lesson in all this!

Jack: Tippin didn't turn out to be a problem, did he?
Sloane: Sydney wasn't intimate with Tippin. She is with Hicks.
Jack: I'm not sure that's my business -- and I know it isn't yours.

Khasinau (speaks Russian): How did you acquire your intel?
Laura: Every night for ten years I went through his briefcase. I eavesdropped on all of his private conversations. I planted listening devices on his clothing. He was blinded by his emotions. He knew nothing. I can tell you one thing: Jack Bristow was a fool.

Jack: He only told you my name so you would realize that my threat to you was a bluff. That I would never hurt Sydney, even if you continue your investigation. He didn't expect you'd have the guts to contact me.
Will: Oh, well, I'll assume that's a compliment.

Will: Sodium pentothal. Like a truth serum. They're going to give me that?
Jack: I would.
Will: Great.

Sydney: None of this changes the fact that you were using Will!
Jack: He was already being used! It's no coincidence that out of all the reporters in the world, he was chosen.
Sydney: What are you saying?
Jack: For some reason, Khasinau is trying to expose us.

Sloane: Seeing the kind of woman you've become, knowing that I had something to do with it... that's as rewarding as if I had a child of my own.
Jack: Bastard.

Jack: You gave Khasinau the information about the safehouse.
Haladki: Jack, this is a gift I'm giving you! Khasinau can save you! You should be with him!
Jack: You told him that my daughter is a double agent with SD-6.
Haladki: Jack, look at yourself--
Jack: You exposed Sydney!

Sark: Are you comfortable? Do you feel comfortable trading priceless documents for a low-grade reporter?
Jack: You should read Tippin's stuff. It's not so bad.

Season Two

Will: Um, excuse me, did you say you were shot by your mother?
Jack: Sit down!

Will: You can't think of another way than this?
Jack: Yes, I can think of a number of other ways. But they all involve your burial.

Jack: You know, to the Vietnamese and Chinese, the color white means death and bad fortune... Try red.

Sydney: The idea that the CIA is willing to work with Irina Derevko is insane.
Jack: Worse, it's naive. Your mother didn't just conveniently turn herself in. This is all part of the manipulation.
Sydney: Well, she's their problem now. She's not yours. And she's not mine.
(When putting on her jacket, she winces a little bit.)
Jack: You... okay?
Sydney: My shoulder's healing, if that's what you mean.
Jack: It's not, actually.

Jack: The answer is NO!
Vaughn: All I am asking is that you consider it!

Jack: Irina Derevko is an opportunistic sociopath who'll use whatever inroads she can make with my daughter to get what she wants.

Jack: I see. And is your opinion here based on what's best for Sydney, or for the agency? Because the fact is if Sydney doesn't talk to Laura, the CIA learns nothing.
Dr. Barnett: So you still think of her as Laura, even though that was her alias.

Irina: I've had this picture of your face in my mind for twenty years. I remember a loving husband, generous man, patriot. I may have been under orders to fabricate a life with you, but there were times when the illusion of our marriage was as powerful to me as it was for you, especially when Sydney was born. Looking at you now I see that illusion is finally gone.

Jack: I want to make something very clear to you. There are people here who believe you can repay the debt you owe this country through your continued cooperation. I am not one of them. And if Sydney in any way becomes victim to your endgame, I will kill you. She spent most of her life believing you were dead, she'll get used to it again. No matter what bond you try to forge with her.

Sydney: Dad, you don't have to worry about me. I'm not that naive.
Jack: I'm sure that's something we both hope is true.

Richter: Derevko is a great woman.
Jack: Morphine's not bad, either.

Jack: No one wants a happy ending to this story more than I do but I know this woman. I know her charms. I know her tricks. The way she presents herself, she disarms you. Some people have that talent. Compared to all of them, Irina Derevko is extraordinary.

Jack: I don't know what it is Derevko wants. Maybe something within the CIA, maybe to recruit Sydney to her side. I can tell you I know this -- Derevko is using this agency and my daughter to get whatever it is that she wants and everywhere I look people are complacent and cooperative! Listening to--! Listening to a woman who killed operatives of the CIA. Who destroyed countless lives.

Jack: You asked me what I was afraid of. I can tell you, it's obvious. I'm afraid of losing my daughter.

Vaughn: I saw de Souza. He told me that you hired him to rig those explosives.
Jack: Irina Derevko would eagerly destroy all of our lives.
Vaughn: I'm not a big fan, either. It still doesn't justify what you did.
Jack: You do good work, Agent Vaughn. But your consistent shortcoming - you should know this - is your naive sense of morality. Evil must be eliminated by whatever means necessary.

Sydney: I have this memory when I was six years old. My mother had just died in a car accident. I felt so scared. You were never home, so who was going to take care of me? Then I overheard you talking. You were in your study on the phone. You were talking about Christmas, about me. You were taking care of my Christmas presents. Suddenly, I-I felt so safe. You were taking care of me. That memory's a lie. You weren't talking about that at all.
Jack: Sydney--
Sydney: I've seen the footage. Mom's briefing with her KGB handler. She was sent here for one specific purpose, to steal information from you about a project you were developing for the CIA. An operation to train children to be American spies. Project Christmas. Ever since Mom came back, you were afraid she'd figure out what you did to me. You weren't trying to protect me from her, you were trying to protect your secret. So the first opportunity you had, you set her up ... in Madagascar.
Jack: Sydney, understand something--
Sydney: No, Dad, you understand something. You took away my choices in life. You programmed me to be a spy. I will never forgive you for this.

Jack: We should talk.
Sydney: We have nothing to talk about.
Jack: I know you have questions. You can either be angry, or you can be informed.

Jack: Please try to understand what I'm about to tell you, Sydney. After your mother left, I tested Project Christmas on you because I didn't want you to be a victim. I thought it was my responsibility to teach you how to think strategically, to see through people's lies, to be as strong as you could be in an environment where one mistake could cost you your life.
Sydney: Then you should've told me the truth before I ended up here.
Jack: Yes, you're right! I never intended you to lead a double life. I imagined recruiting you into the CIA after you finished college. But Sloane got to you first, and that is a mistake I will never live down.
Sydney: I'd like to believe you, but I don't trust anything you say.

Jack: I spent a decade with this woman and another twenty years analyzing how she could have deceived me for so long. Trust me when I tell you, I am protecting you.
Sydney: No, you're not. I think you loved Mom so much that when she left you, you lost your soul. You know what else I think? I think the kind of man who'd use his own daughter to frame her mother, who'd test psych experiments when she was six-years-old is the kind of man who looks at his daughter and sees his greatest mistake.
Jack: You can't honestly believe that.
Sydney: It's true, isn't it? If Mom hadn't fooled you, if you hadn't been so gullible, I never would have been born. I'm going to finish reviewing the mission now.

Jack (testifying at a hearing): Sydney Bristow, my daughter... has come to believe that when I look at her, I see the embodiment of all my flaws. And this afternoon when I learned that she may have been exposed to a life-threatening disease, I realized that she might die believing that. But nothing could be further from the truth. When I look at her, when I look at the little girl who raised herself to become one of the most extraordinary human beings and one of the finest agents I've ever had the privilege of knowing, I see only the promise of my own redemption. Turning myself in was the only way I could think of to make that clear to her, to prove that despite... my limited abilities as a father, I love her more than I could ever say.

Kane: I'm aware of your reputation as a first-class strategist, Agent Bristow. Tell me, where would you begin this investigation?
Jack: With me. Over the years Arvin's trusted me with everything I'd need to know to be the perpetrator. And if his standing within the Alliance were undermined, I'd be a candidate to inherit his seat. Motive.

Kane: Who is Steven Haladki?
Jack: He was a CIA agent loyal to Irina Derevko.
Kane: Whom you murdered. We found brain matter in the gun you fired on the day Emily was murdered. I admit, I thought DNA tests would prove that you killed her but instead they proved you killed Haladki.
Jack: We had reliable intel that Derevko was accessing information through the CIA. Her source turned out to be Haladki. He was crucial to her operation and had to be removed.

Irina: I remember the first time you introduced me to Sloane. You were both working at the CIA, he came to the house for dinner. You were true friends.
Jack: Yes. We shared a similar unsentimental patriotism... and a devotion to our wives. But Sloane changed and ... it was Rambaldi that did it. I'm not sure what it is - he never told me - but Sloane has a personal connection to Rambaldi.
Irina: I lived for years with the same obsession, to find a higher meaning in Rambaldi's work. I never understood how you managed to avoid getting caught up in it.
Jack: I had something neither of you did.
Irina: Sydney.

Jack: Your mother betrayed us. Betrayed the CIA. Her meeting with Sloane was staged to secure her escape.
Sydney: You don't know that. Sloane could've set up the meet to abduct her.
Jack: Before the operation, she swapped the Rambaldi manuscript. She left us with a fake. She and Sloane are now in possession of the original. Sydney, they planned this.

Jack: I'm not willing to risk your life based on speculative intel you acquired from a Russian spy.
Sydney: Why would she lie?
Jack: That's precisely the question!
Sydney: She turned herself in!
Jack: She's not the first!

Season Three

Jack: Vaughn what?
Sydney: He got married.
Jack: Michael Vaughn is just a boy who was never good enough for you.

Jack (to Sloane): Personally I would have found it anti-climactic that after expecting to assemble a weapon of ultimate power you found a revelation you could have acquired from a fortune cookie.

Sloane: I know that you were imprisoned for making contact with your ex-wife. You went to Irina Derevko for help to find Sydney. Now I wouldn't have believed that you would ally yourself with a woman you vowed you'd never trust again. So, if you're capable of having such a change of heart, why is it so hard to believe that I am as well?
Jack: Because every morally questionable thing I have done has been to protect Sydney. You don't have the same excuse.

Jack: Vaughn's been quizzing me about "Julia." I tried shutting down his inquiry, but apparently something you said has made that impossible.
Sydney: All I said was that I couldn't talk about it.
Jack: Which, of course, has only piqued his interest.

Sydney: The last thing I want is to be responsible for driving a wedge between Vaughn and Lauren.
Jack: That is a concern I do not share.

Vaughn: If you ever put my wife's life in danger again, I will kill you!
Jack: Then perhaps you finally understand the moral compromises you'll make when someone you love is in danger.

Vaughn: The fact that you're letting me see this place means: it's not your only one, is it?
Jack: You're smarter than you look.

Vaughn: I didn't know you wore glasses.
Jack: Only during surgery.

Vaughn (to Jack): You're starting to like me again.

Jack: I've been trying to think of a single reason why you saved my life. The only conclusion I've come to is that it would incur some feeling of debt on my part.
Sloane: As usual, Jack, you're in danger of outsmarting yourself.

Sydney: What happens if what we're looking for isn't metal?
Jack: Then we're screwed; it isn't an unfamiliar situation.

Jack: I used to think you didn't have much of a spine.
Vaughn: And has that assessment changed?
Jack: No.
[At this, Jack smiles ever so slightly.]

Jack: You and I have something in common. We both suffered through the death of the woman we loved only to discover that she was still alive. I know, it's hard. But this isn't about you. And I will not allow my daughter to become your mistress.
Vaughn: If that's where you think my concern for Sydney is headed, then you are even more cynical than I thought.

Jack (to Vaughn): If you care about my daughter as you claim to, then push her away. Be cruel if you have to - make her despise you. Because your kindness tortures her. I can see it, what it does to her. And I won't have it.

Ryan: Don't tell me. We've come to the point where you coerce me into cooperating.
Jack: Not exactly.
[Jack seizes Ryan by the neck and starts to strangle him.]

Sydney: We should talk to Dixon and figure out a way to handle this.
Vaughn: Oh, I know how to handle this.
Jack: You will act like nothing has changed.
Vaughn: Okay, what's Plan B 'cause that's not going to happen.

Vaughn: My wife betrayed me. She betrayed all of us. You can't expect me to pretend that never happened.
Jack: I'm not sure you have a choice.
Vaughn: Why is that?
Jack: Because you're the one that married her.

Jack (to Sloane): You're right: I'm not going to help you. Since this is the last conversation we will ever have, I want to make this perfectly clear. What you have done to my daughter is nothing compared to what I will do when I find yours. Salut.

Jack: Sydney, there's something you should know. When I first learned of Sloane's affair with your mother, I was forced to consider the possibility that I wasn't in fact your biological father.
Sydney: You don't even--
Jack: It's not the case. I had our medical files examined. Our relationship is clear. But I wanted you to know, during that brief time before I was reassured my feelings for you never changed.

Jack: I suggest you focus your energy into achieving closure on this matter.
Vaughn: No one wants Lauren in custody more than I do!
Jack: That's not the kind of closure I'm referring to.

Season Four

Jack: Sydney, get in. Get in now - you can be stubborn later.

Huge Goon: You don't frighten me.
Jack: Then clearly you're an *idiot.*

Sydney: She's my sister; I need to tell her--
Jack: This isn't about what you *need,* Sydney--
Sydney: No, apparently it's about what *you* need.

Nadia: Mr. Bristow, I don't mean to seem impatient, but I've never done *anything* that's lasted as long as this.
Jack: How sad for you.

Sydney: You manipulated Nadia.
Jack: I gave your sister closure.
Sydney: But not the truth.
Jack: Sometimes a satisfying lie, Sydney, can do more good than the *awful* truth.

Vaughn: I thought I saw her. In the market at Algeria. That ever happen to you?
Jack: Do I have visions of Lauren?
Vaughn: I don't know that many people who killed the woman they were married to; I was just wondering if that's what happens.
Jack: It did. Now it doesn't.

Jack: There was a small bookstore in Prague that stocked rare first editions. Whenever I was in town, I'd buy one for her as a gift.
Marshall: Oh, that's sweet.
Jack: The KGB encoded assassination orders in these pages.
Marshall: Oh . . . well . . . that's . . . not as sweet.

Sydney: She's supposed to be dead.
Jack: So are a lot of people.

Marshall: I got a . . . spork.
Jack: What's a spork?

Jack: Weiss, make sure the jet is on standby. Coordinate an in-country rendezvous with Sloane at twelve hundred hours.
Weiss: "Twelve hundred"? Jack, it's me; you can say "noon."

Fake Sloane: Jack, please, are you really wasting our time with this? After all, it was you who taught me how to endure torture. It was your training that enabled me to get through MacKenas Cole and the needles of fire.
Jack: Listen to me, you pathetic freak. Even if what you're saying was true, you can be sure that I kept a few things to myself.

Katya: Is that look on your face supposed to be intimidating? You forget, Jack. I've seen your tender side.

Katya: Do you intend to torture me?
Jack: If I have to.
Katya: While I *know* that would be enjoyable for both of us . . . I should warn you, I have quite a bit of stamina - but you already knew that about me.

Jack: I was set up. Elena put a hit out on Sydney, framed Irina for it.
Katya: Oh, I see. So, you executed my sister on *misunderstanding.* Well, then. All is forgiven. Don't stand there pretending you are a patsy; you're too good at what you do. If you pulled the trigger, part of you wanted to be manipulated.

Sydney: I had an idea, but you're gonna hate it.
Jack: You want me to talk to your Aunt Katya.
Sydney: How did you know that.
Jack: First, you said I would hate it, and you're correct. Second, I arrived at the same conclusion myself.

Sydney: Did you have any idea she and Dixon ...?
Jack: No. But then, I tend to miss those kinds of details.
Sydney: What are you talking about? You're the *master* of details.

Jack: I've lived my life trusting in the veracity of details. And in doing so, I lost sight of the one thing I know to be true: your mother would never hurt you.

Sydney: You and I may disagree on a lot of things, but I never question your motives. You always have my best interest at heart, I know that.

Irina: I understand why you believed you had to kill me, but the truth is, if the situation had been reversed . . . I would've found another way.
Jack: I can imagine this will give you any comfort, considering what you've been through, but . . . the truth is, there wasn't a day that went by that I didn't regret what I did.
Irina: And about my . . . indiscretion with Sloane, I can only hope you'll accept my apology.
Jack: Of all the things you've done, *that's* what you're going to apologize for?
[Irina smiles, and Jack smiles back - they are ADORABLE!]

Sloane: These are Elena's men. Sent here to kill you.
Jack: I suppose you're expecting a thank you.
Sloane: There's no time for sarcasm, Jack.

Irina: I'm not gonna torture you. I'm gonna let him do it. And he really doesn't care for you, especially after you tricked him into killing me. One thing you should know about Jack: he hates being anybody's puppet.
Jack: I'm actually hoping that you don't tell us what we need to know . . . There's a fifty-fifty chance Sydney cuts the right wire. I'm willing to take those odds if it means I can stand here and watch you turn into an animal.
Elena: You're not a gambling man, Jack.
Jack: I didn't use to be, but it's been a rather interesting year for me. It's made me reevaluate certain parts of my life. I'm trying to have more fun these days.

Elena: How do I know you won't inject me anyway?
Jack: You don't.

Season Five

Sydney (about Vaughn missing preparing for the baby): It's not fair; he should've been there.
Jack: I'm here.

Sydney: This is Phoenix. We have the Archive.
Jack: Any complications?
Sydney: Well, I think I lost us about nine hundred thousand dollars, depending on the exchange rate.

[Jack watches Tom at the firing range.]
Jack: I think you got him.
Tom: My mother always said, if somebody was worth shootin' once, they're worth shootin' twice.
Jack: I'm sorry I never met her. She sounds like my kind of woman.

Elizabeth: Unless she's wearing a very convincing disguise--
Jack: --I'm going to be a grandfather. A very *young* grandfather.

Dr. Desantis: So *this* is how you do it. Bring in a man in a suit to scare me into talking.
Jack: You're right. The *suit* shouldn't scare you. What should scare you . . . is that I'm a very concerned father.
[A blade pops up from the knife in Jack's hand.]

Irina: Look at us. About to become grandparents.
Jack: I'm doing my best to ignore that.

Bank Manager: It's so sweet how your daughter wants to please you.
Jack: She's our pride and joy.
Bank Manager: I'm sure she'll be a wonderful parent to her own child.
Irina: Oh, thank you.
Bank Manager: She has two such lovely role models.

Jack: I thought I killed you once. This time I'll be more thorough.

"Here. Cover your mother." Jack, giving Syd the gun

Jack: You do not leave edged weapons within the reach of children.
Sydney: She's four weeks old, Dad.
Jack: Particularly young Bristow women.
Sydney: She can't even hold her head up. I think we're safe.

"As soon as the affairs of the world require your attention, I'll let you know." Jack, telling Syd to enjoy her time off

Jack: Regardless of what we find, I believe your father's feelings for you are genuine.
Nadia: I wish that was enough for him.
[Jack pauses for a moment.]
Jack: Sloane's . . . not the only family you have.

Jack: Isn't it her nap time?
Sydney: Oh, I wish. Apparently this little girl doesn't need to sleep any more. We got a collective four hours last night.
Jack: Must be genetic. You used to wake up at four a.m. every day like clockwork.

Sydney: Where are you?
Jack: Right now? In your kitchen, playing with Isabelle.
[Actually, he's just standing in front of the baby.]
Sydney: You are? How is she?
Jack: Happy.
[Isabelle coos.]
Sydney: Dad, did she just--
Jack: --giggle? Yeah. Apparently I'm funny.

Jack: I don't like the idea of Sydney being in a maximum security prison with Sark as her backup.

Tom: Why do I always get the assignments that involve hypothermia?
Jack (on comms): Because you're always late to briefings.

Jack: You've caused my daughter so much pain. I could've prevented it. I won't continue to make that mistake.
Sloane: I think you've overestimated your position, Jack. You can't hurt me anymore.
Jack: True. But I can keep you down here with me.
[He shows that he's holding explosives and a detonator.]
Sloane: What are you doing?
Jack (smiling): You beat death, Arvin . . . but you couldn't beat me.
[He presses a button and a huge explosion follows.]

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