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Giving credit - and linkage - where it's due.

See More Bristows

[ Meet the Bristows ] the story of Jack and Sydney Bristow (and other non-Bristows)

[ Quotes ] memorable Bristow dialogue

[ Alias fanfiction ] at alias.fannesite

[ Photos + Fanart ] of Jack and Sydney

[ Irina Derevko trivia ] (archived)


[ Jack bio ] about Jack

[ Jack @ Wikipedia ] - this is where I found the summary of Jack's pre-series life (displayed on the site index, edited by me)

[ Jack bio ] (archived)

[ Jack trivia ] (archived)

[ Victor Garber info ] at the IMDB

[ Victor Garber bio ] (archived)


[ Sydney bio ] about Sydney

[ Sydney @ Wikipedia ]

[ Sydney trivia ] (archived)

[ Jennifer Garner info ] at the IMDB

[ Jennifer Garner bio ] (archived)

Alias, Etc.

[ Alias Episode Guide ] and other [ Alias info ]

[ the forums @ neloo.com ] Talk about Jack, the Bristows, the show, or whatever

[ the links database @ neloo.com ] Links to fan websites (including Alias) and on-line resources

[ Quotations 101 ] Quotes, great moments, and what we can learn from various TV shows, movies, celebs, etc.

[ Live and Learn ] *affiliate* Fansite and fanlisting for the TV show MacGyver

[ www.rusted-crush.com ] The complete list of sites that I run, including several fan websites, a personal site, a photo collection, etc.

Credits & Special Mentions

Thanks to JJ Abrams and everyone who worked to make Alias an exceptional show. Special thanks to Victor Garber and Jennifer Garner for excellently portraying their characters with depth and realness.

Many, many thanks to the visitors at this site who have contributed information to add to the site's features. I've attempted to thank you by name on the appropriate page; please let me know if you feel that you're not credited properly.

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[ Alias-Media.com ] The pictures used in the graphics and several of the pictures in the gallery are from this site, which has closed.

[ Black, Black Heart ] at [ The Internet Archive ] Some of the quotes and "archived" info are from here.

[ www.neloo.com ] and [ rusted-crush.com ] Our hosts, boasting an eclectic collection of sites

This fan website is a rusted-crush production, with grateful acknowledgment to the sources (above) that have helped make this site and this layout possible. The Frequently Asked Questions page contains more site information, including the terms of use for posting our original content elsewhere. Thank you for visiting; enjoy the site!